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Top IELTS - General Version (Group)

60 Reviews

Course type: Online Instructor led Course

Platform: UrbanPro Live

Course ID: 47788

Course type: Online Instructor led Course

Platform: UrbanPro Live

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60 Reviews

About the Course

The IELTS course aims to provide students with the knowledge and practical skills required to successfully prepare to take the  IELTS Test. ... Like the test itself, course content is organised into the four main skill areas: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.

- Reading
Approaching and locating written and visual information
Skimming, scanning and detailed reading and analysis skills
Techniques in reading questions and recognizing paragraph structures
Identify alternative meanings and distracting information
Understanding visual information and essay writer's views and arguments
Vocabulary building

- Writing
Understanding visual information
Interpreting of data and statistics
Developing and presenting arguments
Organizing and expressing facts, opinions, arguments and supporting information
Structure and organization of essay
Describing trends and processes

- Listening
Techniques in prediction, paraphrasing and different accents
Analyzing and understanding the types of tasks and questions
Identify key words, paraphrases, and distractors
Simultaneous listening and writing
Understanding meaning
Listening for information and taking notes

- Speaking
Giving personal and general information
Organizing notes on a random speaking topic
Taking part in discussion and expressing opinions
Comparing and contrasting information
Communicating your ideas clearly
Explaining common errors, pitfalls and intonation
Understanding common speaking errors and pronunciation

- General skills
Strategies for taking IELTS exam and all other learning
Techniques to build confidence in speaking
Time management skills in examination

Curriculum for this Course

  • Writing

    • All tenses forms cheatsheet
    • IELTS task 2 Writing band descriptiors
    • Essay Phrases
    • Understanding range of grammar
    • Writing examples
    • Class document
    • Simple comp and complex
    • Writing task two course pack
  • Listening

  • IELTS 1 LA

    • IELTS1
    • IELTS11
    • IELTS12
    • IELTS21
    • IELTS22
  • CD1.1

    • Track 1
    • Track 2
    • Track 3
    • Track 4
    • Track 5
    • Track 6
    • Track 7
    • Track 8
    • Track 9
    • Track 10
    • Track 11
    • Track 12
    • Track 13
    • Track 14
    • Track 15

Trainer's Availability

Trainer will work with you to schedule classes, after the course had been paid for. The general availability of the Trainer is given below.

Indian Standard Time(IST)

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About the Trainer

M Raja Sekhar picture

4.85 Avg Rating

105 Reviews

176 Students

4 Courses

M Raja Sekhar


7 Years of Experience

Prefereed Tutor-2244529

Student Feedback


Average Rating





I am a student preparing for general IELTS and I struggled to write, but it was no more a struggle once sir has started teaching. Now I am confident enough to write my essays and crack a good score. I have learnt many tips and tricks from the coaching, which have helped me to improve my performance to a large extent, and thus i feel that the coaching was worth it and i am extremely happy about it. I would highly recommend it for other IELTS aspirants who wish to get a good score.


Naveen kumar

Thanks a lot for your superb sessions sir and your teaching approach from basics helped me in building my fundamentals strong.



I have been taking tutorials from RAJSHAKER SIR from almost a month, classroom as well as online and I am highly satisfied because I have made a substantial progress due to his professional competence. He understands the goals of students, determines your weaknesses, and makes efforts to improve them. He is a teacher who devotes a great amount of personal effort and interest to his daily teaching activities, as well as his students. I have become much more confident in my english language skills and I strongly believe that I will surely get my target band score 8777. I highly recommend Rajshaker sir to everyone who wants to improve their English and make wonders in their IELTS exam with his wonderful tips and tricks... Some of the things which are Must and Sure to be mentioned. LISTENING - covers all sort of helpful tips and tricks. READING - keyword strategy. Best ever technique. WRITING - All do's and don'ts, clearly explains everything How What Why Where and When to write. Everything sorted, What else someone needs SPEAKING - teaches the exact replica of exam format. WHATSAPP GROUP - everyday one Grammar topic- one concept-clear forever.. Honestly guys, I can end up writing an essay when it comes to the teaching techniques of Mr.Rajshekar sir. So Appreciable is He And His Teaching Approach.


Prabhjeet Kaur

Simply outstanding. Detailed and amazing techniques are taught. Whosoever is struggling to score in IELTS pls go for it without any doubt.


Vivek Vesireddy

Unique way of teaching Easy to interact .Excellent tutor for ielts coaching class. His teaching and tips are enough for scoring the best band score.



Excellent tutor for ielts coaching class. His notes and tips are enough for scoring best band score. Thank you sir for giving me coaching.


Mohd Hussamuddin Siraj

I have taken IELTS training from Mr.M Raja Sekhar.He is having a unique concept of teaching as well as he is very friendly with his students.His tricks and traps to solve IELTS questions are excellent. And his notes and materials are very helpful. So I want to tell that he is the best trainer for IELTS.



Very helpful and more patience. Will get confidence. Way of explanation is good. Good knowledge on ielts topics.



Raja Shekar Sir is an excellent teacher.He simplified the concept and made it easier for us to score high in Ielts.The teaching techniques used by him are really innovative and interesting.I would recommend him to the students who are preparing for Ielts.



Currently I am undergoing IELTS training from Mr.Raja Sekhar. Sir has his own way of teaching, he not only explain every topic but also gives logical tips for easy understanding. I feel very confident that I can do my best in the exam, so I can say he is one of the best faculties for IELTS coaching.



I recommend rajasekhar sir to everyone who are looking for best IELTS scores. His tips are really awesome and useful. His guidance is really appreciating. He is so supportive and make us confident . Thanks a lot sir for helping me to achieve my target scores.



I have taken classes for IELTS general from Raj. Before joining him I have undergone complete course in a so called reputed institute at my place. But I was not confident and not at all satisfied for the content delivered to me. However I was fortunate to find Raj who instilled me all the requirements of IELTS. Raj has an amazing talent to make things simplified. You never knew how his techniques can create wonders. Personally, I enjoyed writing and reading modules from him which are difficult for any IELTS student. He supports us with ielts material which are less in number but very powerful for preparation. Moreover, he is very professional with students and have great patience in clarifying doubts. I never saw him saying 'No' for his students when it is coming to the support required for them to score well. No one can disappoint after attending his classes and surely can see improvement. Your perspective towards Ielts will be changed after taking his classes. As writing part in IELTS has become a crucial part in scoring, one must go through his way of dealing any essay. He is very smart at identifying mistakes in our essays. I improved a lot because of his essay corrections. I am happy with Raj training and he is a perfect trainer for IELTS.



Sir teaching many tips to solve the all types of questions in ielts for all modules. He will be teaching how to score high in ielts and overall sir classes is very fantastic, thank you sir you gave me nice coaching in ielts.



"He addressed the areas in each module that needs improvement after evaluating my performance in a couple of mock tests. He helped me build confidence and positivity to improve my score. Discussing the questions after the test enabled me to identify the mistakes made and gave me tips to overcome them. Additional material supporting my preparation was provided which turned out to be very helpful. A great person with a friendly teaching method is one of his strengths. I never knew I could do very well in IELTS but through his guidance I can say that i can get a great score in the test. Additionally, he has spotted my weaknesses in all modules and gave me examples and tips to convert them into my strengths whilst not to be over confident with the strengths within. A wonderful experience overall."


Shruthi Reddy

Sir classes will help to learn easy tricks with best examples. After completion of every Section he will makes us to practice mock tests and describes every method to solve the answers.Overall his way of teaching is Fantastic.


Rahul E

If you want 8,7,7,7 (LRWS) in IELTS, all you Canada PR candidates blindly go to Raj sir. He is the best in Hyderabad. His classes are well designed with complete focus on subject - he takes a clear no nonsense approach to crack the IELTS paper with 8777 scores. I have been through IELTS training with Chopras and Y-axis, gave IELTS 3 times but never gained confidence and score. I am very happy with Sir's training. Sir is positive, patient and supportive (Sir is really patient, he never hurts his student or puts them down). His confidence is super cool and he has the power and strength to make you achieve 8777. Rajasekhar sir is Raw Talent, Confidence and Goodness within, you will find rare human beings like him.



I have joined Mr Shekar sir in July for IELTS coaching. No words to tell how I developed my self after joining him.. before him I was taken the coaching at IELTS guru but due to gravy rush I am not getting the solutions what I expect. And I left there and joined Mr Shekar. He has allow limited strength per batch to focus on more and focusing attention on every individual is so high.. the solutions reactions and motivations, time management every thing is perfect for working professionals And students. Every one is sticking in writing and reading but my experience with Mr Shekar that helps me to forget the fear on these things my suggestion is who wants to get good bands. Preferably non CBSC and non convent background should choose Mr Shekar if they really dreams to live in Aus, can. Thanks.



Mr. Raja Sekar is a very dedicated in his IELTS coaching & he always encouraging the students. His classes are excellent & also very helpful for me. The coaching institute is great study environment & it's value changed my vision about career.



Raj is a excellent in explaining the topics. Based on his points on the class i have improved my english and at the same time i am seeing improvements. This suggestions are very good and if you these that will enough for good score.



This is Sowmya. I would recommend other students like me, to take up IELTS coaching classes from Rajshekar sir. His way of way of teaching methods,strategies to solve a problem is great and it's easily understandable. I am grateful to have such a teacher who has a lot of patience too.


Kameswari Konda

I have taken IELTS coaching with him for close to three weeks and by the end of this period I could definitely gauge my improvement in all modules. He is very patient while teaching, provides timely feedback, encouraging and flexible with teaching time. His approach is extremely structured, result oriented and aims for target score. However, I wish the materials he provided were orderly and notes be documented.



Mr Raja Sekhar is an expert in IELTS coaching. In one way he is a complete professional guide for the preparation of the above exam in views of his tips towards all the four bands. In another way, we can have the flexibility in class timings. He will arrange the classes in such a way that, no student will miss a single class.


Kriti Arora

I am taking IELTS classes from M Raja Sekhar. He teaches many ways and tricks to solve the questions which is very beneficial for the exam. I think he's a great teacher.



I went for IELTS course at Rajasekhar sir the way of teaching is best one. Sir engaging students in learning,Very friendly with students, he was very much patience in clarifying doubts, his dedication to teaching is excellent and best experience learning with best trainer thank you sir.




Not only he plan the classes prior based on the student target level and current level, but also he keeps motivating to achieve good score which is highly needed for attaining confidence to give the exam without fear. Moreover he has plethora of tips, formulas and short cuts to implement in all the 4 sections of IELTS. Initially I was mesmerized by seeing my practice test score, later I realized still I can improve a lot by practicing more by implementing his method. Heartfelt thanks for him for helping us to obtain our target score.


Pravalika Erravelli

Awesome Experience.Great Mentor. Raja Sekhar Sir's classes for IELTS provided me with a strong foundation to appear for English language exam.He was available to help and support me to prepare better for my weakest sections and at the same time gave me valuable feedback on my performance based on the regular practice test in class. Highly recommended for those who need band score 8 and 9.The study material provided by sir is good resource for planning to get good score in ILETS. Thank you.



He is the best for ielts coaching, i learned so many tips reading, writing , listening and speaking, which are helped me a lot to improve my score. Highly recommended for IELTS.


Harsha vardhan

I have taken ielts training. He provided us with good tips about reading, writing and speaking. Lot of those points helped in the exam. Flexible with training schedule. Highly recommended for ielts.


Sai prakash Sai

I went for ielts courses at Rajashekar, he explained each and every concepts precisely regarding all the modules and also the materials which he provided helped me to get good score in ielts and at the mean time he was very much patience in clarifying doubts.



The way you teaches is the best one sir. I had great experience with your class. Tips you given helped me a lot.Thank you so much.



Sir teaching is excellent clears the doubt in instant moves very friendly with us helps in every aspect and provide us a lot of examples how to clear the exam and how to do everything.



His explanation is fantastic.He goes by leaf by leaf explanation with example. He motivates a lot about the learning things.During the session he told some tricks which I found useful compared to other tutor.Other tutor explanation like in youtube , google sites, but he explains concepts in detail.i am glad to have him as a tutor.


Ch. Mounika

Rajasekhar sir classes for IELTS provide me with a strong foundation to appear for the English language exam. Raj was always available for help and supported me to prepare better for my weakest sections and at the same time give me valuable feedback on my performance based on that regular practice tests in the class. The advice I got really helped me face the test with more confidence and I could score well Study Material provided by Raj was a good resource for preparing for IELTS. When I am going there massive my knowledge. He always motivated me and with my friends.



It's quite best experience learning with best trainer, Raj taught us through practical examples & has shown us the tricks by which we can get at least 7 bands in each module but I have seen people in his batch who got 8 & 8.5 bands. It gives me immense pleasure to get trained under him. Raj has come up with good experience in IELTS coaching & personal ideas for new comers. I would suggest all my friends and colleagues to join his coaching center for best scores. Thanks Raj for all your support & ideas.


Sandeep Chigurupati

I am very glad that i found an expert who can guide me through tips and tricks to crack IELTS. Firstly, classes are very detail oriented and never off the topic. Secondly, content shared in the class is well organized. Also shared enough resources for practice. Finally, Mr.Rajsekhar's classes helped me transform the approach of answering IELTS. I had an excellent experience all together and i admire his patience levels.


Santosh Kumar

Raj IELTS classes provided me with a strong foundation to appear for the English language exam. My instructor was always available for help and supported me to prepare better for my weakest sections and at the same time gave me valuable feedback on my performance based on the regular practice tests in the class. The advice I got really helped me face the test with more confidence and I could score well. Study material provided by Raj was a good resource for preparing for IELTS. I would recommend Raj classes to people as good base to prepare for IELTS.


Javed Khan

Over all the experience has been fantastic with Raja Sekhar. Raja Sekhar really helped me to work on my mistakes and simultaneously assisted me in improving them. In my writing i did not had the level of craft required as per my profile but Raja Sekhar superb speaking and writing skills and guidance made me improve my writing in 1 month.



I have approached Rajasekhar Sir for IELTS training. In short I should say that Raj is an excellent tutor with good skill set and also has valuable material for IELTS. I personally see raj as hardworking ,honest and ground to earth where it helps us to be comfortable and ask all sorts of doubts in mind. I am proud to say he has valid answers for all your questions with clear concepts , logical explanation and wonderful tips. I also see a big advantage that all this comes in reasonable price which we can afford. I would strongly suggest to choose him as tutor as each class from him is productive and lam sure you learn something out of it. Raj, thanks for your support for me and I should admit that I not only enjoyed but also loved your clasess as they seem more practical and interesting. You really have excellent skill set to help students to reach their lifetime goals.



The method of approach for IELTS modules are way better and unique when compared to other tutors. Raj helps us easily understand the concepts and implement the same. I had issue with my writing module and he helped me with his unique and effective approach to understand it better. His techniques can fetch you the desired band score. Moreover, he is friendly and easily approachable any point of time. Raj, has different approach for each and every student. He also schedules classes accordingly, which is most convenient to us. I strongly recommend for people who want to get higher band in IELTS.



Classes were really helpful in changing the former methods followed in answering the questions. The approach and teaching appropriate points were appreciable. Raja Sekhar was co-operative and patient enough in handling any kind of student. He was flexible with the timings and responds immediately for queries raised. If there is a chance, I will definitely recommend him for my friends. I had a very good learning and sharing experience..I can rate him as 9/10. Over all the service was excellent.



Experienced and excellent mentor for IELTS. With his guidance, one can be confident to score high grades.


D Bhavana

The experience with Sekhar sir was very good and he is wiling to help the students more to learn new things which we don't know. He is one of the The Best trainer.



Teaching is a Art , only artist can do it. Among those artist M Raja Sekhar is one. Thank you for your aided.


Geetika Arora

He was really good teacher. I really had a great experience. I gained lot of knowledge from him. He really helped me clearing my concepts. His notes were superb and helped me a lot.


Mufaddal Munim

It's great to have Sekhar as my IELTS Coach. Best thing I like about him is that he is very flexible with timings and can arrange sessions as per your schedule on weekdays as well as on weekends. His knowledge of English is unbeatable and tips he gives for IELTS are really good and helps a lot in improving all four areas of language i.e Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Anyone looking for a coach for IELTS, I strongly recommend Sekhar.


Vishakha Devde

Highly talented, highly motivating, down to earth person. Even if you are having zero knowledge, he has the capability to bring you to the list of highly talented students with his teaching skills. Words are not even to describe this person. He's so kind and understanding.


P Tejeshwar Rao

I like the way he interacts with students. He is always supportive and encouraging students to achieve there goals. I got 6.5 band in ielts by taking his suggestions in short period of time.


Rajesh Kumar

Actually I approached him only for essay correction, after listening his first class, I understood that his way of teaching and way of approach is quite different from others. Now I am very confident about score band 7and above. In other aspects related to exam, he helped me a lot.


Pooja Pewekar

Raja Sekhar is extremely patient and helpful. He guided me well with my preparations. He has excellent command over the language and teaches that well too. He was available to clear all my doubts before the exam and was prompt in giving feedback. He conducted good mocks which helped me prepare well for the final test. I will strongly recommend Raja to those looking for online coaching.



Currently im undergoing a IELTS training from him. He is good and very knowledgeable person. I would highly recommend him for any whose planning to take Ielts exam. He know the tips and tricks which are very helpful. I would take this opportunity to thank him for his support and abundant material



Hello everyone this Priya.i would like to share few words about mr.sekhar, he is a good talented person I have ever seen till now and teaches very well.He guides well and our confidence level raises up when we listen to his teaching skills it's worth for me being a student of such a good person. Thanks for everything which you are helping out the students every now and then to appreciate.I gladly appreciate you and highly recommended.


Mandipinder Singh

Simplifies concepts for easier understanding. Always takes initiative for planning the study schedule. Highly recommended.

Varun Kumar Bnadi

I have learned many things about IELTS exam. He explain each and every thing about test. He explain me from very basic which help me to understand the test. He explain me each and every test details about (L/R/W) each and task how to grab and how to follow the timing particularly. This kind of this things help me to follow the test instruction. He provided me with IELTS practice book which help me a lot to practice each and every module. There were many take away from his classes. I would recommend to all.


Anita A

Mr Raja Sekhar helped me with strategies for all the IELTS sections so as to enable me to optimize my IELTS score. Given the limited time of less than a week that I had before my exam, he went above and beyond to give me confidence that I could obtain a high score with all the additional IELTS Cambridge resources (practice tests) and other reading material that he provided.


Ramanuja Rao

The tips he gave in speaking test, reading test and writing test were very useful to me. He is prompt in responding to my queries, doubts and was very helpful.


Nagarjuna Reddy

Always cordial an willing to help students,enthusiastic, energetic and displays positive behavior and demonstrates excellent oral and written communication skills. Finally one word to explain excellent


Rachita Chugh

He is a very knowledgeable teacher. Provide good notes which have helped me a lot. His teaching skills are up to the mark. He is very focused and sincere while teaching. The service offered is very good and value for money.



I highly recommend him if you want to excel in English language and to get a good score in IELTS. Especially different kind of Reading strategies helped me a lot to secure my required score and speaking mock tests took by him are simulates as your real time IELTS exam.



Mr Rajashrkhar sir has his own way of teaching.As I took coaching for IELTS from his, his guidence and suggestions for reading and writing helped me a lot to get the score of 6.5 band. He has good command of preparing the students to get through the exam with required scores. Apart from the material he provided, his suggestions to checkout the different websites and others sources really worked for to get the score.



It has been a great experience attending IELTS classes which were handled by Raja Shekar. It has helped me alot to gain a clear view to achieve success in IELTS exam. He is found to be responsible, knowledgable, and passionate about teaching.


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