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Importance of TOEFL exam in top universities

Do not decide whether you will opt for TOEFL depending on the increasing number of applicants every year. Here we state genuine reasons how TOEFL can ace your academic career and help you pursue higher studies. Go through the list and if you find connecting to any of the reasons, then do not think twice before taking up the TOEFL test. Read More?.

Day Before TOEFL Exam – Tips and Tricks

As the exam date knocks on the door, the nervousness is usual for every examinee, especially when its an important exam like TOEFL. But do not worry. Consider these last minute stress remedies from UrbanPro and you will definitely find wonders work. Read More?.

Immigrate to New Zealand with your TOEFL iBT score

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) is beginning to accept TOEFL iBT score for skilled migrant category (SMC).TOEFL score is already accepted by New Zealand based universities and now extends for office and organizations as well. Employees or professionals in plan to migrate to New Zealand with job opportunities can show TOEFL score as proof of English proficiency. Read More?.

6 Tricks to practice vocabulary for TOEFL

If vocabulary of TOEFL is the toughest challenge for you, then here are six simple tricks that will make vocabulary the easiest task for you. Wondering how? Check the article to know about TOEFL vocabulary. Read More….

ETS extends scholarship value worth US$105,000 to 15 Indian students

Educational Testing Service (ETS). Scholarships were awarded to 15 Indian students for proving their excellence in TOEFL exam 2016.The students originate from cities like Bengaluru Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Gurgaon and so on. Each are awarded a total prize money worth US$105,000 or US$7,000. The total value of the scholarship sums to US$105,000, for academic year 2016?2017. Read More….

TOEFL Coaching Lessons

The changes to Canada?s Express Entry program will come into effect on 19 November 2016.
Strong Vocabulary is one of the key for IELTS
  The key to any English based exam or entrance exam is vocabulary. The following video tells the tips to remember vocabulary and how to increase present stock of words.       

Deepti | 16 Nov

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High score sample essay for IELTS/TOEFL/PTE
Using a computer every day can have more negative than positive effects on children. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or...

Krithika N. | 28 Oct

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The Chopras | 6 days ago

Dear Dakshin, Toefl we have 20 hours of prep option for a month time.

Pragneshkumar Prajapati | 5 days ago

Any language test has its own procedure. You may join an academy or hire a personal tutor. It is required to prepare by your own first. Learn the language and vocabs.


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Manjul Neogi | 14 Oct

You can enrol in any good institutions but personal guidance seems better to overcome your weak areas. You can contact me regarding this.

Eaac Education Aim Abroad Consultancy | 25 Oct

Join any institution but make sure you are getting coaching from experienced faculty.


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Tarun Chawla | 16 Oct

Hi Deepark, no toefl classes are not accepted globally. They are only preferred by a few countries naming US, SWITZERLAND, AUSTRALIA and GERMANY. good luck

Rukhsana Saiyed | 19 Oct

Valid for 2 years and recognized widely in US and Australia.


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Tarun Chawla | 16 Oct

IDEA and conception

Eaac Education Aim Abroad Consultancy | 25 Oct

viewpoint outlook idea panorama interpretation


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The Mentoring Hub Llp | 09 Oct

First of all, both of them have four basic sections, each of which tests a basic skill (reading, listening, speaking, writing). But while the TOEFL only tests academic subjects, the IELTS academic option will have academic reading and writing sections combined with general listening and speaking sections.

Anuradha Ramchandran | 25 Oct

There is a clear difference between TOEFL and IELTS. TOEFL- It is a computer based test. In TOEFL they usually ask academic topics. IELTS - IELTS is a paper based test. In IELTS there are two modules 1) Academic 2) General IELTS Academic- It is the module which is designed to test the candidates language skills, who wants to go abroad for higher studies. IELTS General - It tests the language skills of those people who want to migrate to a English speaking country. The rating scale for TOEFL is 0-120, where as it is 0-9 for IELTS. IELTS score is acceptable almost all over the world. But the USA universities prefer TOEFL score instead of IELTS.

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About TOEFL | History | TOEFL Format | Who Takes the TOEFL Test? | Who Accepts the TOEFL Test? | Registration | Fees | Cancellation and Rescheduling of TOEFL Test | About TOEFL TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a standardized English language test for non-native English speakers...


There are two TOEFL formats – Internet Based Test and Paper Based Test. In India only TOEFL iBT test is conducted. TOEFL iBT Syllabus: Reading: This section consists of 3 or 4 passages which are academic in nature and mostly found in an undergraduate university textbook. Candidates need...


TOEFL iBT | TOEFL iBT Different Test Sections | Few Things to Keep in Mind While Taking the Test | TOEFL iBT Sample Questions | TOEFL PBT | TOEFL PBT Different Test Sections | TOEFL PBT Sample Questions | TOEFL Reference Books There are two different formats of TOEFL - iBT and PBT, and each...


The TOEFL iBT is conducted more than 50 times in a year at ETS authorized centers worldwide. In India, TOEFL iBT format is only available. Given below are the Test Centers and Test Dates in India as of 1st August, 2016. Please note, availability of test dates and centers may change when you...

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