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Linear motion
Linear motion is motion along a straight line, and can therefore be described mathematically using only one spatial dimension. It can be uniform, that is, with constant velocity (zero acceleration), or...

Ravi Kumar | 06 Apr

Radiation Pattern
A radiation pattern (or field pattern) is a graph that describes the relative far field value, E or H, with direction at a fixed distance from the antenna. A field pattern includes an magnitude pattern...

Harsha Vardhan | 06 Apr

Circular motion
Circular motion is rotation along a circle: a circular path or a circular orbit. It can be uniform, that is, with constant angular rate of rotation, or non-uniform, that is, with a changing rate of rotation. Examples...

Ravi Kumar | 06 Apr

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Spiedu Private Limited | 1 day ago

Rs. 2499 by Microsoft 10 years Expert (Take only demo class n surly you will join us).

Manas Singh | 23 hrs ago

Rs. 4000


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Manas Singh | 23 hrs ago

Obviously android.

Chandan Kumar | 22 hrs ago

Its better to go for Android because now a days android native applications are more popular.


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Naresh Naik Tejavath | 2 days ago

Course duration is 3 months and fee Rs. 5k.

Chandan Kumar | 22 hrs ago

Rs. 5000 for core java and the duration is 2 months and for J2EE its Rs. 6000 and the duration is 3 months.


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Senthil V | 4 days ago

Transducer works in two way. i.e., receives mechanical energy converted into electrical energy and also in vice versa. They can be used to detect objects like sensors. Eg. to identify the obstacles while moving the car in reverse.

Neelima Patnaik | 3 days ago

A Transducer is basically which converts non-electric physical quantities like temperature, light, sound etc into electric signals like current, voltage etc.Ex: Antenna which converts electromagnetic energy into electricity, Microphone converts sound energy into electric current. So, it actually converts one form of energy into another form.There are different types of transducers and each of them have different working principle.


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Ravindra Yadav | 2 days ago

Function that calls itself with a termination condition. public void recurse_fn() { recurse_fn(); // Function calls itself } int main() { if(condition 1) recurse_fn(); // Sets off the recursion else return 0; }


Divyabharathi Mulupuri | 2 days ago

Recursive function is nothing but function with in the call another function.

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