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Pria A.

Jayanagar 3rd Block, Bangalore, India- 560011.

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About Us

I have started my practice in the traditional style of yoga called the Hatha Yoga 8years back.

Classes Conducted

Yoga Classes

Styles of Yoga:

Hatha Yoga



Jayanagar 3rd Block, Bangalore, India- 560011. .


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ABOUT US We are group of teachers trained from the Isha Hata School of Yoga. The school s objective is to bring back classical...

About us

ABOUT US We are group of teachers trained from the Isha Hata School of Yoga. The school’s objective is to bring back classical yoga in its purest form – not studio yoga, book yoga or the various innovations that are brought in around the world – but proper classical yoga, which is a phenomenally powerful science that has been maintained in its full sanctity and vibrancy for thousands of years. It is a system that is precisely and meticulously put together as a means of reaching higher dimensions. INTRODUCTION “Essentially, once we use the word “yoga” attached to anything, it indicates in the tradition that it is a complete path by itself. “Hata” has the word “yoga” attached to it because Hata Yoga is a complete path by itself. If it is a complete path by itself, how it should be approached is the question. If it was just a simple practice, you can approach it one way. If it was an exercise you could have approached it another way. If it was an art form it could be approached another way. Or if it is just entertainment, it could be approached another way. In most Indian languages, in common usage, the word “hata” means being adamant. This is the quality that you will need. Your body says, “Enough, I had it.” But you are adamant. This is Hata Yoga. Your mind says, “I give up, I can’t do this any more.” But you are adamant, you simply do it. We want to take the physical form beyond its present levels of limitations. In a way, Hata Yoga means you want to make your comfort zone universal. Right now, for most people, their comfort zone is a very small band. If you make your comfort zone universal, wherever you are, however you are, you are at ease. If I make you stand on your head, you are still at ease. Hell will not work for you; you are adamant enough to frustrate the devil. So Hata Yoga is about creating a body which is not a hurdle in one’s life. The body becomes a stepping stone—not a hurdle, not a roadblock—in one’s progress of blossoming into his ultimate possibility.” - Sadhguru WHAT WE TEACH 1 - ANGAMARDANA - Mastering The Limbs Is a system rooted in yoga that offers to everyone the opportunity to invigorate the body and to reach peak physical and mental health. " Angamardhana" means gaining complete mastery over the limbs, organs and other parts of the body. This practice finds it roots from ancient yogic practices along with Kalaripayattu*. The advanced form of Angamardhana is still being practiced by Martial Arts Experts. Sadhguru has designed Angamardhana with a series for 31 dynamic processes to be of universal appeal and application. True to its name, Regular practice would: - Revitalize the body on all levels including the muscles , blood circulation, - ---- -Skeletal structure, nervous systems -It strengthens the spine, builds physical strength fitness and tenacity, -Takes years off the body, bringing a sense of lightness and freedom. -Aids in weight loss and body toning -Increases body and mind coordination -Regularizes Sleep Angamardhana can be incorporated in our daily lives as it would just take 30 minutes for the practice. 2 - UPA YOGA - Awakening The Body Upa Yoga is a simple yet powerful set of 10 practices that activate the joints, muscles and energy system. The term “Upa Yoga” is commonly used to denote “usefulness.” Based on a sophisticated understanding of the body’s mechanics, it creates an instant sense of alertness, liveliness and brings ease to the whole system. Upa Yoga is a system of yoga which more towards the physical, psychological and energy dimensions of a human being. It is for one to live a more complete physical life. This may be a good way to start for many people today into Yoga because it is a powerful system by itself. When they feel drawn to it they can go into yoga in its full dimension and depth. Within the human system, the energy flows along 72, 000 pathways called nadis. At the joints, the nadis form energy nodes, making the joints storehouses of energy. Upa Yoga activates this energy and also lubricates the joints, creating an instant sense of alertness and liveliness. Regular Practice -Relieves physical stress and tiredness -Exercises the joints and muscles -Rejuvantes the body after periods of inactivity -Negates the effects of jetlags and long travel -Activates and strengthens the spine This module is best recommended for frequent travellers, children below 14 years, people who have sedentary lifestyle and also beginners in yoga. 3 - SURYA KRIYA - Activate The Sun Within Surya Kriya is a potent yogic practice of tremendous antiquity, designed as a holistic process for health, wellness and complete inner wellbeing. “Surya” means “Sun, ” and “kriya” means “inner energy process.” Surya Kriya activates the solar plexus within the system and balances a person’s energies, leading to stability of the body and stillness of the mind. This strong foundation becomes the basis to explore higher dimensions of life.Traditionally available only to select groups of yogis, Surya Kriya is being offered by Sadhguru as a comprehensive spiritual practice that is ideal for the hectic pace of today’s world. Surya Kriya includes several aspects that enrich one’s life: - Develops mental clarity and focus - Remedies weak constitutions - Boosts vigor and vitality - Balances hormonal levels in the body - Prepares one for deeper states of meditation - Enhances the elements and benefits of Surya Namaskar Apart from the above physical benefits Surya Kriya enables you to move towards a space within yourself and around yourself where circumstances are not in any way intrusive or obstructing the process of life.? Surya Kriya is different from Surya Namaskar in that the original practice or the real practice is Surya Kriya. It is a way of aligning yourself with the sun and it is a much more refined process which needs enormous attention in terms of the geometry of the body.?? 4- YOGA ASANAS - Align With The Cosmic Geometry The word asana literally means a posture. Out of the innumerable asanas a body can take, 84 have been identified as Yogasanas through which one can transform the body and mind into a great possibility for ultimate wellbeing. Yogasanas are not exercices, rather very subtle processes to manipulate one’s energy in a particular direction. Body is a constant manifestation of various levels of compulsiveness, and so by consciously getting the body into a certain posture and making it a conducive passage, one can elevate his consciousness. Yogasanas are a way of aligning the inner system and adjusting it to the celestial geometry, becoming in sync with the existence, and thus naturally achieving a chemistry of healthfulness, joyfulness and blissfulness, and above all balance. The practice of Yogasanas provides countless benefits including: - Relief of chronic ailments - Preparation of body and mind towards a higher possibility - Stabilization and balance of the body - Slowing down of the ageing process - ?Aids in weight loss and regularizing sleep quota 5- BHOOTA SHUDDHI - Cleanse The Five Elements The basis of all creation, including the physical body, is the five elements – earth, water, wind, fire and space. The well-being of the body and mind can be established by purifying these five elements within the human system. This process also shapes the body into a stepping stone towards one’s ultimate well being.There is a whole system of yoga called Bhoota Shuddhi, which means “purification of the elements.” The Bhoota Shuddhi processes offered by us provide a unique opportunity for everyone to benefit from this deep yogic science, which otherwise requires intense sadhana. Bhoota Shuddhi: Keeps the system in harmony and balance Prepares the system to handle powerful states of energy Enhances the capabilities of the physical body, mind and energy Creates the basis to gain complete mastery over the human system

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1. We are associated with a few Engineering Colleges and Business Schools and provide CRT which enhances the student's employment opportunities. 2. We provide coaching for GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFEL etc. which helps the students to pursue their further education. 3. We provide advance Oracle Training support which enhances career growth opportunities. 4. We also provide various communication training which assures career growth opportunities.

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Currently working as Yoga instructor with Strong N Slender.

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Currently working as Yoga instructor with Strong N Slender.

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Pria A. conducts classes in Yoga. It is located in Jayanagar 3rd Block, Bangalore. It takes classes Regular Classes- at the Institute.