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Be a Martial Artist & a Taekwondo Player

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Mohali SAS Nagar, Chandigarh

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Mohali SAS Nagar, Chandigarh

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1 Reviews

About the Course

Chief Instructor: Master Er Satpal Singh Rehal, Black Belt 5th Dan (Kukkiwon, WTF, South Korea) Grandmaster in Reiki, Visharad in Sangeet (Music)

Martial Arts Taekwondo (Korean Judo Karate) & Self defence Training/Coaching Classes in Mohali,
Near Chandigarh, Punjab, India

Supremacy/Benefits of Taekwondo over other Games

- Taekwondo trains you for bare hand combat
- Equip women/girls for safety without any weapons.
- In addition to help improve our health it adds to our Resume/Qualification
- provides Belt qualification up to Black Belt & further (Under Kukkiwon)
- involves unlimited, systematic, Scientific & effective techniques/Exercise
- Boosts Confidence, leadership, personality, Moral Character
& increases self-esteem & Concentration
- Self-employment oriented Art which can help earn ones bread
- Martial art weapons training for Advance students

Taekwondo Academy of Punjab
“One of the oldest Training Centers of its kind in the Region”

Punjab Taekwondo Association
Taekwondo Federation of India

Korean Martial Art?? “Taekwondo” (Olympic Game)
‘A Scientific, Systematic & Dynamic Self Defence Exercise System’

“The real/ideal investment of time in one’s whole life”

Martial Arts Training is Different here......We would
tell you why the Exercise is absolutely & Scientifically
necessary for all living beings.......How the sleep is a
source of Energy....... how the Meditation is the key to
all Energy.....What is the reason behind to control
height & Weight…?…what is the ideal fooding system……

Main Venues at Punjab Taekwondo Headquarters, Mohali:
(Summer Timings) (Winters 30 minutes early)

1 Gem Public School, Phase -3B2, Mohali, Punjab
(Tue, Thu, Sat - 6 to 7 PM)?

2 Sant Isher Singh Public School, Phase -7, Mohali,
(Mon, Wed, Fri – 6 to 7 PM)?

3 Green Field Pub. School, Phase 5, Mohali??
(Mon, Wed, Fri – 7 to 8 PM)

4 Golden Bells Pub School, Sec 77, Near Sohana, Mohali
(Mon, Wed, Fri -5 t0 6 PM)

5 Ashmah International School, Sector 70, Mohali
(Tue, Thu, Sat – 7 to 8 PM)

6 Guru Nanak VBT Polytechnic, C-4, Indl. Area
Phase -1, SAS Nagar, Mohali, Punjab (India)
(Tue, Thu, Sat - 5 to 6 PM), ( Tue, Thu, Sun 6 to 7 AM)
(Mon, Wed, Fri – 7.45 to 8.45 PM)

Training Secrets of Taekwondo: In Tkd Hard work or
profound training does not necessarily lead to quality
techniques. More harm than good can be done if one
learns and practices from an unqualified or false instructor
(or the relatives of an instructor) because unscientific
techniques cut down the effectiveness of the skill as well
as the cost of misguided student’s previous time to rectify the
techniques & movements. The correct instructions of a
true master will inspire the disciple to immerse himself
totally in the Art & achieve excellence…beyond imagination…

Chief Instructor:
Er. Satpal Singh Rehal
Black Belt 5th Dan (Kukkiwon, WTF, S. Korea)
International Master Instructor/ Referee
Grandmaster Reiki/ Karuna Reiki
Sangeet (Music) Visharad/Bhushan
Gen. Secretary.-Tech. Director:
Punjab Taekwondo Association
MD/Chief Coach: Taekwondo Academy of Punjab
Jt. Secretary (Development): Taekwondo Federation of India

Natural Total Fitness, Self-defence, Complete
Relaxation, Stress Reduction, Weight Control,
Height Gain, Personality Development & Recognised
Competitions etc…….

- keeps Children busy in the evenings… away from TV, Video Games & drugs etc..
- The only game useful in one’s whole life till last breath
- It is a part of School Games, College, University as well as Olympic Games

It involves Yoga exercises, Pranayama /
Co-ordinated Breathing, Different Meditation
Techniques, Visualisations & Taekwondo Dance/
Aerobics (Muye Taekwondo) etc.

(This ‘Martial Art’ is also known as Korean Karate & Most Popular in Tricity)
?It is the modified and improved form of Karate,
kungfu, Taek-kyon & other Martial arts of Korea
Taekwondo Practice stimulates spirit
in the Body, changes the way of life
and makes a better & balanced human
being to tackle the difficult situations positively.
It Develops Concentration, Moral Character,
Patience, Dedication, Discipline, Self-determination
and Confidence in the Students.

-Chances to Participate in the Inter-School, District,
State, National and Inter-national Taekwondo Championships
Add to your Qualifications!
Earn Black Belt Degree from WTF (Kukkiwon, South Korea)
“World Class Training under Experts”

“Taekwondo Practice a day, ‘Enjoy Fitness’ send the doctors away”

-Open to All above 4 ½ years…
(Come Join & feel the difference)?

{Also Contact to learn effective, practical & real
Reiki (all Levels), Psychic/Karma/past life/Crystal/
Mudra Healings, Self-hypnosis etc…from an
experienced Grandmaster}

{We organise District Taekwondo Championship,
?Inter-school/ Inter-District Taekwondo Championships,
State Championship / State Trials every year & send
Our Players to participate in the National / International
Taekwondo Championships organised in the auspicious
?of Taekwondo Federation of India… and Our Players
from Punjab Team won many medals in the National/
International Taekwondo Championships in the past}

Main Recent Events:
* Participated in the National Instructor/ Referee Seminar & 15th
Muye National Taekwondo Championship, held at Hotel
Elora & TAI Lucknow from May 9-11, 2014

* 9th inter District & Tricity Sparring & Muye Taekwondo
Championship was held at Guru Nanak VBT Polytechnic,
C-4, Ind. Area, Phase-1, Mohali near Chandigarh, Punjab
India on Feb, 16, 2014. Players of Gillco International
School, Kharar, bagged 1st Position by winning maximum
number of medals, Ambika Sen. Secondary School, Badali,
Kharar, stood Second. Third position was won by Rayat
International School, Rail Majra (Nawanshahar) and Sentinel
Public School, Sohana got 4th Position...

* Federation Cup All India Taekwondo Championship
was Organized at Skating Rink, Sector-10, Chandigarh,
on December 27-29, 2013, Grandmaster Jimmy R.
Jagtiani inaugurated the Events. Utter Pradesh (UP)
Tkd Team bagged First position & Won overall Trophy.
Punjab Taekwondo Team stood second & won Runners
up Trophy and the Haryana Taekwondo Team Got 3rd
position. Gold Medal Winners of Punjab Team are:
{Gurcharan Preet Singh, Jagmandeep Singh, Sanjay,
Lalit Mehra, Kashish Sood, Rahul Kumar(Bti), Rahul
(Ldh), Surjeet Verma, Meena, Ramandeep Kaur &
Kamaldeep Kaur}, Silver Medal winners Are:
{Jagroop Singh, Jasdeep Singh Gill, Adil, Rajbir Kaur,
Kunjan, Khushi Goel, Avneet kaur, Inderpreet kaur,
Manjot Kaur, Vandana Sharma, Aanchal Sharma,
Diksha Kaushal & Amrinder Kaur}, Bronze Medal
Winners of Punjab Team are :
Ajmer Singh, Sukhjinder Singh, Brahminder Singh,
Akashdeep Singh, Lakshey Sood, Mahima, Gurleen
Kaur, Harmanjot Kaur, Anamika Jaiswal, Lavjeet Kaur,
Shruti Sharma, Ritika Devi & Kavita Mourya.

* Organised 15th Punjab State Taekwondo Championship
At Golden Bells Smart School, Sec-77, Mohali near Chandigarh
On Nov. 23-24, 2013. The competitions were inaugurated by
S. Inder Mohan Singh, SSP Dist. Ajitgarh, Mohali. Ludhiana
Taekwondo Team Bagged 1st position by wining maximum
Medals Mohali Tkd team Stood Second & Patiala Team got
3rd Position. Medals to the winners were distributed jointly
by Lt. Col C.S. Bawa, Kanwaljit Singh Walia ( Vice Psdt. PTA),
Sh. Vishnu Kumar Sharma, & Master Er. Satpal Singh Rehal

* District Ludhiana Taekwondo Championship-2013
Was organized at Geeta Bhawan, Jagraon on Sept. 28-29,
2013, About 250 players from all over the district participated
in the Competitions. Inauguration was done by Sh Raman
Singh Sharma. During Prize distribution ceremony Sh Purshotam
Lal Khlifa said that Games keeps one away from the abuse of
Drugs & other ill habits.

* Organised 17th District Taekwondo Championship at Guru
Nanak VBT Polytechnic, Ind. Phase-1, Mohali on Sept. 01,
2013. Inauguration of the events was done by Adv. Sh
Shankar Gupta ( Ex. V. Psdt. Chandigarh Bar Association).
Prize distribution was done by the Chief Guest Adv. Sh
Amar Singh Chahal ( Ex. President Chandigarh Bar Association).
By winning more medals Mohali Taekwondo Club got first
position, Sentinel Public School, Sohana players stood
Second and Mata Sahib Kaur School Swara players
bagged 3rd position

* Punjab Taekwondo Team participated in the 33rd
National Taekwondo Championship held at Khuman
Lampak Stadium, Imphal Manipur from June 28-30,
2013. Punjab Taekwondo Team won

* Punjab State Taekwondo Competitions were held at
Guru Nanak VBT Polytechnic, Industrial Area, Phase-1,
Mohali on May 19, 2013 to select the Punjab State
Taekwondo Teams for 33rd National Tkd Championship
being held at Imphal, Manipur from June 28-30, 2013.
About 40 Players are selected to represent Punjab in
the National

* Organised 8th Inter District & Tricity Tkd Championship
at Guru Nanak VBT polytechnic, Indl. Area. Mohali, on
Feb 10, 2013.Championship was Inaugurated by Sh.
Harsukhinder Singh Babbi Badal ( Senior vice president
Youth Akali Dal). Sh. Ashwani Kumar Sambhalki became
Guest of Honour in the afternoon & Bibi Amanjot Kaur
Ramoowalia ( Gen. Secretary Istri Akali Dal) distributed
the prizes to the winners. By winning more number of
Medals, Players form Ropar Bagged 1st position. Sentinel
Public School Sohana stood Second & 3rd position was
bagged by the players of St. Xavier’s School, Mohali

* Punjab taekwondo Team participated in the 32nd National
Taekwondo Championship, held at Fateh Academy, Jandiala
Guru Amritsar from 23rd to 25th Dec. 2013. In sparring Punjab
Taekwondo Teams stood second by winning 11 Gold, 8 Silver
& 10 Bronze medals in the overall Championship.

* Organised 14th Punjab State taekwondo Championship/
Trials at Luvdale Sen. Sec. School Loharka Road
Amritsar from Nov. 3-4, 2012. Amritsar Dist. team got
maximum Medals & stood fist, Ludhiana team got second
position and Mohali team Bagged 3rd position in overall
competitions. Selected players would participate In the
32nd National Taekwondo Championship to be held at
Jandiala Guru, Amritsar.

* 6 Punjab Taekwondo Players Participated in the 16th
All India Sangam Lal Taekwondo Championship held
at Green Park Stadium in Kanpur on Sept. 7- 9, 2012
and won 2 Gold (Prabhjot Singh & Varinder Singh),
one Silver (Manoj Kumar) & two Bronze Medals:
(Mani Mahesh & Ajayi)

* Organised 16th District Mohali Taekwondo
Championship at Guru Nanak VBT Polytechnic,
industrial Area, Phase-1, on Aug. 26, 2013. Bibi
Amanjot Kaur Ramoowalia (General Secretary, Istri
Akali Dal) distributed the medals to the Winners.
Selected players would be eligible to participate in
the forthcoming 14th Punjab State Taekwondo
Championship to be held at Amritsar.

* 5 Punjab Taekwondo Players participated in the
Independence Cup North India Taekwondo
Championship held at Jaipur, on 26th Aug. 2012.
Players won 3 Gold (Parvinder Singh, Varinder
Singh & Jatin) Medals & 2 Silver Medals:
(Lovepreet Singh & Harshdeep Rattan) In the

* Punjab Taekwondo Teams participated in the All
India Taekwondo Federation Cup Championship –
2012 held at Pestle Weed College Dehradun. in
Sparring Competitions won 2 Gold Medals:
(Prabhjot Singh & Snehdeep Singh), 2 Silver:
(Sahil Kumar & Varinder Singh) and 4 bronze
Medals( Amrinder Singh, Harjot Singh, Mani
Mahesh Bansal & Vishal). Punjab Taekwondo
team also Participated in Muye Competitions...

* Punjab State Trials to Select Taekwondo Teams
on April 8, 2012, at Guru Nanak VBT, Polytechnic
Industrial Area, Phase-1, Mohali for All India
Federation Cup Taekwondo Championship to
be held at Pestle Weed College, Dehradun from
April 20-22, 2012

* Organised 7th Inter District & Tricity Sparring
and Muye Taekwondo Championship at Guru
Nanak VBT Polytechnic, Indl. Area Phase-1,
Mohali on Feb 12, 2012. Many Teams from
nearby Districts and Tricity participated in these
Competitions. By winnig maximum number of
medals/Points Rayat intl School Railmajra Bagged
1st position. Team from Chandigarh stood Second
and with equal points sentinel Public School Sohana
& St. Ezra intl. School Kharar got Third position

* Punjab Taekwondo team participated in the Open
National Taekwondo Championship- 2011 held at
Chandan Nagar, District Hooghly West Bengal From
Dec. 29 to Dec. 31, 2011. In Sparring Competitions
Punjab Taekwondo Team Won 4 Gold Medals, 4 Silver
Medals and 1 Bronze Medal the Gold Medal Winners are:
Vishal Gill, Omkar Singh, Nahshon Digal, and Harold
Kumar Nayak, Silver Medal Winners are: Prabhjot Singh
Baidwan, Sanehdeep Singh, Gurkirat Singh, & Harjot
Singh. Bronze Medal is won by Kulwinder Shahi. Punjab
Taekwondo Players also Participated in Muye Taekwondo
Competitions and won

* Organised 15th District SAS Nagar Mohali Taekwondo
Championship at Guru Nanak VBT Polytechnic, C-4,
Industrial Area Phase-1, Mohali, on Aug. 28, 2011
Organised District Level Taekwondo School Games
(Championship} at Golden Bells Public School on 27th
July 2011. By winning maximum number of Medals
Golden Bells Pub. School Players Stood first, Sentinel
Public School, Sohana players got 2nd Position and the
3rd position was Bagged by Gem Public School, Mohali

* Punjab Taekwondo Teams Participated in the 31st National
Taekwondo Championship held at Wadia Park Stadium
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra from June 27 to 29 , 2011. In
Sparring Competitions Taekwondo Players won 6 Gold
Medals, 4 Silver Medals and 9 Bronze Medals. In Muye
Competitions Punjab Players won 6 Gold, 5 Silver & 5
Bronze Medals

* Organised 13th Punjab State Taekwondo Championship/
Selection Trials at Guru Nanak VBT Polytechnic, Industial
Area, Phase-1, Mohali on May 15, 2011 to Select the
Punjab State Taekwondo Teams for paraticipation in the
31st National Taekwondo Championship to be held at
Ahamednagar, Maharashtra from June 27-29, 2011

* Organised 6th Inter-District, Inter-School Sparring and
Muye Taekwondo Championship at Guru Nanak VBT
Polytechnic, C-4, Industrial Area, Phase-1SAS Nagar Mohali,
on 20th February, 2011. Players from Rayat International
School, Rail Majra, won 1st Position, 2nd position was
maintained by St. Ezra International School, Kharar and
Sentinel Public School Sohana, got third Position

* Organised 14th District SAS Nagar, Mohali (Sparring
& Muye) 'B S Walia memorial' Taekwondo Championship
at Guru Nanak VBT Polytechnic, C-4, Ind. Area, Phase-1,
Mohali on Dec. 05, 2010, Tributes were paid to the
Departed soul of Sh B. S. Walia who was a Patron in
Punjab Taekwondo Association and helped to promote
Taekwondo in the Punjab State. By winning maximum
numbers of medals in Sparring players from St. Ezra
International School, Kharar, got 1st position, Golden
Bells Public School, Sector 77, Sohana, Mohali stood
second , and third

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Grandmaster Er Satpal Singh Rehal

Grandmaster In Reiki, Black Belt 5th Dan (Kukkiwon, WTF, south Korea), Sangeet Visharad, MD/ Chief Instruactor Taekwondo Academy of Punjab

20 Years of Experience

Teaching martial Art Taekwondo from past 25 years in different institutes of Mohali, Chandigarh and Punjab

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Its best place, you can learn a lot Best taekwondo instructor In Chandigarh, Punjab.


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