Wildlife Photography Classes

Wildlife Photography Classes

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Answered on 06/08/2016 Wildlife Photography Classes

Hey what are wildlife photography will their be and studying content in that cources

Babu Bangalore

Fotostalk DSLR Workshops & Photography Events

Hi Harshith, The wildlife photography course covers wide range of skills, camera techniques with proper practical knowledge and equipment's used. The workshop offers you with the knowledge of how to make the best of any real life photographic situation and produce images of a consistently high quality. You will be learning not only how to operate a camera, but also learn to become immersed in the surroundings and anticipate the moments of wildlife. This professional wildlife photography course is a specialization course that would definitely help you in improving the technical knowledge as well as with the knowledge to respond with new environments and situations, under constantly changing conditions.

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Answered on 07/09/2015 Wildlife Photography Classes

"It takes tremendous patience to be a wildlife photographer". Do u agree with the statement?

Amit Rai Chowdhury

Absolutely. Wildlife photography is all about capturing that "perfect moment". That requires a lot of patience waiting for the shot, and it also requires a good understanding of animal behavior which is very important to anticipate when and where you can get those amazing shots.

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Answered on 27/05/2016 Wildlife Photography Classes

Hii i am pavan gadeela i am interested in wildlife photography i completed my diploma in mechanical engg...

Sandeep Dattaraju

Professional Photographer

First you should learn the basics of photography like exposure etc. Later you can learn the specifics in wild life photography like lenses used, shutter speed, aperture configurations, composition etc. Course fee depends on the trainer. Raise a request here and you will knoe

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Answered on 13/12/2014 Wildlife Photography Classes

Please give me 5 wildlife photography tips.

Girinath Udhay

Photography Mentor and Trainers

The best way to start the wildlife photography is to have a better faster shooting mechanism, a good telephoto lense, a sturdy tripod and ofcourse additional battery pack these are the basic elements required to get into wildlife. If you have budget you can buy a full frame format camera or other wise a crop factor would do. Get a good telephoto lens which starts from 55-300 to 500mm also this depends on the budget, a sturdy tripod from the makers of manfrotto, Simpex, vanguard, photopro you can choose based on the gear you are carrying.

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Asked on 10/04/2016 Wildlife Photography Classes

i didnt have dslr ....u guys take class fr me?


Answered on 27/11/2015 Wildlife Photography Classes

Which is the best Camera for wildlife photography?

Amirul Sayed

A 110 Photography

Canon eos 5d mark iii

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