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Ch 1- Mutliplication short tricks by Ashish Vastri..
1. HOW TO MUTLIPLY 2 digit number by 11? Example 1.                    35 * 11 = 385 Step 1. Add both digits of the two digit number. 3+5 = 8. Step 2. Place...

Ashish Vastri | 06 Jan

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Maths Home Tutor In Kolkata
Study text book properly and give test regularly.

Dipak Saha Maths Tutor | 02/11/2016

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Understand the concepts not formulae. Ask yourself about the problems you see due to which you cant solve a question on seeing it. So try to get rid of those problems and approach your solution in that direction.

Vijay Agarwal | 19/10/2016

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What is meant by differential equation ?

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Kshemnidhi Das | 08 Jan

Equation that describes a function in the form of its derivatives or smaller sub units.

Gurukul Vidya Institute | 10 Jan

It is a equation of derivatives.


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Rajeev Raul | 05/08/2016

Write a list of the topics you want to cover. For this take help of indexes form various books. Divide them in proportion in the time slab you have in your hand. Keep some area for revision too. Use various colour highlighter. to Know complexity of the respective topic. Start studying, be hones with yourself for it. While studying mark critical one for revision. Find a person who can help you whenever needed. .... Best of LUCK !!!

Kamta Prajapati | 06/09/2016

Reffer some old papers so u get some ideas from that , how to prapare

In triangle ABC if b+c / 11 = c +a / 12 = a + b / 13 then find value of cos C ?

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Jc Ravikumar Reddy | 07/05/2016


Jc Ravikumar Reddy | 07/05/2016

a=7,b=6,c=5,satisfies the equation from triangle cosC=adj side/hypot side. ;cosC=7/6

If any student of UP/CBSE Board (in Agra) wants to take tuition for 11th and 12th chemistry and Biology, please contact me. Biology and chemistry are scorer subjects for Medical Entrance too.

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U.k. Akshay | 01/05/2016

If any student of CBSE / STATE Board wants to take tuition for 11th and 12th std. Maths and Chemistry, please contact me. Maths and chemistry are scorer subjects for Engineering Entrance Exam.

Kamal Kumar | 03/06/2016

cotact me if u r in bangalore


in dna segment of 6 coils , 22 BP are linked by 2 hydrogen bonds .how many cytocin base would be present?

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Quest Academy | 14/04/2016

19 as there are 6 coils, each turn contains 10 bp. out of 60, 22 bp are linked by 2 hydrogen bonds so they are adenine and thymine. remaining 38 are guanine and cytosine. since, G = C, so ans is 19

Sunil Swami | 19/05/2016


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