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Linear motion
Linear motion is motion along a straight line, and can therefore be described mathematically using only one spatial dimension. It can be uniform, that is, with constant velocity (zero acceleration), or...

Ravi Kumar | 06 Apr

Radiation Pattern
A radiation pattern (or field pattern) is a graph that describes the relative far field value, E or H, with direction at a fixed distance from the antenna. A field pattern includes an magnitude pattern...

Harsha Vardhan | 06 Apr

Circular motion
Circular motion is rotation along a circle: a circular path or a circular orbit. It can be uniform, that is, with constant angular rate of rotation, or non-uniform, that is, with a changing rate of rotation. Examples...

Ravi Kumar | 06 Apr

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Zingade Mahesh Vijaykumar | 4 days ago

Transducer is a device converting any physical quantity in electrical quantity so as to map or calibrate or to measure the variation by using DAQ in real time based on the type of physical quantity applied.

Shivendra Prakash Verma | 1 day ago

A transducer converts any physical parameter (pressure / temperature / flow etc.) to a proportional electrical quamtity (emf, current), which then can easily be measured to know the quantum of that physical parameter at display.


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Sagar Shrivastava | 4 days ago

Rs. 2K - for online.

Panimalar | 3 days ago

Rs 3500 for crash course. Rs 6000 for full course.


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Vishal Goyal | 4 days ago

For core java 40 days duration and the fees is Rs. 4000.

Huda Khan | 3 days ago

Rs. 6000 for full core java programming.


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Vikas Sharma | 07 Apr

Its is a dimensionless quantity as its ratio of change in length to original length.

Prem Chand | 14 Apr

Strain means change in dimension / original dimension. Eg change in dimension 10m and original dimension 100 then strain is 10/100 = 1(it has no units).


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Narayan Sahu | 4 days ago

Call same function within their definition section. We can use recursive function to find factorial of a any number.

Akshay Shende | 4 days ago

Recursive functions are those functions who call itself. For example: #include "stdio.h" int main(void) { printf("%d",factorial(5)); return 0; } int factorial(int number){ if(number == 1 || number == 0) return 1; else return number * factorial(number-1); } now in above program can also be written using while or for loop but WHILE = IF-ELSE in recursion. There must be compulsory at least one terminating condition or base condition. Tracing of above program: F(5) 1) checks if the condition is that passed number is 1 or 0. 2) if condition fails it goes to else block and return number * fact(number-1) in this case return 5 * fact(4); return 4 * fact(3); return 3 * fact(2); return 2 * fact(1); now the number = 1 and as soon as if condition get true it will return value 1; return 2 * 1; return 3 * (return 2 * 1 - returned value); and like wise.

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