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Meet Sreedevi Pavani, a perfect Art & Craft Trainer - UrbanPro

Sreedevi Pavani was inspired by one of her friends to become an Art & Craft Trainer. Passionate about making different handicrafts, she started as a hobby and soon established herself as a very successful and popular Art & Craft Trainer in Chennai. She is excellent in training her students and they feel she would help them master a particular art. Personally, she believes that every trainer should never  keep away any unique technique from her students. She is passionate about creating new arts and crafts and shares the same passion with her students while sharing her knowledge.

Full Name: Sreedevi Pavani
Education: B.A
Category: Art & Craft
Experience: 5  years
Occupation: Art & Craft Trainer
Location: Chennai

A warm and hearty congratulations to Sreedevi!

Sreedevi Pavani, an Art & Craft Trainer from Chennai

Here is an excerpt of an interview with Sreedevi:

Q 1. How and when you started to work as an Art & Craft Trainer?

Ans. I learned few handicrafts as a hobby during my school days and I continued learning handicrafts from different Masters out of passion without any intention of becoming a trainer. I used to give my handicrafts like artificial flower bouquets, handmade jewellery, home décor items etc, as gifts to my friends. One of my close friends asked me to start classes on handicrafts. That’s how I started my career as an Art & Craft Trainer. My friend was my friend who inspired me to take Art & Craft classes. Then I came across UrbanPro.com and started my career.

Q 2. What do you think makes a great Art & Craft Trainer?

Ans. In my view inner passion and self-motivation makes a great artist. Commitment to work and sincerity in what we do makes all the difference. Never hide your techniques from students.

Q 3. How you came across UrbanPro?

Ans. I was searching for a website that would provide me an opportunity to teach students online. And during my search I came across UrbanPro.com (It was Thinkvidya.com then).

Sreedevi's taking Art & Craft Classes

Q 4. How UrbanPro platform helped you to expand your Art & Craft Classes?

Ans. When I came in contact with UrbanPro.com, I started teaching many students. Even I got an opportunity of taking handicrafts classes in IITM. I don’t think any other portal of this category is as successful as UrbanPro.com. UrbanPro has definitely become a platform for my success. My heartfelt thanks to UrbanPro.com!

Q 5. What percentage of your work comes from UrbanPro?

Ans. Almost 70% – 80%.

Q 6. One advice that you would like to give to new Pros on UrbanPro.

Ans. It’s a nice interactive platform to jump start and realize your dreams. UrbanPro surely is a well known portal in family circles.

About the Trainer: Sreedevi is a passionate Art & Craft Trainer who has immense and diverse knowledge of many arts and crafts. She is one-of-a-kind trainer who explains all arts and crafts ideas to her students making them feel like they have mastered that particular art. Encouraging in her teaching approach, Sreedevi makes her students learn new things with perfection. She brings a total of 5 years of experience and holds a Bachelor degree in Arts. She holds her students dear and helps them reach their Art & Craft goals.


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Shamim 21/10/2016

How do you conduct classes online or regular classes?

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Sreedevi | 28/10/2016

I take both regular and online classes.

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Shamim 21/10/2016

Congrats sreedevi Pavan. Really I appreciate your job. All the best

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Sreedevi | 28/10/2016

Thank you.

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Paramjit 16/10/2016

I am happy for Sreedevi.

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Vijay 16/10/2016

That's great job... Even I've gained from UrbanPro... Thanks to UrbanPro...

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