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Effective learning

Janani S.
04/10/2016 0 0

Dear all,

Are you one of them who try to learn their lessons continuously for more than an hour?  Do you get bored? Are you not able concentrate after some time? Not able to remember what you have learnt? Here is very simple yet effective steps to learn with more concentration and have everthing in memory. 

1. Do not learn continuously for more than 20 to 25 mins

2. Take a 10 min break after every 20 min learning session (Give a lot of freedom to yourselves, Take a nap, Have snacks, listen to some fav song, watch a short motivational video on youtube, clean your book shelf etc.. :))

3. Try to remember and write a test on whatever you learnt in the previous session. (Important points, Gist etc)

4. Check if you have missed anything. if so, learn again and try to write a re test on it so that you don't forget it at all. (Do 2&3 again)

5. Start with the next topic. Repeat 1 to 4 steps.

To make learning more simple and easier, try to understand the concepts by seeking necessary help from elders and teachers.  

Enjoy learning :)

Thank you :) 


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