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Technical analysis
Technical analysis is the study of chart and chart patterns in conjunction with volumes. They generally comprise of two components Chart patterns- They are used to analyse historical price action to predict...

Ignatius | 19 May

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Trading Psychology
How often have we come across traders who have encountered losses after having entered into trades which were extremely profitable or traders who shy away from initiating or delay in placing trades even...

Ignatius | 19 May

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Reinvent your technical analysis strategy..
One of the principle reasons of investing in the financial markets is to ensure that the invested capital is not blown away; profits and their quantum come in later. This article is presented to the large...

Ignatius | 19 May

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Kushal Jain | 22/06/2016

1.Equity 2. Debt (bonds, T-Bills etc) 3. Derivatives ( Futures and options) 4. Mutual fund ( dirtetc and Regular) 5. Clips 6. Currency 7. Commodities ( MCX AND NCLEX)

Pulak Priyesh | 08/10/2016

1. Equity 2. Debt 3. Derivatives 4. Futures 5. Mutual Funds 6. Ulips 7. Currency derivatives 8. Options


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Nagabhushan N | 15/05/2016

Debt markets help the governments to fulfill the long and short term needs and also development activities.Further,it leads to inflow of funds into the economy. It does encourage a lot of low risk investments and also less risky than equity markets

Sadiqulla Shariff | 15/05/2016

The key role of the debt markets in the Indian economy stems from the following reasons: Efficient mobilisation and allocation of resources in the economy Financing the development activities of the Government Transmitting signals for implementation of the monetary policy Facilitating liquidity management in tune with overall short term and long term objectives. Since the Government securities are issued to meet the short term and long term financial needs of the government, they are not only used as instruments for raising debt, but have emerged as key instruments for internal debt management, monetary management and short term liquidity management. The returns earned on the government securities are normally taken as the benchmark rates of returns and are referred to as the risk free return in financial theory. The Risk Free rate obtained from the G-sec rates are often used to price the other non-govt. securities in the financial markets.


What are the benefits of an efficient debt market to the financial system and the economy?

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S.s. Basha | 25/06/2016

Apply for Security documents such as FCCI Bonds, GDR with Foreign investment and few Mutual funds

Equity Commodity Training And Research Academy | 25/06/2016

Efficient debt market helps to have a strong economy with required money flow into the system. When the debt market is efficient and have enough depth, it will attract more FDI.


What are the different types of risks with regard to debt securities?

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Jaideep Shirali | 15/06/2016

There are essentially 4 risks related to debt securities. Credit risk is related with the possibility of not getting the interest payment on the scheduled date or refund of the principal on maturity. Interest rate is the risk that arise due to the levels of market rates of interest compared with the interest paid for the debt security. Liquidity risk is the risk related to the possibility of not being able to sell the debt security, this can arise from credit risk as well. Reinvestment risk arises from the possibility that when a debt security matures, its reinvestment may be at a lower rate of interest than what the investor is currently receiving.

Gold Rock Internationals Pvt Ltd | 01/07/2016

There are various risk like Credit risk, Interest rate risk, Liquidity risk and Reinvestment risk


What are the advantages of investing in government securities (g-secs)?

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Ramesh Sadhwani | 27/04/2016

The sovereign debt or government securities, also known as G-Sec (in India) are the safest financial instruments for investments available. Since the chances of the Indian government defaulting on the loan or interest payment are extremely low (there is always a possibility though like in many other countries in the past), the G-Secs are better than even bank deposits and hence the return on them are the lowest. It is a trade off for having the security of the principal. Remember bank deposit are NOTHING but lending your money to the bank and you are only entitled to just INR1 Lakh in case of your bank going bust. Due to the government backing, the G-Secs also enjoy higher collateral value for loans etc. And, finally, they are the most liquid form of investments.

Abhishek Malsa | 03/07/2016

g-secs or guilt funds are promising returns of 3 % per month. so far it is because of bonds rate but no assure will be given for further returns

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