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Neet Sample Question Paper Biology

01/02/2018 0 0

1. Five Kingdom Classification is mainly based on:

a) Complexity of all structure.
b) Mode of nutrition.
c) Complexity of body organization.
d) Ecological role.


2. Which of the following is the major group of Monera?

a) Eubacteria.
b) Cyanobacteria.
c) Archaebacteria.
d) All of these.


3. Bivalved siliceous shell or frustule occur in:

a) Diatoms.
b) Radiolarians.
c) Zoo flagellates.
d) Archaebacteria.


4. Bacteria which can survive in the absence of oxygen are known as:

a) Obligate anerobes.
b) Obligate aerobes.
c) Facultative anerobes.
d) Facultative aerobes.


5. Cellulose is generally absent in the cell wall of bacteria except in few such as Acetobacter and Zymosarcina. In most bacteria, it is composed of:

a) Chitin.
b) N-acetyl muraminic acid.
c) Alternating units of NAM & NAG.
d) 1, 3, - linked glucose molecule.

6. The photosynthetic protests are:

a) Diatoms, euglenoids and slime molds.
b) Sarcodines, dinoflagellates and diatoms.
c) Euglenoids, diatoms and dinoflagellates.
d) Ciliates, zoo flagellates and dinoflagellates.


7. What rust of crucifer is caused by:

a) Albugo candida.
b) Sclerospora.
c) Phytophthora infestans.
d) Pythuim debaryanum.


8. Members of ____ are found in aquatic habitats and on decaying wood in moist and damp places or as obligate parasites on plants, mycelium is aseplate and coenocyter:

a) Phycomyetes.
b) Ascomyetes.
c) Basidiomyetes.
d) Deuteromycetes.


9. Branched conidio spores are found in:

a) Pencillin.
b) Rhizopus.
c) Ustilago.
d) Saccharomyces.


10. Ergob is a product of:

a) Rhizopus.
b) Claviceps purpurea.
c) Aspergillus.
d) Sclerospora.


11. An edible part of mushroom is:

a) Primary mycelium.
b) Secondary mycelium.
c) Rhizomorph.
d) Bsidiocarp.


12. Species separated by geotropical harriers are vallert:

a) Allopatric.
b) Sympatric.
c) Sibling.
d) Endemic.


13. Non-symbiotic N 2 - fixing bacteria is:

a) Rhizobium.
b) Azospirilium.
c) Azotobacter.
d) Nitrosomonas.


14. Which one produces gas by decomposing the gobar in gobargas?

a) Fungus.
b) Virus.
c) Methanogenic.
d) Algae.


15. Difference between prokaryotes and Eukaryotes is:

a) SS circular DNA in prokaryotes.
b) Histone with prokaryote DNA.
c) Operon in eukaryotes.
d) Momberane bound organelles in eukaryotes.


16. According to five kingdom system, blue green algae belongs to:

a) Metaphyta.
b) Monera.
c) Protista.
d) Algae.


17. The pigment phycocyanin and phycoerythrin are present is:

a) Bacillariophyceae.
b) Axchibacteria.
c) Eubacteria.
d) Cyanobacteria.


18. Which of the following is correct?

a) Bacteria are only autotrophic.
b) Bacteria are only heterotrophic.
c) Most are heterotrophic but few are autotrophic.
d) Most bacteria are autotrophic but few are heterotropic.


19. Crown galls are caused in plants due to infection of:

a) Insects.
b) Virus.
c) Bacteria.
d) Fungi.


20. Find out the pairs that are correctly matched:

1) Cyanobacteria (i) Biopesticides.
2) Mycorrhiza (ii) Solubilization of phosphate.
3) Bacillus (iii) cry protein thuringiensis.
4) Single cell protein (iv) Rhizobia.
a) 1 and (ii)
b) 3 and (iii)
c) 2 and (iii)
d) 1 and (iii)
e) 2 and (iv)


21. The presence of a cluster of polar flagella is termed as:

a) Monotrichous.
b) Amphitrichous.
c) Lophotrichous.
d) Peritrichous.


22. What are infoldings of plasma membrane called in prokaryotes which store respiratory pigments?

a) Glyoxysomes.
b) Oxysomes.
c) Mesosomes.
d) Cristae.


23. In prokaryotes genetic recombination can occur during:

a) Trans duction.
b) Transformation.
c) Conjugation.
d) All of these.


24. Thermococues, Methanococcus and Methanobacteruim exemplity:

a) Archaebacteria that contain protein homologous to eukaryotic core histones.
b) Archaebacteria that lack anytist one resembling those found in eukaryotes but whose DNA is negatively supercoiled.
c) Bacteria whose DNA is relaxed or positively supercoiled which have a cytoskeleton as well as mitochondria.
d) Bacteria that contains a cytoskeleton and ribosomes.


25. Which of the following is a bacterial disease?

a) Red rust of tea.
b) Citrus canter.
c) Red rot of sugarcane.
d) Late blight of potato.

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