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Ruchi A. photo

Ruchi A.

Shalimar Garden,Ghaziabad

₹ 1,200 per month

# I have taught so many students at my home of diifferent age groups. # I have cleared CRA in DMRC, # Cleared pre of ssc cgl 2017 with 170/200 marks and Mains with 320/400. # I am very much dedicated to my work especially teaching because it's my passion. i believe in learning the basics and concepts rather than mugging it up. # Maths is my favourite subject because of cleared basic concepts and most of my students also changed their mind about maths after my classes.

Rahul Shahi photo

Rahul Shahi


₹ 6,000 per month

I am working professional under ministry of defence, DRDO HYD, since 2011.

Arjun Dalvi photo

Arjun Dalvi

Uruli Kanchan,Pune

₹ 500 per month

I have 8 Years experience in commerce field. and teaching all entrance exams level subjects through online or offline.

Dhirendra Pratap Singh photo

Dhirendra Pratap Singh

Dasna Gate Ed,Ghaziabad

₹ 3,000 per month

Good teaching skills. Motivational teaching methods. Focus on result improvement. Competition coaching for govt jobs .

Mohit Garg photo

Mohit Garg

Ashok Nagar,Delhi

₹ 5,000 per month

Skilled in maths, English, reasoning. Cleared ssc 2013,2014,2015,2016 then stopped giving ssc myself. Highly well versed with the use of short tricks and of fast calculation methods. You need to spend some extra time online or offline to clear out this exam. You will be charged extra for this service but I'll make sure u clear it out in very 1st attempt of yours.

Imraan Khan photo

Imraan Khan


₹ 1,000 - 1,500 per month

Hello I am Imran Khan.I finished my in Mathematics (Hons) from University of Calcutta.I have more than 8years of experience in Providing coaching for Govt Exams( Banking exams, Staff Selection, Railway,LIC,PSC, Food Corp.etc, ) & exams like CAT,MAT & XAT.

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Top Questions about Railway Exam classes Fees

Lesson Posted on 20/08/2020 Exam Coaching Exam Coaching/Railway Exam Exam Coaching/Foreign Education Exam Coaching/Advanced Placement Tests Coaching/Art History


Shailesh Kumar

I am an experienced, qualified teacher and tutor with over 7 years of experience in teaching all subject...

76) Lodi dynasty was the last ruling family of Delhi Sultanate ( 1451-1526). The dynasty was of Afgan origin. 77) Bahlol Khan Lodi – Sikandar Shah Lodi – Ibrahim Lodi. 78) Jaunpur was known as Shiraj of India during Lodi period. 79) In 1518 Maharana Sanga defeated Ibrahim Lodi in the Battle... read more

76) Lodi dynasty was the last ruling family of Delhi Sultanate ( 1451-1526). The dynasty was of Afgan origin.
77) Bahlol Khan Lodi – Sikandar Shah Lodi – Ibrahim Lodi.
78) Jaunpur was known as Shiraj of India during Lodi period.
79) In 1518 Maharana Sanga defeated Ibrahim Lodi in the Battle of Khatoli.
80) Sikandar Lodi founded Agra in 1504 and made it the capital of sultanate.
81) Sikandar Lodi composed poems with the pen Name of Gulrukhi.
82) Sikandar Lodi abolished the tax on grains and introduced Gaj-e-Sikandari for measurement of land which was later used by Sher Shah Suri and Akbar.
83) Babur killed Ibrahim Lodi in the first battle of Panipat ( 1526 ) and ended the Lodi dynasty.
84) Zawabits were related to state laws in the administrative vocabulary of the Sultanate period.
85) During the Sultanate period, the excess amount paid to the exchequer by Iqtadar was called Fawajil.
86) The two main currency of the Sultanate period is Jital ( copper ) and Tanka ( silver ). Iltutmis started them.
87) Shashgani was a silver coin.
88) The name of Caliph of Baghdad appeared on the coins for the first time during the reign of Alauddin Masud Shah ( 1242-46 ) .
89) Alai Darwaja was built by – Alauddin Khalji. The horse shoe arch first introduced in it.
90) Qutbuddin Aibak started the construction of Qutb Minar in 1193. Iltutmis added three storeys to it and in 1368 Firuz Shah Tughluq constructed the fourth and fifth storey.
91) The first true arch in the Sultanate memorial could be seen in – Tomb of Balban. It is India’s first tomb built in Indo-Islamic style architecture.
92) Kirti Stambh was built by Rana Kumbha after his victory over Mahmud Khalji. Rana Kumbha wrote texts on music like Sangeet Raj, Sangeet Mimansa, Sangit Ratnakar.
93) Amir Khusrau was born in 1253 at Patiyali in Etah district. He called himsef Tuti-e-Hind ( parrot of India ). He wrote Quran-us-Sadin, Miftah-ul-futuh, Khazain-ul-Futuh( Tarukh-i-Alai ), Nuh-Siphr, Tughluq Nama. He witnessed the reign of seven sultan of Delhi.
94) Amir Khusrau was court poet of Alauddin Khalji.
95) Amir Khusrau is known as Father of Hindi Khari boli and new persian poetry style Sabak-e-Hindi.
96) Amir Khusrau was the originator of the early form of musical style in India known as Qawwali.
97) Amir Khusrau invented Sitar and Tabla.
98) Sultan of Bijapur Ibrahim Adil Shah II wrote the hindi song collection Kitab-i Nauras. He established the city called Nauraspur and it his capital.
99) The text Tabaqat-i-Nasiri is written by Minhaz-us-Siraz and is dedicated to Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmud.
100) Tarikh-i-Firozshahi – Ziyauddin Barani.
101) Tarikh-i-Mubarakshahi – Yahi-Bin-Ahmad.
102) Taj-ul-Maasir – Hasan Nizami.
103) Tarikh-i-Delhi – Khusrau.
104) Raagmala – Pundrick Vithala.
105) Anup Sangeet Ratnakar – Pandit Bhavbhatt.
106) Khayal Gayaki ka Delhi Gharana – Ustad chand khan.
107) The game of Polo( chaugan ) was introduced in India by – Turks.
108) Ulemas during sultanate period were called Dastar-Bandan.
109) Krishnadevaraya composed Amuktamalyada.
110) Mahendravarman wrote Mattavilasa-Prahasana.
111) Bhoj wrote Samaranganasutradhar.
112) Someshwara wrote Manasollasa.

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Lesson Posted on 16/02/2020 IBPS SO/IBPS SO Professional Paper/Law/Banking Regulations Exam Coaching/Railway Exam Exam Coaching/UPSC Exams Coaching +1 Exam Coaching/PSC Exam Coaching/Kerala Public Service Commission (Kerala PSC) less

Time and Work Test for SSC,UPSC,RAIL,BANK

Prasanta Mishra

I like to share my knowledge. Dear aspirants, Competitive exams are not just 3/4 months cash course preparation....

Q1. A and B can complete a work in 12 days together, B and C can complete the same work in 15 days together and A and C can complete that work in 20 days together. In how many days A can complete the same work alone? (a) 30 days(b) 40 days(c) 25 days(d) 50 days(e) 55 daysQ2. Twenty-four... read more
(a) 30 days
(b) 40 days
(c) 25 days
(d) 50 days
(e) 55 days

Q2. Twenty-four men can complete a work in sixteen days. Thirty-two women can complete the same work in twenty-four days. Sixteen men and sixteen women started working and worked for twelve days. How many more men are to be added to complete the remaining work in 2 days?
(a) 48
(b) 24
(c) 36 
(d) 30
(e) 32

Q3. A man swimming in a stream which flows 1.5 kmph finds that in a given time he can swim twice as far with the sream as he can against it. At what rate does he swim?
(a)3.5 kmph
(b)4 kmph
(c)4.5 kmph
(d)5 kmph
(e)8 kmph

Q4. ‘A’ alone can complete a piece of work in 8 days. Work done by B alone in one day is half of the work done by A alone in one day. In how many days can the work be completed, if A and B work together?
(a) 19/3
(b) 17/3
(c) 16/3
(d) 20/3
(e) None of these

Q5. Three horses A, B and C start running around a circular fence and complete a single round in 24, 36 and 30 seconds respectively. After how many minutes will they meet again at the starting point?
(a) 12
(b) 6
(c) 8
(d) 15
(e) 18

Q6. Three persons A, B and C can do a job in 12 days, 18 days and 24 days respectively. They started working together and after working 4 days A and C leave the Job. Find in how many days B will complete the remaining job?
(a) 6 days
(b) 5 days
(c) 7 days
(d) 8 days
(e) 10 days

Q7. A train-A passes a stationary train B and a pole in 18 sec and 6 sec respectively. If the speed of train A is 54 kmph what will be the length of train B?
(a) 190 m
(b) 160 m
(c) 180 m
(d) 210 m
(e) 250 m

Q8. Two persons P and Q can do a job in 24 days together. P can do the same job in 60 days alone. In what time Q can complete the same job alone?
(a) 50 days
(b) 40 days
(c) 45 days
(d) 65 days
(e) 60 days

Q9. Two persons P and Q can complete a Job in 26 days and 39 days respectively. In what time they will finish the work if they started working together?
(a) 18.6 days
(b) 15.6 days
(c) 12.6 days
(d) 13 days
(e) 17 days

Q10. Ram can do a job in 12 days alone and Shyam can do the same job in 15 days alone. A third person Ravi whose efficiency is two-third of efficiency of both Ram and Shyam together, can do the same job in how many days alone?
(a) 12 days
(b) 10 days
(c) 8 days
(d) 16 days
(e) 20 days

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Lesson Posted on 27/12/2019 Exam Coaching/Government Exams Coaching/Staff Selection Commission Exam SBI PO/SBI PO Mains/Quantitative Aptitude/Data Analysis & Interpretation/Caselet Exam Coaching/IBPS Exam Coaching +2 Exam Coaching/MBA Entrance Coaching/CAT Coaching Exam Coaching/Railway Exam less


Siddharta Logic

This institute is opened by selected officer from central excise . Due to dearth of government job training...

Q. Arrange P,Q and R in order : P=223/222*224, Q=224/223*225 R=1/224 in such questions, if you try to solve normally then its difficult to solve in 5 seconds. Whenever you see such type of questions you can see 22 is common to remove that now it reduces like P=3/2*4 Q=4/3*5 R=1/4 P=3/8... read more

Q. Arrange P,Q and R in order :

P=223/222*224,      Q=224/223*225     R=1/224


in such questions, if you try to solve normally then its difficult to solve in 5 seconds. Whenever you see such type of questions you can see 22 is common to remove that now it reduces like

P=3/2*4   Q=4/3*5     R=1/4

P=3/8     Q=4/15       R=1/4

P=.375    Q=.26       R=.25


so P>Q>R

In this way, by mere observation, you will be able to solve questions of quantitative aptitudes. 


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