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Become a Ruby on Rails Rockstar

43 Reviews

Jayanagar, Bangalore

Course ID: 17643

Jayanagar, Bangalore

Students Interested 12 (Seats Left 0)

43 Reviews

About the Course

Learn Ruby on Rails from developers who are passionate about technology, teaching and have several years experience developing ruby on rails products. The main objective of the course is to ensure students understand the framework and are successful in building ruby on rails product. During the time of course we'll brainstorm and decide on a product to be built, thus ensuring you get a hands on experience of SDLC.

Topics Covered

1. Introduction 2. What Is Ruby on Rails? 3. Installing Ruby on Rails 4. Getting Started 5. Controllers, Views, and Dynamic Content 6. Databases and Migrations 7. Models, ActiveRecord, and ActiveRelation 8. Associations 9. Controllers and CRUD 10. Layouts, Partials, and View Helpers 11. Forms 12. Data Validations 13. User Authentication 14. Debugging & Error Handling 15. Introduction to Advanced Topics 16. Conculsion

Who should attend

People wanting to pursue a successful career in software industry


Very minimal understanding of OOPS, Databases, html & css. We'll touch upon these basics also during the course to make your fundamentals strong.

What you need to bring

Laptop if you want to follow along or notebook or a tab to take down key points and notes

Key Takeaways

Learn Ruby on Rails. Learn Deployment in a cloud platform. Necessary skills for succeeding in the career.

Date and Time

Not decided yet.

About the Trainer

Aniruddha SG picture

4.97 Avg Rating

120 Reviews

126 Students

2 Courses

Aniruddha SG

Full Stack JavaScript Trainer - Angular - React - Node - Express - Ruby - Python

6 Years of Experience

I've conduct training sessions for freshers at several startups and mentored passionate developers in making it big in IT.

I bring knowledge and experience. I've gained over several years being a developer where I worked on various applications ranging from a billing software to a comprehensive facility management software currently used in MNC's.

Student Feedback


Average Rating




Manjunath Byregowda

I am non programming background guy when i joined to DCT academy. Aniruddh sir thought us from basic to high level. We have full practical sections and group discussions to work and we created 3 to 4 major projects. He helped a lot. I think one of the best institute in the Bengaluru. His teaching style is extraordinary.


Sharan Chavadi

It was a great experience learning under Aniruddha. He gives a personal attention to each and every candidate and makes sure everyone understand the concepts. I would strongly recommend anyone who wants to learn RoR or wants to become a full stack developer from scratch. I shifted from IT sales to programming. He helped me all the ways to achieve my goal. Thanks a bunch Ani.


Ravi Paliwal

I m not from CS background, the way Ani taught, i am being able to create a complex web based application within a span of 4 months. Without Ani being there, getting my idea to a working application would have only remained as a dream. Thanks Ani for all your support and teaching. Ani not only teaches coding with specific programming language(Ruby and ROR) but also covers application designing fundamentals with real time examples. His teaching style of working functionality first and coding fundamentals next makes easy for students to understand and retain core programming fundamentals.


Muhammed Anees

Joining DCT Academy was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. Even after following some online courses and building basic apps with rails, I was struggling hard to catch the foundation and grasp the object oriented concepts. And then I met the right person, Aniruddha sir, who started the course with the very basics of ruby and helped me to structure myself as a rails programmer in the way it should be. Apart from being a gifted passionate teacher, his commitment in making sure that every student is well with the concepts before leaving the class and the practical project oriented training makes him the best person to learn RoR & more from. Every single hour I spend in the academy was building blocks of some good programming skills and the sessions with expert alumni who actually make great startups and products to happen caters strong motivation & insights. And finally, Aniruddha sir paved me an opportunity to get my dream job exactly a day after I actually completed the course, all thanks to him. For anyone who is having a second thought, I would say, You’ll find it difficult to find a better trainer than him.


Aswin Sanakan

A course tailored for anyone with or without prior knowledge in coding, An angelic trainer/mentor/friend whom we fondly call as our Aniruddha sir, An alumni of a bunch of good people who are around to help you through the coding journey. DCT Academy is nothing short of Amazing! All thanks to Aniruddha sir for inspiring and motivating me through this three months of enlightenment. He is, without doubt, the best tutor I've ever met. Good pace of learning, ensuring a solid programming foundation is set, good coding practices, and as the tagline goes, developing web apps from scratch, are a few of the takeaways that are guaranteed. There's a lot more one'll learn under his wing. It is not quite often that you make a move in your life and then feel so overjoyed that you took it. I made that move. Have you?


Nikhil Simha H N

Aniruddha Sir is the best possible resource available for learning RoR. He has a very neat course plan which will enable the trainees to experience the power of RoR to the highest extent. He gets your basics in Ruby right at first and then introduces Rails so we have a better understanding of what is happening. His classes are always fun. We just don't learn but experience the power of rails. No words can explain him, you just have to experience it yourself.



One of the best training institute for any person, it could be for a person who is from a computer background or a non computer background to get started with Ruby on Rails as a web developer. Aniruddha sir made the environment so comfortable and interesting for all of us. He gives a clear idea about the concepts by relating it to real world examples. Must say a very supportive person and I am always thankful to him. I am happy that i chose the right path to get started off with my career.



Just like there's an life changing moment in everyone's life, mine certainly has been the decision to join this course and learn from sir aniruddha. The knowledge i have gained over this past few months has been way more than what i have gained during my four year engineering course. Thank you very much sir.


Rahul Agasthya

Good Person, Amazing Friend and no doubt an Exceptional Teacher. Helps you understand how websites works, especially the back end. He helped me hone my internet programming skills to become a RoR Rockstar.


Anushree C

In the course one can get confidence of becoming a full-stack developer. His encouragement and the way of teaching brought me lots of confidence on doing the tasks on own, ruby language coding helped me in gaining knowledge to start coding in ROR now. Here each and every one is given personal attention. "Ruby On Rails" is a very good start for a brighter future. Thank-you Aniruddha Sir.



Ani, I didn't feel him as a tutor but as a friend. His passion about teaching is something that he is gifted with, teaching from the level where we stand is tricky, but he is master at it. His personal attention to doubts made me get a better understanding of Ruby on Rails. Frankly speaking I could be a University topper if I had a teacher like him. Apart from course I learnt a lot from him. When I Met for the first time, had a long discussion with him on my ideas, he boosted me and supported me to bring all my ideas to life. That day I never thought I could at least code in my dream. I joined in the course with weight of doubts, and as of now it's really wonder I'm coding. He is an One Man Army for ROR. Thanks Ani, from bottom of Heart.


Sharat Oommen

Ani is truly one of the best trainers i have come across who is deeply passionate about teaching and also makes sure that the subject is properly understood by the students. I would totally recommend his ruby on rails course to anyone looking to move into web development.


It's very good and he helped lot. He is very friendly to all. It was nice overall .



I completed BCA and since I wanted to be a developer, I joined this class. Aniruddha is one of the best teachers I've ever come across and he has a lot of patience when it comes to helping people understand concepts. His approach to teaching ROR was very well structured and systematic. I honestly never thought I'd learn so much in such a less time. Apart from being a great teacher, he motivates everyone to keep going forward and at no point did I ever feel that something is impossible because he was always there to help. It was really a great experience and I'd recommend anyone who wants to step into web development field to take this course.

Prashant Dasgupta

I came to DCT Academy for RoR training with an expectation for a Hands-On, Project-driven approach to learn rails, through which I could enhance my prior ruby-learning into building a full stack Web Application. To be honest, This was my very first interaction with full stack Web development. But the lucidity with which Aniruddha explained the concepts & the nitty-gritties of them, it felt like age long familiarity with Rails. We started with quite comprehensive sessions on Ruby, covering each aspect of ruby language. By the first 2-3 sessions We graduated to Rails,taking baby steps into getting the hang around of the framework. Each of the session(s) were immensely knowledge-worthy, equally interesting and prompted us to explore more on the Topic being taught. As the learning was essentially around Project-driven approach, We had ample of hands on & could actually visualize the concepts. One of the best part of Our sessions was individual attention to each of us by Ani which greatly smoothened the trouble-shooting(s) for errors that We encountered and in proper designing of Our code. Simultaneously,each of us were working on Our chosen Web-App that We were building along the course. Ani assisted us with all his avid experience & expertise to get our projects progressing. Heartiest Thanks to Ani for such an amazing learning experience, systematized course organisation & continued mentor-ship. Definitely Recommended for Aspiring WebDevs!


Kishore D R

Hello, Myself Kishore, I’m working as PHP Developer in Bangalore, I have learned ROR from Mr. Aniruddha S G, he is an outstanding teaching method in class room, and he gives individual attention and answer all our doubts, classes are very lively and interactive .He also encourages you to perform better, overall wonderful experience. Thank you Aniruddha Sir.


Kishore D R

Hello, Myself Kishore, I’m working as PHP Developer in Bangalore, I have learned ROR from Mr. Aniruddha S G, he is an outstanding teaching method in class room, and he gives individual attention and answer all our doubts, classes are very lively and interactive. He also encourages you to perform better, overall wonderful experience. Thank you Aniruddha Sir.


Jiaullah Sm

Awesome trainer i ever seen.Interaction with team members is really appreciable.Any time ready to solve any of our issues.Thank you so much Ani


Vinay Hegde

I have just completed 2 months RoR course. As far as my course experience goes, I have spent 8+ years in IT industry & I have an average knowledge in scripting languages like Perl, BAT & little knowledge on Ruby (neither an experienced developer nor a fresher). When I decided to learn RoR (and also Ruby), I inquired in many institutes like 'Systems domain', 'NIIT' & many other institutes. But some how not satisfied either by the kind of online reviews they have (it kind of confused me) or by the kind of interactions I had during the inquiry. When I spoke with Mr. Aniruddha over phone & met him personally a week after, the interaction was so pleasant & so promising. By then I didn't think of inquiring anywhere else. He mentioned to me that, I have to wait for 2/3 weeks for another batch to start. I had a fear that, he may post-pone till he gets enough students for the class. But he started the new batch as promised (I got a call from him 2 days before the date of commence). This itself will tell you the kind of commitment he has.I used to feel 'TGIF' on Friday, not because it's weekend, but for the class on Saturday & Sunday :) On last day of the course we all felt like, we want some more classes & we couldn't believe that course is already over. Keep up the good work. Thank you.


Manjunath S M

I have learned ROR from aniruddha. his training method made me to learn ROR easily. he gives individual attention and answer all our doubts. as a team leader i like the training approach, which makes easy and simple to understand the concepts of ROR.


Trinadh Reddy

"It is a great opportunity for the beginners who would like to begin their careers as a ruby on rails developer. Aniruddha is one of the highly efficient trainers. He has a personal touch to his training.Special attention is given to each and everyone and he makes sure that everybody understands the topic.classes are very lively and interactive.He also encourages you to perform better.overall wonderful experience".



"The influence of a good teacher can never be erased. Aniruddha is one of them. The approach he takes in explaining things is really good and simple. He will surely boost up your confidence . If you have a doubt if you would be able to program ,take that out of your mind now. Because aniruddh sir will prove it wrong and you'll be coding cool things soon. Apart from being a great teacher he is great mentor who sits with the students individually and guide them . Highly recommend :)

Kartik Sharma

I come from a non-programming background and wanted to learn Rails for rapidly building web applications. And thankfully I came across Aniruddha, who is undoubtedly a great tutor. The approach with an example of a real-time project management app is very helpful. Aniruddha's focus on every student is a special highlight of this course, also worth mentioning is the course structure that helps build the knowledge of web development gradually. I learnt a significant deal with him and other fellow learners in the batch, hoping to build upon it on future.



I am an intern in HP and I am designated as a rails developer which made me to feel wired initially as I was from electronics background with minimal knowledge of programming. I had to set my mind to search for an efficient trainer on ruby on rails(RoR). Here is were I landed, I found Mr. Aniruddha SG as one of best trainer I have ever met. Let me tell you more, The class started from the very basics of installing the software which instantly made me feel comfortable and showed me that this class was designed for newbies such as myself. The course material throughout was presented in a very easy to understand format and the user discussion section was insanely helpful. The class covered the basics thoroughly. I came out of the class significantly smarter than when I went in. The idea, and what the institute promises, is that the class will get you to a point where you can build your prototype and that is exactly what they delivered on.

Sudheeshna Kodali

I'm doing my graduation in Computer Science from NPU, CA, USA. I'm from Electrical majors in under graduation. After joining masters, I heard about "Ruby on Rails" from people around me. I came to know of Mr.Aniruddha Sg, through UrbanPro and eventually contacted him. He is so friendly. Before the actual training sessions started , he spent time to assess my knowledge (how much do I score on a scale of 5), like in: Programming, OOP concepts, MVC, UI, Logical thinking , etc. like which subjects of my academics, am I feeling interesting and why etc Also discussed about scores scale, where I would eventually be reaching, by the end of training. I think he accordingly planned the areas that are to be concentrated more. Sessions were so lively. The course is structured so well in a way that, you end up developing a real time project by your own self. I have taken the training remote(online). He always made sure, I get what he is saying. I always used to have a feeling that 'programming is not my cup of tea', which totally changed after associating with him. He gave me confidence in myself. He helped me see, what I could be. He is gonna be one of the very few, that I can relate to, whenever I read the following quotes. It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. - Albert Einstein The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. - William Arthur Ward.


Bhagyaraj S.n

I am from shimoga, karnataka, I was a software testing engineer in banglore and wanted to change my domain from testing to web development and chose Ruby on Rails, mean while I came to know about Aniruddha sir through urbanpro. Since I am an tester I didn't had knowledge on oops concept , now I am very happy to say you all that I am a "RoR Rock Star". Aniruddha sir is a person who takes individual attention of each and every student of the class and makes sure that each student understands the concept . The main advantage I found here with Aniruddha sir is the project based approach. For all you guys who are reading this and are interested in learning ROR, I genuinely recommend perusing your training under the guidance of Aniruddha sir.I thank Aniruddha sir who made me a ROR Developer.



I came to know about Aniruddha from urban pro. Before coming here I was a software engineer in Kolkata and I was really struggling to develop anything. Then I enrolled for ruby on rails course in Bangalore under Aniruddha . He took a project based approach and then made sure all the steps in software engineering was implemented. His teaching really gave me an insight into how a product is developed. More than anything he is a great mentor and a good friend. Now I am very confident in building any kind of application in ruby on rails. Every day I used to learn something new and we were made to implement it. He makes sure all students became familiar with the oops concepts. So I thank Aniruddha for making me a ruby on rails rock star.


Vinoth A

This is vinod, and from chennai, attended the Sep 2015 batch. Aniruddha is an awesome teacher. Whether you are beginner to programming or experienced in other tech & want to learn ROR, you came to the right place. But be warned, it is very intensive course and you need to put in extra efforts as the classes will be fast paced. And Aniruddha, is there at all times, to support. Follow the classes, do the assignments and work on your projects, then you ll be 100 % transform from a newbie to rock-star in ROR. The class is full of instructions and project based , with all the lectures designed to make you get into the concepts quickly and to start building the web apps sooner. Thanks a lot, Aniruddha.

Aniket Rao

I am from Pune, Maharashtra. Before I joined this course, I was a front-end developer and was curious to learn any object oriented programming language and I picked Ruby. The moment I stepped foot in Bangalore, my first thing was to find a teacher/mentor/friend who will guide me through the journey of Ruby on Rails. Therefore, I got in touch with Aniruddha and in our first meeting he said, "The moment you finish this course, I assure you that you will be able to look at things with a Object Oriented perspective" and now after I completed my course, I can confidently say that I know ruby programming and all the things that go with it. The way Aniruddha taught was very unique and he makes sure that each and every student of his understands every aspect of the basic fundamentals of OOP. Each session, each day was very interesting and interactive. He has the will, persona and ability to groom a non-technical background person into a software developer. For all you guys who are reading this and are interested in learning RoR, I genuinely recommend perusing your training under the guidance of Aniruddha!


Kranti Kumar

Hi I am kranti Kumar from Bangalore I am working as a UI developer but I wanted to be a full stack ROR developer then my company send me to aniruddh for the training. There I learned ROR and my experience of learning was very good as he taught us in very convenient way and I was able to pick up things very easily. So I would refer him for learning in a better way.



I have met Anniruddha Sir through my friend Annapoorna . I ve taken Ruby on Rails course for 2 months, he thought us very clearly each and every topic which belongs to a web development .Anniruddha is a best trainer as i seen .I ve went through some of the other courses but Aniruddha is so helpful in making career advise He makes sure he will teach you all his best practices not just the ones on the book.


Varun Dubey

One of the most amazing thing I have seen in Aniruddha Sir is the love for teaching and making sure that student understood every points clearly. Coming all the way from Thailand, I can say it was really worth my time and the knowledge I gained it's not only Ruby on Rails but also the process of making good web application. After taking Ruby on Rails course ,now I have gain lots of confident in making web applications again the projects which used to take months now I can complete in few days with best practices. I have learned php,mysql, C# .Net with different teachers and I always had hard time understanding what they are trying to teach, but with Aniruddha Sir each and every point was clear to me and the knowledge I gain I really don't think I could have gained with any other trainer. if anyone is looking forward to become Web Developer I would really recommend Aniruddha Sir, He's one of the most talented programmer and also a really great teacher. I will definitely miss your classes sir :)

Koushik Somashekar

Aniruddha has a very personal touch to his teaching, he is more like your roommate who helps you understand concepts during your exams. He gets Ruby and he gets how the course should be structured for beginners and professionals. He acts like a mentor and a coach rather than a RoR trainer. He knows the entire stack of technologies so I felt comfortable shooting questions about any doubt I had, be it HTML 5, BootStrap, Mongo DB etc. I usually am a very though guy to convince but Aniruddha had convinced me of his technical and teaching skills. Best, Koushik


Sachin Reddy

Aniruddha is an excellent teacher and the class was very lively and interactive. Coming from a non-CS background, I was able to understand the concepts of Ruby and Rails framework clearly. I got to learn Rails using a personal project of mine and I was able to grasp the concepts very quickly. In addition, he is very flexible in terms of his class timings and also provides good advice and suggestions with both programming and non-programming concepts. Would definitely recommend him to any student who wants to ace Rails.



The first and most important thing to be a teacher is the skills and the knowledge which i believe aniruddha has, he is very knowledgeable with the subject. There is no class room environment rather a very good interactive learning experience. You will enjoy learning the programming rather than look at the clock wondering when is the class ending. He is open and happy to sit with you and clear any doubts or errors that come along during the learning process. I would highly recommend learning with him. He is also a very good person if you need any career related advice.


I am from Australia, I had a wonderful time learning ROR from Aniruddha, He helped me a lot in my project. He would always clear my doubts no matter how small they were. He was fun and firm at the same time,he maintained a decent energy in the class independent of time. He taught me each individual feature of Ruby through multiple examples and exercises.His classes are lively and he comes up with simple real life examples to teach the core concepts. If you are a overseas student and worrying about ROR then your best choice is Aniruddha. He never waste even a single minute :) I learned C,C++,Java from different teachers. But my all time favorite teacher and friend is Aniruddha. Miss your classes Aniruddha


Ashok Kumar

Anirudha is talented and wonderful person I must say, He is always ready to help me at any point of time,always tries to make subject easier.I respect him the most because of two reasons.He spent a great deal of time mentoring me and teaching .And second, he produced the greatest amount of quality teaching. I am from core background and zero programming Knowledge.I started learning Ruby on rails from Anirudha. He build a confidence in me and made me comfortable with programming. His teaching methodology is not just about transmitting knowledge to students, he shows the enjoyment you get from learning a Programming language. If you want to became a No-voice to Ninja In Ruby on Rails,I would strongly recommend to take Training Under Aniruddha.



I am extremely satisfied with the course conducted by Aniruddha. He is knowledgeable, flexible and very committed to the course he conducts. He regularly stretches and goes beyond the course material. He really gives individual attention to all his students and makes sure they understand. Being an experienced developer(from another technology) had lot of questions to him. All the answers were very nicely explained and convincing. As far as Rails is concerned, Aniruddha is a seasoned teacher/professional and will be able to explain all the concepts to you and will be able to answer all your questions without any problems. He is also very open to talk about any idea regarding technology and business. I, personally have discussed a lot of ideas with him and it has benefited me immensely. So, if you are looking for a knowledgeable, committed teacher on Ruby on Rails, Aniruddha is the go-to man. He also conducts course on-line. So, even if you are far away from Jayanagar Bangalore, I will recommend you to enroll with him.


Thejwal Pavithran

The Ruby on rails training program by Aniruddha is an excellent one and I recommend this to any aspiring web developer. Aniruddha's approach where the students are made to work on building a real world web application starting from Day 1 is highly commendable and his experience and knowledge on ruby and rails framework ensures smooth movement of the class. Also the stress given on web application development best practices in general is also very useful.


Mahesh Mesta

I was a total novice when I started this course.To enhance my resume, I needed to learn some new technology,suitable for the job market.Right then I was made aware of Aniruddha as a professional trainer for software courses.I immediately seeked him up and he introduced me to the world of Ruby and Rails.My Initial skepticism about the course was shattered right from the first day of the class.He turned out to be inherently a brilliant orator and made the subject seemingly simple.His practical knowledge is profound and he would meticulously soothe each and every doubt of ours with real executable examples.He would never tire out to listen to our queries and provide solutions for them.His professionalism towards his job and his desire to make his students real pros is unquestionable.What more is than he is more friendlier than many and easily approachable. I do thank him for his expert advice and guidance throughout this course. It was a time well spent and learnt.I would surely recommend anybody to approach him and seek his training without any hitch.THANK YOU Aniruddha !!!



He is a excellent coder by profession and teaching is hobby as he said. I learnt "ruby on rails" from him. The practicality and in-depth of ruby language coding helped me in gaining knowledge to start coding in ROR now. he helped me in my own project where he directs where could be logic to start with per Ruby language which is helping me to deliver the project intime. I recommend him as a very good "Ruby on Rails "Trainer and his teaching in-depth styles. I could safely bet anyone could clear the dobuts the way he stress on getting you to understand the details in Ruby on rails framework.



The course was brilliantly conveyed. Apart from gaining full knowledge of the course, the hands on experience throughout gave me the industry feel. Aniruddha made the entire course very interesting,easy to grasp and the knowledge gaining process was fun.Overall the whole course was a wonderful experience for me.


Megan Perrara

Individual attention is provided. The class environment is very apt for learning and the concepts are brilliantly taught covering all the course contents.


Students Interested 12 (Seats Left 0)

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