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Introduction to Programming Languages
What is a Programming Language? A programming language is a formal computer language or constructed language designed to communicate instructions to a machine, particularly a computer. Programming languages...
Linear motion
Linear motion is motion along a straight line, and can therefore be described mathematically using only one spatial dimension. It can be uniform, that is, with constant velocity (zero acceleration), or...

Ravi Kumar | 06 Apr

How to score better?
Do you ever wonder why the different students studying in the same classroom, taught by the same teacher get different marks (taken into consideration that the comparison is accounting for sincere students)?...

Ashutosh Agarwal | 2 days ago

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Dr. Abhinav Goel | 3 days ago

Android, because it has most opportunities.

Ashu | 3 days ago

My vote will go with Web Development.


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Prateek Mehta | 4 days ago

Around month and a half.

Ashu | 3 days ago

Hi, In my opinion, it would be good idea to learn Data Structure and algorithm in C or C++ instead of Java. Java does not support pointers and is not meant for data structures.


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Amanbir Kaur | 08 May

If you want to learn basics it should be Rs. 1500 and with coding it should be Rs. 2500

Manisa | 14 May

It takes 4 to 5 months to learn. The fees will be around Rs. 2000.


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Ankush Mehrotra | 3 days ago

Hello Ayush, Coming from Software Engineering background, I can say that you need to be strong in overall computer schema. Then, pick up a programming language, if you want to become programmer. Else likewise me, you can attain brilliance in software/hardware and can sell these products on a day to day basis.

Ashu | 3 days ago

Hi Ayush, As you belong to Computer science field, you first explore your area of interest. There could be number of stream where you fit in such as developer, tester etc. Irrespective of your stream in computer stream, primarily you must have a crystal clear programming concept. This foundation will be laid down by learning C, C++. This will enhance you concept and then if you want to switch into web development, you may learn Java script, Angular JS etc. If you want to go for cloud computing you may learn salesforce, etc. If you want to go in testing then learning automation testing stream. After some experience of development or testing you may jump into DeveOps/Agile processes. Map your interest, capability and market demand in that stream and then take a move. All the Best.


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Victorious Home Tutors | 6 days ago

See it depends on how much you practice how ever it can be completed in 3 months.

Veera Krishna | 6 days ago

If you are good in basics of java programming and its packages stuff. Then its a bit of an example learning in your curriculum no extra bit of time required if you have a good basic idea in computer network's is an added advantage.

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