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Art and Creativity

Art and Creativity

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Art and Creativity Lessons

Do you have a Creative Spark?
SILICA is your Design Career Guide. We guide you at every step covering aptitude tests, career guidance, coaching for entrance exams and admission guidance for creative careers like Design, Architecture,...

Silica Institute | 11 Nov

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Learning Tip
Have you ever learned something that was quickly forgotten in a matter of days? While the root of it lies in the way we learned, few of us were educated on what is the most effective way to learn that...

Mandira Chawla | 04 Nov

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Drawing tip
Better to use good artistic tools and confident drawing while moving hands 

Giri Sh | 14 Sep

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D'artism | 02 Oct

Dartism is an art studio in jaipur. The artists of dartism working on realistic art in all media . U can hire them by searching a phrase on google. "Dartism realistic art in jaipur"

Vac The Art Avenue | 03 Oct

This is Vac-The art avenue, an art academy at nungambakkam .We teach pencil shading .We take up orders for pencil sketches


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Mrs. Smita Raj Mulay Mulay | 07 Oct

First find which art do u like and want to learn? because in drawing or art for school level there are six sub subjects and above school level many more subjects , like nature drawing, object drawing, landscape, still life, figure drawing ,sketching ,composition extra and medium are different like pencil shading, charcoal shading, water colour, oil colour, acrylic colour, crayon colour, oil pastel. Art or drawing and painting demands time, practice and more practice. Because its skill work that?s why much people don?t work in this fields but many people like and love art, but some people like you want to learn art.

Bilvaa Music | 14 Oct

Many fields are good for earning money. It all depends on your skills, teaching aptitude, patience etc. As far as profesional success goes in fields like art, music and acting etc, you need a lot of lobbying, contacts, push, some investments etc for making it big, or famous. Of course, if you are talented, you can definitely make a good living, though you may not definitely with guarantee become like Michael Jackson, or even Bhimsen Joshi, or Kishore Kumar. Or you have a business aptitude, you can do some handicrafts, painting etc, and start selling them, or open a art school, etc.. You have to try some of these art forms and find out for yourself (not just go by what all people around you say - they may be the least serious in doing this,( like some people click a 'like' if their friend say that he is suffering from tooth pain for 4 days !) Are you talented or have an aptitude for singing, or some instrument, or do you have a natural flair for sketching, etc. You need to find out more about your own capabilities, ie., develop awareness and then you go more seriously into the particular field, if required enroll for coaching, get some certificates. But please note that 'Kishore Kumar' may not have been certified and talent, aptitude, attitude and secondarily hardwork, contacts, is more important than a 'certificate'. Best Wishes


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Pt. | 13 Oct

Dear All, For Hindustani Classical you can Contact Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Sangeet Acadamy. The Acadamy is in VEGA school - Sohna Road. The Guru himself is the disciple of Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Ji. Also, for any other subject - you can also learn an instrument, dance or art in the acadamy. As the name goes - Bharat Ratna "Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Ji" is the name in Hindustani Classical Music. This is an initiative by his Disciple and his sons to take his legacy forward. Thus if you are looking for a GURU to train you well - This is the right place for you. Thanks

Bilvaa Music | 14 Oct

You should develop an interest in engineering, or whatever subjects you are learning. Actually the field 'engineering' is one of the most misunderstood concepts and there are different aspects of engineering like some parts of it can be pure mats, some can be purely working with your hands, like assembling, building with very less maths, some parts can be even purely theoretical like physics, if you are inclined towards science, there are evn areas where it can be highly interdisciplinary like 'sound or audio engineering' or even related to agriculture like bio- engineering. You can google for Delhi based art pr music classes or check the particular sections of urbanpro, since their database is very good. Since we are based out of Chennai, I cannot readily recommmend any institute in Delhi, though a few of my professional contacts run their institutes. Since you seem to come out strongly with 'I am not interested in engg' I gave this input, as it is better to involve yourself fully and whole-heartedly in some activity which you have taken up, it will have its benefits. There is not guarantee that you will not say ' I am not interested in art' after joining an art course. I hope this answer will set you thinking a bit, and help in your development and growth.


hello , I want some tips, methods and ideas for making a perfect and typical science poster. What are the materials that we require to make it catchy?

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Devika Yadav | 26 Aug

Can u plz tell me the topic name on which topic u should prepared a model ???


Sonu Bhrola | 26 Aug

Firstly you use posters colours and good quality sheet .that's all ...


Dear sir i am looking for the creative ideas out of every thing that is waist.tough i make lot of creative things out of waist.but i need guidance so that i can work and make more creative things. so small things matter a lot for me.so that i can turn wasteful things into something creative.and i love doing that. with regards Rashi Adhana

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Chaitali Shah | 28 May

Origami is an option for Best out of waste. You can make paper toys, wall decoratives with Origami. Regards, Chaitali

Tushar Dash | 29 May

Hi its good but mostly your work manual base or software base and creative field endless. If you are beginner so you make to concentrate your work . best of luck

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