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What is the benefit of learning Perl CGI?

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Victor Titus | 08/01/2016

Perl is a language which is used currently in many automation framework, web applications and automation of server administration tasks. I recommend all freshers/experienced to know Perl since it can fuel your growth in your IT carrier.


Suresh Kumar | 09/01/2016

To know the basics of Perl is good for any programmer. Still Perl is having lots of opportunity for freshers (or upto 5 years exp), and getting job (max 2 rounds interview) is easy compare to Java/.net In reality, people learn syntax from some training institute and attend for MNC interview. I suggest you to do some demo projects along with your course. Once you learn basics of Perl, then try to learn frame work used in Perl or EmbPerl or Mason Perl. Perl Programming used for 1. Legacy web systems 2. UNIX/Linux system administration 3. Security 4. Data mining 5. Statistical analysis 6. BioInformatics 7. Automation etc Still travel domain giants '' is using Perl language.

Why we use CGI?

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Mahesh Velapakam | 14/12/2015

To accepted the routed query params from web browser by a web server and then assemble a dynamic response look at in one way

Rangaswamy Reddy S | 18/03/2016

CGI stands for "Common Gateway Interface" which acts as an Interface by which a Web Sever can access data from or can send data to Databases, Web Pages, other documents, other scripts etc.. A CGI script is intended to be run on the web. We can develop Web-based applications easily with the help of Perl CGI with writing experience of HTML.

What a beginner should know about Perl CGI?

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Xmind Tech | 10/12/2015

Basic perl

Mohanaraj Jagadesan | 28/03/2016

Hi Ayesha, As a beginner, you should know the basics of PERL. Perl CGI deals with the Frontend programming with the concepts defined in PERL. Thanks, Mohan

What is the difference between open Perl and Perl CGI?

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Satya S. | 08/12/2015

Perl is a programming language and CGI is the connection (or interface) between a form on a Web page and the Web server. Perl CGI is nothing, it is just writing CGI script in perl.


Mahesh Velapakam | 14/12/2015

Perl is a shell language primarily, with Maximum library extensions still on the planed. CGI is one application of the perl - to address web common gate way interface needs.


How to output a file from Perl CGI script?

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Satya S. | 08/12/2015

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use CGI ":standard"; print "Content-type:text/html \n\n"; open (FILE, '>', "file.txt") or die ("Could not open the file for writing...$!"); print FILE "something"; close(FILE);

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