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Lesson Posted on 09/12/2016 IT Courses/Oracle Training/Oracle ERP

By doing that, not only an individual can write better code but can also think of a better simplified...


Answered on 22/11/2016 IT Courses/Salesforce Consultant IT Courses/Big Data IT Courses/Oracle Training/Oracle ERP

what is the right course in software development for sales person in aviation industry? I am working...

Keshav Kumar

All Rounder

Hi Kajal, you can move to similar manufacturing firms for sales consulting/sales operations. Sales Operations currently are based on software like Salesforce, SAP or some marketing platforms like Marketo. As a part of sales consultant you can actually define KPIs and CSFs to streamline sales of manufacturing firms. However you need some certifications on MS Excel, MS PPT, Sales Analytics.

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Answered on 28/03/2016 IT Courses/Oracle Training/Oracle ERP

What is FlexField? Explain types of flexfields?

Pramod Dhiman

Oracle Apps Techno Functional Consultants

KFF & DFF are 2 type of flexfield used in forms customization

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Answered on 12/07/2016 IT Courses/Oracle Training/Oracle ERP

I want to know the significance of profile option Node Trust Level in Oracle Apps?

Krishna Kishore

Oracle Apps Technical, SOA and OBIEE Certified

Node Trust Level is a profile option, to restrict access to set of responsibilities based on Web Server from which user logs in. This profile option can take one of three values ? ?Administrative ?Normal (Default Value) ?External Lets suppose E-Business Suite (11i/R12) is deployed with four middle tier where two nodes (node1 & node2) are internal(for intranet users) and two nodes (node3 & node4) are external (for internet users ? iSupplier, iProcurement, iRecruitment..).

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Answered on 08/07/2016 IT Courses/Oracle Training/Oracle ERP

What is rule based optimization in Oracle Apps?

Krishna Kishore

Oracle Apps Technical, SOA and OBIEE Certified

Just before proceeding to details, Optimization is at the database level and not a concept in APPS. Performance tuning is a key aspect of any deliverable. Optimising your query to produce results in less possible time is much desirable in any deliverable. Optimization is done in 2 ways. 1) Rule Based optimization and 2) Cost Based Optimization. Rule Based Optimization is where there are pre-defined set of rules based on which your query will use them to fetch the results. For example. Any index on a table used in the query though not used in the query has to be applied because of the rule defined. This will increase the execution time of the query. This is an old method followed by oracle earlier. They have now moved it to cost based optimization. Hope this clear your question. Let me know if you need any additional details. Thanks Krishna Kishore

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Answered on 23/05/2016 IT Courses/Oracle Training/Oracle ERP

How 'Unfreezing Rollup Groups' works?


Senior Oracle Apps Trainer with 10+ Yrs Exp on Oracle Apps and 14 Yrs Exp in IT

Unfreezing rollup group can make changes to the rollup group. After making changes, you have to freeze it again and compile it to get the effect of change

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