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Lesson Posted on 19/11/2016 IT Courses/Programming Languages/Perl Training

AUTOLOAD subroutine

Sudheer Suraparaju

--> Currently working as a Python and Perl developer in a reputed product based company. --> 5+ Years...

Whenever you call a subroutine that does not exist in a package, it raises an error. If you want to handle...

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Answered on 17/12/2015 IT Courses/Programming Languages/Perl Training

How many of you know about 'Perl 6' ? There is no foreach concept in latest Perl and it has introduced...

Devi K.

Experienced in Perl, Unix for 7 years. Have practical experience as Core Developer.

It has more inbuilt functions too...also they have introduces command like sequences. Is there anyone...

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Answered on 30/09/2015 IT Courses/Programming Languages/Perl Training

In the Perl operating language, what is the significance of the -w, -t and STRICT functions?

Sanjeev Jaiswal

Programmer, Linux enthusiast, Security Fan boy

-w is for wanings enabled, -t means taint mode (for security purpose) and strict allows us to write less...

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Answered on 21/12/2015 IT Courses/Programming Languages/Perl Training

I provide Perl Training. Contact me for further details.

Algorithm Class


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