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Syllogism Tricks

Ashish Vastri
06/02/2017 0 0

Syllogism Tricks 

Syllogism is a major part of reasoning in various competetive exams. It's simple but brain teaser too. Most of the students find it difficult to learn the concepts of venn diagram and apply accurately to questions.

I would try to help you all with some useful concepts and tricks that you may apply in competitive exams.

All of these tricks will surely help you in Banking, Railways, SSC, NDA, MBA and many other exams.

All + All = All

All + No = No

All + Some = No conclusion 

Some + All = Some

Some + No = Some not

Some + Some = No conclusion 

No + All = Some not (Reversed) 

No + Some = Some not (Reversed )

No + No = No conclusion 


Some not/ Some Not Reversed + Anything = No conclusion 

To solve syllogism questions you may take help of two types of cancellation :

  • Cross Cancellation
  • Vertical Cancellation 

Cross Cancellation


  1.  All pens are Erasers
  2. All Erasers are Books
  3. No book is Table


  1. No Eraser is table 

All + No = No

All Erasers are books

No book is a Table

If we will cross cancel books, we get

CONCLUSION:    No Eraser is table .

Hence conclusion follows

Vertical Cancellation 


  1. Some apples are fruits
  2. All bananas are fruits


  1. No banana is apple


All + Some = No conclusion 

Some apples are fruits

All bananas are fruits 

Here we can cancel fruits vertically but the direction of adding will get Reversed , i.e. Conclusion will be ALL + Some = No  conclusion 

Hence, Conclusion 1 doesn't follow.

There are more key points regarding Syllogism which I will post in next lesson.



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