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ASP.NET Lessons

ASP .Net Interview Questions.
1. What is ASP? Active Server Pages (ASP), also known as Classic ASP, is a Microsoft's server-side technology, which helps in creating dynamic and user-friendly Web pages. It uses different scripting languages...

Santosh Kumar Singh | 26/12/2016

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0 MVC 5
ASP.NET MVC It’s a part of ASP.NET and provides an alternative to ASP.NET webforms. You can even mix webforms and MVC. Basic concepts like state management are still the same. Thus, if you have some...

Intellect App Academy | 09/12/2016

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Service-Level Agreement (SLA) Definition
A service-level agreement (SLA) is a contract between a service provider and its internal or external customers that documents what services the provider will furnish. SLAs originated with network service...

Mohammad Shafi | 18/10/2016

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how do to work framework

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Rakesh Gupta | 08/08/2016

Kush, I am assuming; you asked how to start using Asp. Net. I would say, buy a beginner c# book and then gradually move to asp.Net. great language.

Ap Edusoft Software Solutions | 30/08/2016

Basically is not a Framework. It's a front end designer tool in dot-net. where we were build the user interface through the and it would word with HTML as well.


I am fresher joined as Jr Associate Microsoft Technology in a IT company. I really do not have that much knowledge of coding. Shall I go with Cloud computing or Should I continue with Asp.Net MVC or just AngularJs (or both mvc and AngularJs)

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Manoj Arockiaraj | 27/05/2016

It depends on your current project. Learn MVC it has very good future. Angular js also similar to MVC like modal controller etc. it is easy to learn one other


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Dishaapro | 06/08/2016

Thank You for your question Sunita...... ASP stands for Active Server Page which is used to create the webpage. Thank You, Team DishaaPro

Ap Edusoft Software Solutions | 30/08/2016

Basically It's a front end designer tool in dot-net. where we were build the user interface for web application, mobile app and desktop applicationl.


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Megha Shaym Dotnet Trainer Mcp | 13/05/2016

asp-active server pages for web. asp web page (.asp file) consists of HTML elements & server side script/program usually written in vbscript or { in case web page (.aspx file)} and requires iis web server software & .net framework software. iis web server compiles asp/aspx web page & renders the final content/output to the web browser as HTML form. asp is server side programming to access & manipulate html elements, other system resources, database, email functionality etc., where as html is just all about web page designing. there is much more but just this is an basic info about asp. good day..

Coetl | 03/06/2016

If you would like to get practice and learn any technology in the fast pace and get your questions answered you should join a training institute or get trained online from experienced professional. Thank You. If you have any doubts regarding MVC you can contact me.


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Dhaval More | 30/06/2015

First Learn Dot Net Basics,, secondly C# Programming Fundamentals, thirdly MS SQL Server, lastly

Ravi Kiran | 08/11/2015

With help of good teacher and more than good practice and importantly you should have attitude to learn ASP.NET

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