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Have you ever thought of this.
Why do we need to write Debit on left side of account & Credit on the right side of account? Why not debit on right and credit on left? Think and answer.  Anyhow Later i will share the basic concept for this.   

Rohit Kumar | 2 days ago

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Cost Accounting: Overhead
Hello, student the following article is being given to understand the concept of overhead and its use in cost account. Overhead is the sum total of all indirect expenses i.e., indirect material, indirect...

Ajit Kumar Jaiswal | 3 days ago

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Behavior Management Tips for New Teachers
Behavior Management Tips for New Teachers! Behavior Management is a challenge that every new teacher faces. Unfortunately, teachers cannot be 100% prepared on how to effectively manage an entire classroom...

Fatima Sheikh | 07 Jan

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Rohit Kumar | 3 days ago

Any person liable to pay any sum.

Kuldip Nahata | 22 hrs ago

Any person whose income in more than the basic exemption limit in any previous year, is liable to pay income tax.


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Kuldip Nahata | 22 hrs ago

Understand basic concept and golden rules of accounting, more and more practice and solving problems is the best way to be fast in accounting.

Vani Ahuja | 21 hrs ago

Dear Aditya, I strongly believe that being slow or fast in a subject depends upon the clarity of a particular subject. Accounting is not at all difficult subject, it just require basic understanding of few things and once you are done you would feel comfortable you would be able to solve question in better and speedy way.


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Rajkamal Chicha | 11/12/2016

Say Principal=1 Lac Int 12% Year 1. EMI = 100000*1/100(1+1/100)^12 divided by ((1+1/100)^12-1) use "Full Calculation" option. mentioned as "F" ; Cut ; 5/4 of calculator we will find 101/100^12= 1.126825 multiply by 1000 and second block results comes (1126.825-1=.126825). now devide 1.12685/.12685 So EMI is Rs 8885/-. (Now for Interest portion 100000/- 1% (12/12 p.month)=1000/- . Subtract Rs 1000 from 8885/- it comes to 7885/- as principal and 1000/- as interest. Next month (100000-7885=92115 as principal and interest 1% of 92115/- i.e 921 so breakup of 2nd installment (8885-921=7964). 3rd installment (92115-7964=84151 and interest is 842 principal is 8885-842=8043 and so on. Just note down on a paper in vertical form for easy understanding.


Sudhanshu Kumar Jain | 14/12/2016

Rs. 1,00,000/PVAF (r%, n years).


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Sashi Rai | 16/11/2016

Yes, you can teach. Language is no any bar in making understand the concept to others if one can understand the same language.

Psb Tutorials | 28/11/2016

Yes of course, language is not a matter for knowledge transfer and secondly students prefer to learn in easy language.


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Mayur Rathod | 21/09/2016

Go with C++


Ajay Agarwal | 25/09/2016

Question is not clear

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