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Delivery calls for 1-3 months Trading Style
Everybody is facing trouble that: 1. When I buy stock falling down. 2. When I sell stock moving up. So, friends don't worry we have solution for that. Today I will tell you how you can buy on fall as well...

Dhananjay Deware | 6 days ago

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What do you mean by Derivative market?
(Derivatives)A derivative is a security with a price that is dependent upon or derived from one or more underlying assets. The derivative itself is a contract between two or more parties based upon the...

Jibanjyoti Panigrahi | 23 hrs ago

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Different Investment Avenues to invest our money.
Different investment avenues are available to generate financial wealth and provide you financial freedom. Let’s learn these concept below. (Non-Market securities) In other word, Non-marketable...

Jibanjyoti Panigrahi | 2 days ago

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Marketvidya | 6 days ago

Two ways of learning SELF LEARNING: I advise you to observe the market for couple of weeks, watch stock market channels like CNBC TV 18 NDTV profit etc daily to get some idea on markets and its terminologies. Second use any virtual platforms to trade the live market with VIRTUAL MONEY (the so called PAPER TRADING). However, for doubt/query clarification, you may not get support from others 2. Learn from Well Known Institutions: This way, you will be following a plan and learn the systematically. You queries and doubts will be clarified by the trainers and you will have good support from the institution. Well, the institution charges money for the training, but it is always worth the investment. All the best

Sudeesh Nair | 6 days ago

I will help you to learn. Initially please wait and watch the movements and try to update the market in a week. After that please try to start with small investment with a strict stop loss.


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Win The Markets | 18/09/2016

Had there been any tried and tested tips service providers, why would they give it for a meagre fee and not trade themselves and beome rich and wealthy. Simply its not possible to forecast the markets for sure in short run.

Pulak Priyesh | 27/09/2016

Join there you will get assistance in trading as well and you can trade with thousand other active traders together.


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Win The Markets | 18/09/2016

Hi Santosh, Trading is a process of transfering the money from the impatients to the patients. If you want to convert your money into wealth, there is no short cut and any other option than long term investments. Options were introduced to hedge the risk but brokers have popularised it as trading avenue. ALWAYS REMEMBER , historically behind every dafault or bankruptcy of an individual or institution, only thing common was LEVERAGE. Be cautious and avoid leveraged trading.

Pulak Priyesh | 27/09/2016

Option Trading if you want learn just basics into option it will harldy take a week but if you want to get into depth it may take somewhere around 2 months and normally institute charges somewhere areound 25-40k for this but you can try with they have very nominal fees for complete options trading.


Name some middle stocks in india

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Marketvidya Educational Services | 07/08/2016

Rcom looking good at this moment. Being a Reliance Company, no need talk about management. Technically it is good stock for 6months to -1 year of time frame.


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Midhun Singh | 13/02/2016

yes , first u learn this proffesion then only trade strt..

Manish | 15/02/2016

Any adult can open his trading account and trade but before that you should have sound knowledge of trading. Otherwise you will loose money.

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