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Vipin Uniyal | 18/01/2016

Would like to add few points to the above post: LINQ AND SQL are two different terminologies: SQL is Structured Query Language to manipulate on the data in database only. While LINQ is being designed and developed in more advance manner. LINQ allows the programmer to write the code :if he/she needs to perform operations not only to database but Arrays, IEnumerable Classes, XML documents and third party data source. It uses query expessions(along with lambda experssion,anonymous classes) to perform operations on data( might be coming from any source) and process. Its saves the programming time as same code can be used(Scenario if database schema is same but backend or provider is changed).

Dishaapro | 06/08/2016

Thanks for the question Jayant..... While sql is used to interact only one data source database, linq is the simplified way to interact with any data source like collection, file, database, xml etc. Thank You, Team DishaaPro www.dishaapro.com

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Kiran Kumar | 13/08/2015

Linq stands for language integrated query. Linq enable us to interact with any datasource like array, collection, xml, json, database tables, etc., in similar style of coding LinqToSql is an ORM

Megha Shaym Dotnet Trainer Mcp | 14/09/2015

LINQ is integrated feature in all .NET languages like C# and it provides querying capabilities. LINQ provides querying capabilities to write and execute queries using C# Linq operators or keywords against different data sources Linq to Sql or Object (table object, collection object, generic type collection object, array variable) that produce or return result set that is usually assigned or stored to "var" type object or variable. LINQ queries are mostly used while database connected through Entity Framework or EDM (Entity Data Model) in all .Net Applications/Services for fetching and manipulating the data. LINQ to SQL is also said as architecture like 2-Tier, 3-Tier, Entity Framework or EDM, MVC. it provides Object Relational Model or Designer that allows to visualize data classes in the code. important namespaces: using System.Linq; System.Data.Linq.DataContext; System.Data.Linq.Table; important files DataClasses1_Name.dbml file contains connectionstring details and database object details. DataClasses1AptechDb.designer.cs file contains 1 important auto-generated partial class (data classes or datacontext_name that inherits from DataContext class) contains methods, linq table type properties. Other partial class definitions for each database table and properties.

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