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Writing Your Personal Statement
What is a Personal Statement and Why Is It Important? Graduate and professional schools make their decisions to admit applicants based on test scores, undergraduate academic performance, co-curricular...

Varnisikha D N | 3 days ago

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Use of Service Locator Pattern
If we want to reuse the java code that should be the best approach w.r.t re-usability, maintanence and saving time to concentrate on our own businbess logic/requirement. In the similar approach many patterns...

Milan M Bhagwat | 16/12/2016

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copycat syndrome
To be good at something, it is better to copy. Most projects are now on google and reports are just copy pasted into a book. Duplication is a mantra in most marketing firms and some copy to the T. Effective...

Suraj Mohan | 22/10/2016

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Pragneshkumar Prajapati | 4 days ago

Anything you do is good at the end of the day if it earns you or gives you knowledge. Choose what you love to do instead wasting time on unwanted things. Get more knowledgable rather. I am sure you have your goals and you are working on it. Make sure you come with excellent outcome rather being in the same crowd. Be unique! Be you! Be who you want to Be!

Rima Shah | 2 days ago

I would say that every job will give you an experience. The important part is do you continue your study with the job.


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Dr Dattaram Satpute | 29/11/2016

Go for SAP training. Lot of scope is there.

Continnum Solutions | 06/12/2016

Use SWOT technique in identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in any thing, even while changing career opportunity. Next- do a psychometric analysis before taking the leap. That will include your Taste, Habits, Interest, Passion, Technical Ability, Responsibility, Risk Taking Ability, Fear Factor. Now Career wise - Data Analysis as we all see is & has tremendous scope of growth, provided you learn to research the market, do the analysis bit by bit, master the skill & keep yourself updating. SAP - will help you to get either into Ops/ HR / marketing depending on the course you opt for. FYI- Be ready to invest in another few years before career shift.


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Rahul Kushwaha | 10/11/2016

If dont want to change your field ,so kindly go for gate exam or it field for quick placement

Daksha Careers | 13/11/2016

Having Technical Knowledge with Management Blend will definately make you ideal candidate to hire, MBA/PGDM with dual Specialisation in Finance and Operation


I have been selected by a software company but I am from electronics and tele communication background so before joining which languages should I learn.

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Dr Sanjib Kumar Acharya | 27/09/2016

Hello Monika! Mr. Vivek has answered your query aptly. I wish you could have given your details from which college you have done your BTECH and on which profile you have been selected for the job. Then it would have more beneficial for experts to answer your query. Good luck.

Jitendra Barik | 12/10/2016

Hello, Learn C first then all language will be easy.


Hi, This is Jay and i have a question about carrier for my brother. My brother is completed BE 2014 Passed out and He got selected for a couple of companies but the didn't released the offer. almost 2 Years got over still he is trying for a job can some one suggest me which technologies good for his carrier (software technology)

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Dr Sanjib Kumar Acharya | 29/08/2016

Hello Jay! First of all he must get into a job in IT irrespective of package. More the gap then bad for the future. He must get updated in any software language C/C++/Java/.Net etc and gain a hands on experience for few months. You may try on Software Testing too which is in demand too. You may go an MBA from a good college. Good luck.

Rahul Kushwaha | 10/11/2016

That best option are PHP and android development ,after Lear this you can get quick job in IT sector

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