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63 Reviews

Kodambakkam, Chennai

Course ID: 53016

Kodambakkam, Chennai

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₹ 6,750

Simply FRENCH- Your window to a world of learning

63 Reviews

About the Course





Combining learning with fun activities. Join soon to experience a new method of learning a language.

Learn French the French way!!!

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4.30 Pm â?? 6.30 Pm

April 1 â?? April 27

45 Hours




Level A1

Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type. Can introduce him/herself and others and can ask and answer questions about personal details such as where he/she lives, people he/she knows and things he/she has. Can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.

 *To ensure quality, the number of students per class is limited. Registration is on a first come first served basis.


DELF is the official diploma issued by the French Education Ministry. They consist of 6 independent diplomas corresponding to the 6 levels of the common European Framework of references for languages (CEFR). Any candidate, according to his/her level, can register directly for the desired examination with no prerequisites.

For each level, 4 skills are assessed: Listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Date and Time

Not decided yet.

About the Trainer

Visakh P R picture

4.98 Avg Rating

65 Reviews

98 Students

9 Courses

Visakh P R


10 Years of Experience

I am a language trainer with over 10 years of experience in teaching french and qualified to handle classes up to level 4 (B2).
I offer customized programmes keeping in mind the requirement of individual clients.
Being a language trainer , who is in touch with the latest trends of Alliance franchise, I train with the same books as those used by thousands of students studying in different branches of Alliance franchise all over the world.
To be in time with the latest technology, I've adopted the latest innovations for my online classes so that students attain maximum benefit and are able to achieve effective learning .

Student Feedback


Average Rating




Arthi Srinivasan

"Excellent teaching, engaging session. Helps in understanding and speaking French with a lot of interesting activities." Thank you so much for your support.


Sami Nathan

I am doing b1 at simply french. It is the only place where you can learn french at your own pace, have your doubts clarified and not be under pressure. Prof visakh will help you in every way possible to help you learn and practice the language.



The instructors at Simply french speak in French and are extremely patient and knowledgeable. They encourage you to practice solely in French and explain every doubt. Notes of every lecture are mailed to you so you don't miss anything! They have a ton of resources which you can use to practise speaking and listening. Definitely worth it.



Without a doubt, simply french qualifies for the best place for learning French. To be frank, I was very scared and literally cried the first day if I was ever going to learn French. Trust me, six months later, I have transformed myself into a very confident French Speaker. Now I teach French in a school and inspire a lot of young minds to grow courage in them. Especially visakh sir, he is the best teacher ever and he is very friendly, caring, patient and many more. Above all, he is a wonderful man. I strongly recommend simply french for anybody who wants to learn French.


Madan Kumar

Just a mere thought of the ways and manner in which I learned the language gives me goosebumps. The fear of having to learn a foreign language vanished in the first few days and I was totally at ease with the learning process. What I love most about our prof Visakh Sir is his indomitable patience towards his students. His only objective during the course of teaching is to make sure everybody understands the concepts clearly. Often, the examples are taken from everyday life and it's just so relatable. Thank you, Simply FRENCH.



I've been to language classes before but I haven't felt this much occupied and in no time I have felt boredom here it's only because of visakh sir he gives us several good activities and fun games relating to french in order keep us motivated and involved. He makes good efforts in making us feel comfortable in knowing the language.



"I have taken up Level 4 (B2) with Simply french. Monsieur Visakh is extremely dedicated towards the language. Makes sure even the intricate things are understood in a simple manner"


Nithyashree. S

Taking up coaching for Beginner Level, and it's just been a month. But already, I am very happy to get trained by Vishak Sir. Such a professional! Not to exaggerate, but just on the day-1 of the class, I felt so great to have chosen this place. All credits to you, Vishak Sir. Definitely recommending to all the people who look for a profession coaching!



I am happy that i have had the chance to do level 3 (B1) from Visakh. A great trainer, absolutely talented, treats you like a friend and comes down to our level to teach the language. He helped me to converse in French with utmost ease.



"I took up the preparatory course for Level 3 DELF B1. His classes are well organized in line with our requirement. He gave me a lot of practice sessions, which we ought to follow judiciously. He provides immediate feedback and suggests ways to augment the score. He made sure that I understood the exam strategy very clearly and in short, how to present myself before the examiner in order to score good marks. A good motivator and always appreciates us when we do good work"



Visakh has been my trainer for sometime now. He is knowledgeable and hardworking, and has vast experience in teaching French Language. He also takes an effort to teach FRENCH culture and civilization. And above all, he doesn't behave like a teacher, but as a friend- approachable and ready to help anytime.



If your looking to learn a new language that would help you to excel in your career, French is the language for you. And Visakh is the person you must learn it with. Absolutely brilliant. Totally recommend.


Prem Sujith

We actually get to experience the french language here. And it actually fun to learn the language as well as the french culture.



I am glad i decided to take up French Classes with a Professional like Mr. Visakh Ramachandran. He changes the paradigm, he is the most creative and innovative forces in teaching that i have seen. He is one of those rare individuals who is able to create content according to one's requirement. I have seen him not only putting 100% as a teacher, but also motivating you to move forward in your language journey and make real progress. He has my professional respect and personal gratitude.


Tripti Gill

Thank you so much sir for helping me clear my DELF Papers. Every time I lost confidence, it is your motivation that has guided me to come out with flying colours.


Lakshita Kantharia

He is a wonderful teacher. Took level 2 with him and he made sure that the learning was interesting. He focuses more on your speaking skills and motivates us in such a manner that we become more confident in ourselves.



He is a best faculty I have ever had, he teaches in a structured manner, a really friendly teacher. The way of teaching is simple and unique. Has excellent dedication towards the language French and has great attitude. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn French.




Visakh sir is very understanding. He kind of makes you read all the sentences and phrases by yourself and makes you talk a lot which really helps you to improve your language. He keeps repeating any number of times until you understand. He send you many useful grammatically content which helps in the sentence formation. I really look forward to his classes.



Should say he is very accommodative. Makes sure that we understand the concept very well. Took upto level 3 with Mr.Visakh before coming to Canada. I must confess that without his help I may have flunked in my TEF exam.


Gauri Unnithan

Mr. Visakh has been tutoring me for the past year. He played a key role in my success in my DELF exam. His teaching method is unique and he customizes it for each and every student based on their requirements and learning patterns. He is extremely patient, understanding yet assertive which helped me work harder than I would have. His classes are interesting and fun. I loved my experience with him and will continue my classes for as long a s possible.


Uthara Menon

I used to think French was a tough and boring subject. But after Visakh Sir started helping me out and teaching me I found it very easy to understand the language because he made it interesting and explained each everything clearly.


Gayathri Suthrav

A rare faculty with diverse merits and credentials, which alone makes him squarely a cut well above the rest and clearly above the ordinary.



He has been a great ladder to me. I learnt French from him for past 3 years. Wish I could learn more. Recommended to all.


Vimala sudhakar

I took Skype French lessons with Visakh and he is just awesome. His knowledge and his teaching style is excellent and I have recommended him to my friends here in the US


Gideon Christopher

Such an amazing person, i never saw him as a teacher, we always had a brotherly relationship, just try his classes you will know what i am trying to say.



It was such a pleasure learning the language from Visakh Sir. He keeps you motivated and every time you feel lost, he has a story to tell us, about how he had struggled in the initial stages of learning, and there is nothing wrong to be a slow learner. One should only seek improvement from how he/she was yesterday to what the person is today and where you are going to be tomorrow.



I am a beginner in French and I guess I found the right guy to take me forward. Visakh is a wonderful teacher. His methods and etiquettes are befitting of a teacher. Teaching someone like me,in my 30s, is not an easy job but he makes it so simple and learning becomes a pleasure. Whoever you are, a 5 year old kid or a 55 year old man, if you have the plan to learn French, Visakh is the one to reach out to. You can take my word, it will be the right decision.



Mr. Visakh has been my language trainer for the last two years. Now I am in B1 (Level 3) level. I must confess that the journey has been extraordinary. If I am able to speak French at a comfortable level, all credits go to him. Thank you, Sir.


Smitha Das

The first good thing about his classes are that it is done on Skype therefore learning French on the go or at home is made easy. His teaching methods and reflections on each classes are admirable. I am sure that speaking French will be possible in no time.



I had taken up Skype classes with Mr. Visakh, and found it very interesting. He teaches in a manner that help us understand even the most complex things very easily. I really appreciate his patience while teaching. Doesn't mind repeating as many times as possible in order to help us learn. I am looking forward to study further with him.


Surendar Chokkalingam

He is such a great masterclass in French. Thanks for the sessions that you took for me.


Mohith sai

He has good experience in teaching field and he will teach clearly to the students, He will clear all the doubt which is asked by students.


Kishore Ravichandran

He is a perfect example of how a teacher should be.He thought us from the basic and all his teachings will be easy to understand. More than that he inspired most of us through his acts. He shared many of life experiences like helping the needy and the joy of travelling. All these stories inspired me to do the same. He is more than a teacher, and i will always remember him for inspiring me.


Jigna patel

Vishakh is very good person down to earth. Very honest,Very dedicated to his work. His way of teaching is awesome. Once he teaches you can't forget. He always ready to help whenever needed. His passion for French language is incredible. I have always learned something new from him, always gives importance to his student. He is one of the best teacher I ever met before, his way of teaching is so awesome that will remembered you forever. He is very experienced teacher,He is always there for his student, He is also a social worker and always ready to help needy.



He was really good in teaching and takes more responsibility on students. He is more concerned on inculcating general knowledge to students.


Chitra Sekar

A teacher is like God in our culture, a good teacher is a wonderful ornament to the society and Vishak sir is definitely one. He is very versatile when handling the language, as it is languages had the extra speciality as we can use it to make people laugh and think at the same time. He taught us French and along with French he taught us how to evolve as a good human being, and brought out our good nature and taught us how to nurture it. Will never forget you or your lessons and the time we spent with you.



Visakh sir is easily the best French teacher I have had. My grip over the language used to be quite poor, so it was almost like learning French from scratch when sir started teaching me. He had great knowledge of the language, was punctual and was always approachable and willing to help. His classes were highly comprehensive and he helped me understand French as a language rather than just a subject at school. His teaching methods were also very adaptive. He really goes out of his way to help his students. From being pretty average at French, I eventually ended up scoring really good marks in it and I give Visakh sir entire credit for that. He is a wonderful teacher.



From my childhood i want to learn the French language how to speak and write so one of my uncle told me to study in Chennai so i came and got admission in valasaravakkam vailankani matriculation higher secondary school so i got option subjects between Tamil language and french language so i took french language and meet this sir Visakh french teacher and got smile on him because of the french teacher so this guidance i become increasingly confident day by day in both speaks and written so everyday i don't want to miss the class, so i really enjoyed that time and After the plus two i think about to take french language in under graduation and i came in Delhi, i am very lucky because i got admission I am French language option in Delhi university and i studied very well and i continued day by day and got degree for UG and i keep thinking about sir visakh because to being me in this platform that he helped me to reach during my time so he is a very good experience teacher so i would recommend him to any student wanting to learn french at whatever level. I have absolute confidence in his ability to help student progress with their French studies.Once again thank you so much sir visakh for your kindness and being me in this opportunity in this level.He is amazing teacher. So i really enjoyed that time with sir visakh.



An amazing teacher. Visakh is very clear with instructions and made good use of the limited time to improve my French. He classes were also customised to my level. Its very easy to work with him. The lessons are very interactive and fun to learn. I will highly recommend his classes to anyone.


Santhosh ravi

He is good with explaining each and every word. He taught us the easy way to remember grammar and always approachable teacher .


A. Uma Maheswari

Visakh is an extremely enthusiastic brilliant tutor who has experience coupled with expertise. He caters to the needs of the learner knowing the strengths and weaknesses and awakens the thirst for knowledge. Apart from being a tutor he is a great human who has humane qualities. He stretches himself to reach out to the masses and takes the first step to help the poor and the needy whether it's donating stationery or teaching them. Also he is actively concerned about environmental issues.


Gayathri Balakrishnan

I was suggested by my manager to learn a foreign language and the first thing that came to my mind was to learn French. I came across several tutors online but nobody was as satisfactory as Visakh. Visakh has got immense understanding of French and I could learn the language with ease from him. The Best thing liked about his teaching is the way he gave examples to make me understand the meanings of words. Also, unlike other tutors, he teaches in French which makes you learn the subject very quickly. I strongly recommend Visakh for French learning both spoken and written.



One of the best French teacher you can ever find. His passion and dedication towards the subject is remarkable. He is not only a teacher but like a best friend.


Gayathri Mehta

Very effective teaching, in depth knowledge, student friendly and subject matter expert. Also, very focused and ensures that the learning time is fun.



Mr. Visakh being a wonderful person is also a vastly knowledgeable and a remarkable teacher. His passion and dedication towards language teaching is exceptional and admirable. Always willing to explore different methods and effective learning styles, he brings a positive attitude in his classes, encourages his students and initiates participation. Learning a language can feel like a daunting task but the way he teaches, by quickly understanding the student's motivation for learning the language, sparks an interest in the minds of learners. Keep inspiring and make more and more students fall in love with French Language.



He is one of my best teacher in my school days. He is very friendly and kind to every students. He is not only my teacher he was more than that like my brother and good well wisher. You are not only the good teacher and you're also the best human being. Thank you sir .


Suganth Maharaj

He taught my basics in french very well so that i can learn and use it many areas.He was so friendly with the students,that gave us freedom to learn a lot of new things.One thing I am impressed my him is, he is doing a lot of social service,which is a highly appreciable. Thanks.



Excellent teacher, very prompt and punctual. Has a lot of experience and expertise in subject. We totally enjoyed his classes. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a great teacher who has good experience in French.



The reason why I grew interest for French is him. His methods are out of the box and grabbed lot of attention. He's a cool teacher I ever had. I strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn French.



Sir is the best faculty i have ever had. I have learnt french from him an year back and he taught me very well the way of teaching is good. All can contact him if you wanna learn french.


Karthikeyan Murali

His teaching helps me learn French easy. I've been learning French for about a year and he is my faculty. His teaching is good. No complaints. He has knowledge on it and I'd suggest you guys to learn from him. He is the best.



He is a very good teacher, if we use him in a best way we could achieve more and he is also a best teacher and a good friend for everybody, really his character is too very good.



I can even write a book by his teaching. Such a good heart person and get well adopted with the students. Has more knowledge. In a single word we can say it as awesome.



I have just started from a very basic understanding and Visakh quickly adapts the level to meet yours, while at the same time demands your full focus and intensity to learn as much as possible during the lessons. Individual approach, great advice, positive attitude. Always on time, ready to help, very easy going, intelligent and kind. Fantastic so far, would recommend to anyone.


Adhithya Raja

Visakh is a teacher of high standards, incredibly helpful. Excellent teaching on his part enabled me to pass exams effortlessly and his teaching methods are helpful for long term command on the language.



We both met at a training programme in Pondichery. We were a batch of about 14 candidates from different parts of the world coming together to undergo a training to become examiners or corrector of DELF Exams. Visakh was one of the most active members in our team and is always open to ideas. What I like about him is his motivation towards the language.



A very strong intellectual individual full of energy to explore and learn. Gives a motivation to be knowledgeable.


Ghayaz Ahmed

I had a awesome time learning French language from Vishak Ramachandran sir, He is a perfect teaching staff.



He is so friendly. Way of teaching so nice and we can easily learn. Over all we can learn. I learn from him lots of things. He teach me nearly 2 years I got 80 % of result, but i don't have much time and I just attend some of the classes only. This thing is i like it very much. You can learn with in few classes. you can believe him and his teaching. Thank you.



Excellent dedication towards the language. Makes sure even the intricate things are understood in a simple manner.



Visakh is an inspirational teacher. His passion for french and simple teaching style and methods are absolutely noteworthy and make yourself to the fullest satisfaction of learning curve. He is friendly, overwhelming and has great attitude.


Kevin paul

Visakh sir is one of the most best teacher I've ever seen. The best I've seen in him is his dedication and hard work. He not only motivated me but also he had trust on me which was the only reason that got me so much of marks.He is the best teacher I've ever seen.


Srihari Raghavan

The best French teacher in Chennai, treats you like a friend. Teaches you the nuances and intricacies in the french language. Doesn't just help you to clear the DELF papers but also makes sure you learn the language correctly. You will not find a better professor than him.


Visakh P R picture

Visakh P R

Simply FRENCH- Your window to a world of learning

63 Reviews

Students Interested 0 (Seats Left 0)

₹ 6,750

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