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Linear motion
Linear motion is motion along a straight line, and can therefore be described mathematically using only one spatial dimension. It can be uniform, that is, with constant velocity (zero acceleration), or...

Ravi Kumar | 06 Apr

Radiation Pattern
A radiation pattern (or field pattern) is a graph that describes the relative far field value, E or H, with direction at a fixed distance from the antenna. A field pattern includes an magnitude pattern...

Harsha Vardhan | 06 Apr

Circular motion
Circular motion is rotation along a circle: a circular path or a circular orbit. It can be uniform, that is, with constant angular rate of rotation, or non-uniform, that is, with a changing rate of rotation. Examples...

Ravi Kumar | 06 Apr

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Navita Tiwari | 14 hrs ago

Rs. 7500 for full course with practice.

EUONUST | 14 hrs ago

Rs. 2500.


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Sandeep Kumar | 2 days ago

Rs. 5000 and time period is 2 to 3 months.

Abhishek Tiwary | 4 hrs ago

Rs. 6000.


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Sachin Kumar | 3 days ago

It converts the one form of energy into another form.

Tilak Raj Sharma | 3 days ago

A transducer is a device which convert on form of energy to another best example is of telephone that when we speak it is in thr form of mechanical vibrations and then for the further transmission it is converted into electrical signal.


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EUONUST | 15 hrs ago

When a function calls itself more than once than it is called recursive function and the whole process is called recursion.

Abhishek Tiwary | 4 hrs ago

Calling same function. We can use recursive function to find factorial of a any number.


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Vikas Sharma | 07 Apr

Its is a dimensionless quantity as its ratio of change in length to original length.

Prem Chand | 14 Apr

Strain means change in dimension / original dimension. Eg change in dimension 10m and original dimension 100 then strain is 10/100 = 1(it has no units).

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