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Lets talk about Software Design-Patterns
What are Design Patterns? Design Pattern is a used and tested solution for a know problem. In simple words you can say a general reusable solution to a common occurring problem within a given context in...

Abhinaw | 1 day ago

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Introduction to Programming Languages
What is a Programming Language? A programming language is a formal computer language or constructed language designed to communicate instructions to a machine, particularly a computer. Programming languages...
How to score better?
Do you ever wonder why the different students studying in the same classroom, taught by the same teacher get different marks (taken into consideration that the comparison is accounting for sincere students)?...

Ashutosh Agarwal | 4 days ago

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Ashu | 5 days ago

My vote will go with Web Development.

Ashu | 5 days ago

Web development is of course a good option. Besides technology, self presentation is most important because anyways all companies conduct a training programs fro freshers. Mainly they look for your confidence level, logical ability etc. Specifically for Campus Drive I would like to suggest followings: 1. Be confident and prepare a good introduction of yourself. 2. Build your programming concepts. 3. Polish your logical abilities. 4. Review technical and HR questions from different sites such etc. 5. For interview of particular company, do a research such what are technology, product, services, and market values, recent new, etc. 2 - 3 good reasons why do you want to join this company blah blah. All the Best!


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Rajeesh | 11 hrs ago

go through basics of C Programming,then C++,java and C# and .NETMost of the IT and ITES company need such experts.

Vishal Bhasin | 7 hrs ago

Try learning one of basic language like C++ or any other language which you may want to work in. Moreover for computer basic terminology you may do Microsoft word, Microsoft powerpoint etc. You can also contact me have classes on computer course.


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Ajay Swami | 3 days ago

There is no limit of learning but if you want to understand data structures and algorithms conceptually. Then first learn about data structure.


Sonu Ray | 23 hrs ago

2 months to be precise


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Amanbir Kaur | 08 May

If you want to learn basics it should be Rs. 1500 and with coding it should be Rs. 2500

Manisa | 14 May

It takes 4 to 5 months to learn. The fees will be around Rs. 2000.


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Victorious Home Tutors | 16 May

See it depends on how much you practice how ever it can be completed in 3 months.

Veera Krishna | 17 May

If you are good in basics of java programming and its packages stuff. Then its a bit of an example learning in your curriculum no extra bit of time required if you have a good basic idea in computer network's is an added advantage.

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