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How to hire the best dance teacher? - UrbanPro

When you decide to learn dance, you are sure to fill with excitement. Then the next thought that strike your mind would be ‘How to choose the right dance teacher?’. Well, zero-in on the best dance teacher is hard, but it is quite possible if you follow the tips given below.

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Define your goals for learning dance

Before you head out in search of the best dance instructor, it would be ideal to define your motive to learn dance. People take up dance classes for many reasons, it can be either –

  • for fun
  • to become a professional dancer
  • de-stress
  • as a hobby
  • to impress others

While it is not strictly mandatory to state your reason for learning dance, but if you identify your primary motivation for learning dance, you would be able to choose the right dance trainer. Take for an example, when you are learning dance just for fun, you can start off with your friend or learn dance steps from online videos. But the same learning method would be of no great help, if you are seriously thinking to make a career in dance. In case of fun, you may not be so specific about a teacher’s experience, passion and credibility but if you want to make a career you need to pay attention on these grounds.

Check the dance teacher’s credibility

Checking the credibility of your dance trainer is a critical step while choosing the best dance instructor. What you should do?

  • Learn a bit of the trainer’s dance background
  • Dance certifications

Details like from which institute she learnt dance, where she worked as a professional dancer, shows and events where she took part, and what are the dance certifications she have acquired so far. If you like to know more about a dance teacher, ask about her gurus from whom she learnt dance steps. I am sure if she had practiced under a renowned or reputed dance gurus, she would love to mention them. You can also check about her dance mentors, and find the kind of knowledge, passion and experience they carry in the field.

Find a dance trainer who is passionate about teaching dance

Whether it is dance or music or education, you need to find a trainer who is passionate about teaching the art or sharing the knowledge. One important point to remember, not all excellent dancers would be great dance teachers. Being a great trainer requires passion and interest, to transfer and share dance knowledge. Many a times, we came across people who are great in what they do, but when you try to learn from them they turn out as an inadequate teacher. So pick your dance trainer carefully.

How involved is the dance trainer?

There are thousands of dance teachers who give dance lessons to earn money or pass time. Your task would be to filter out all these teachers, because when you learn dance you must learn from someone who is truly passionate and get involved in teaching you. Only a dance teacher who loves teaching dance would be able to guide you all through the way and help you reach your dance goals and dreams.

Dance students’ reviews

When you are searching for the best dance trainer, you must look for what kind of results she had produced in the past. Talk to students who have been taking classes from the dance instructor, number of great dancers the teacher has taught and what dance learners are saying about the teacher. You will able to find a great deal of information about the dance trainer.

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