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Creative English for Students (Taught by native English speaking tutor from UK)

63 Reviews

Kandivali East, Mumbai

Course ID: 9294

Kandivali East, Mumbai

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63 Reviews

About the Course

Furnishing teens with the essential tools of English grammar and presenting active/passive voices to enable them to think and write creatively.

LEVEL 2: Ability to pass IELTS/TOEFL exams

Topics Covered

Topics Covered
Complete essential keys of English grammar (8 parts of a speech).
Mechanics of sentences-
Sentence diagramming
Pronunciations and word stresses
accent neutralization
Personal Narrative & features
Persuasive writing & features
Fictional Narrative
Expository explanatory writing & features
Expository descriptive writing
Writing Forms - Book review, Research Report, Humorous Plays Poems
Correcting Sentence Fragments
Correcting Run-on Sentences
Confusing Plurals and Possessives
Lack of Subject-Verb Agreement
Incorrect Verb Forms
Incorrect Use of Adjectives That Compare
Incorrect Use of Pronouns
Incorrect Use of Adverbs

Who should attend

Students who are keen to master the English speaking and to think and write creatively.


Basic understanding of spoken English
What you need to bring

What you need to bring

Notebook and Pen"

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways
1. Complete understanding of English
grammar Level 2
2. Ability to apply creative writing
3. Confidence to tackle reason writing
4. Communicate the language smoothly and confidently
5. Ability to pass international IELTS & TOEFL exams

Date and Time

Not decided yet.

About the Trainer

4.95 Avg Rating

155 Reviews

175 Students

26 Courses

Dr Harshad Patel

BSc (Hons); MSc, PhD, MRIC, MIFT

20 Years of Experience

He had been a tutor/lecturer in UK for overt 20 years - teaching and lecturing in colleges and universities. He has also coached and mentored business professionals in corporate industry for, personal grooming, time/stress management, presentation skills and creative thinking and business objectives.

Student Feedback


Average Rating





Sir is very awesome. Sir is very well educated and has a very professional way of teaching. Classes and the material provided are more than enough to crack IELTS. I managed to hit the 7.5 band in 15 days. The very best in IELTS preparation Highly recommended.


Aniket Das

I met Sir through a friend of mine and needed help in my writing skills to crack IELTS. I sat four IELTS exams and used to always get 7-7.5, but I needed 8 in writing. With the help of Sir I finally managed to get my 8 Band in IELTS. Sir has a very unique way of teaching writing skills that integrate concept of powerful connectors and complex sentences coupled linking ideas is the correct order. Great help Sir and I will surely recommend all my friends to take your classes. Best of luck.


Anuj Sehgal

Amazing course in which every student discovered that cracking IELTS exams is easier than looking for short cuts. What is really good is that Sir explains what parts of English language the IELTS examiners are looking for and he then teaches those skills as part of the course. Sir then shows how easily one can handle the exams with the skills taught. Its a fun loving class and Sir assures that happy student is a happy learner. Wonderful experience Sir. Thank you.


Suraj Dheer

I visited many places in Mumbai to find a tutor who could improve my reading skills, because I attempted three IELTS exams and failed. I met Harshad Sir through a friend and as soon as I met him, he explained clearly that I needed to become more critical reader. Sir nicely and interactively explained the reading skills that all students should apply in exams. My read skills improved greatly and in exams I obtained 7.5 band, and now I have passed my exams all because of Harshad Sir's hard work and dedication. Thank you Harshad Sir for helping me achieve my goal. I want to say, people your will not regret joining Harshad Sir's Classes.


Chintan Shah

Absolutely amazing and well versed tutor. Highly dedicated to all students in the classroom and keeps each student motivated and nurtures them to actively participate so that no student is left behind. Sir has excellent grasp of the language which I found to be very helpful in improving my language skills to tackle and obtain my desired score in IELTS. Thank you sir for your valuable help and advice on immigration.



This class doesn't exist. The tutor absconded. This person is so immoral. He asked me to pay Rs.10000 fees at once before first class. He took only 2 classes and then he fled. He is not picking the call, not replying to msgs. My classmates met him in person at his home. He initially refused to talk and then said he will resume the class the following week. But he didn't. He gave so many different reasons to everyone who called him or dropped him a message. He gave reasons like he is having some emergency , out of town and what not. I lost my money and I had booked ielts before. I couldn't get the required score. I lost the money I paid for ielts too. Now his number is not reachable and I don't have any idea about how to get the refund. Please don't join his classes. If anyone get to meet him please post here. I had a very bad experience.


Tahsin Wadiwalla

He is an amazing mentor, he managed to get the best out of me within 20 days. I thank my stars that I found a tutor like him in a very short span of time. I will definitely recommend him to all those planning to give ielts exam. His study material had an additive effect on my performance. I am so happy. Thank you so much sir.


Ayush srivastava

He is an amazing teacher. I went to him for a short period of time in spite of that he helped me a lot, he modified the course as per my needs, focused on my weak points and helped me achieve a good score in a relatively short span. Very happy with his method of teaching.


Abhijeet K

Harshad sir is really good and I would recommend anyone his class who is looking to get good scores in IELTS. I was a bit unsure when I first called him after looking through his profile on the net. He made me feel at ease on the call and invited me to attend one of his class. Even though one may get a bit intimated looking at his multiple degrees across wide variety of subject he has uncanny knack to make the topic simple for his students to understand and digest. His atmosphere in class is also relaxed which makes learning so much easy and fun. Another thing which I found every important is his ability to personally take interest in each student and provides a very direct and honest feedback about the progress of the student. He gives suggestions for preparations based on his assessment of the student which is very unique.It was because of his teaching methodologies and timely advise that I could get good (Overall 8 band) marks in my IELTS. Thank You sir and I'll look up to you for any advise, guidance and support around English language.

Jyoti Roy

He is just outstanding. He knows the language so well that one can achieve the higher band.


Gaurang Desai

I am a student and I joined Sir's class after I read the reviews, and to date I agree with all the other students, that Sir's way and approach to teaching English is outstanding and brilliant. In the class even though I used to get 7.0 band in academic reading /writing and listening, Sir still worked hard to push me to higher level. Sir has so much energy and dedication towards students, that I always felt at ease knowing the someone is behind me to guide me. In the end I managed to get overall 8.0 band in my academic, and I owe all this to Sir, because I know that without his great efforts and contribution, I would not have manged to get high score. I truly owe you a big thank you Sir, for you brilliant guidance. G Desai


Deepika Sharma

Simply amazing mentor with wealth of experience. Sir is highly dedicated tutor and always made the class environment very comfortable and aided each student in their problem. Sir always got involved in each student's problems and specifically created lesson plans to help them. Very energetic and totally dedicated to making sure students did well and always pushed students to their limits to get them to excel and feel satisfied. I would say 'simply go to Sir for help' you will never regret it. Thank you so much Sir for your valuable effort. I highly appreciate so much what you have taught me. Deepika Sharma



From the first lesson, i felt very happy that I joined Sir's classes. Sir is brilliant in what he teaches and without his superb guidance, I would not have got 7.5 band. I only needed 7.0 band to qualify, but Sir is very persistent and he aims to get the best out of all the students. Happy class environment and Sir is always there to guide each student. I highly recommend anyone to join Sir's class if you are looking for superb quality and professional guidance. Thank you Sir for all you valuable help. Viresh


Ankit Pandiya Pandiya

I would like to share my experience of Dr Patel's classes. Sir's class is kept very simple without any fancy leaflets and marketing posters, and I found that through his shear style of English communication skills, that Sir would be capable to mentor me to obtain my IELTS band 8.0, which I needed for immigration. Sir is exceptional in the way he teaches and dedicates himself to the students and it's amazing how much energy he has in teaching. Truly a dedicated mentor with a briliant style. I highly recommend Sir's class if you are looking for exceptional talent and guidance towards passing IELTS. Thanks a lot Sir for all your wonderful efforts. Ankit


Pooja Jain

I decided to join Sir's class after reading the reviews on I joined the weekend batch just 1 month before my IELTS exam. I was very much impressed by Sir's style of teaching. Unlike other classes, the batch is limited to < 10 students and he teaches us the technique to crack the exams. He really pays attention on weakness of each student and helps them to overcome it. I scored overall 7.5 band and my sincere thanks for his valuable guidance. I would definitely like to recommend him for IELTS coaching.


Aadarsh Kapoor

I can say that I made the best choice to learn and pass my PTE exams. I needed only 67 marks and with guidance of Dr Patel's exceptional teaching methods, I cleared with 76 marks. Dr Patel is a remarkable person with flexibility towards all the students in the class and Sir always came well prepared for each class with all the teaching materials and printouts. I say to all, that just join Sir's class for your English needs, you will 100% learn and become better. Thank you for your fruitful guidance Sir.


Amit Biyani

I joined Sir's class 6 days before my IELTS exams, because I was having problems in writing and failed my exams. In 6 days, Sir made me understand on how to make my writing skills improve so that I can pass my exams. I felt that I had left it too late to improve my writing skills, but Sir was so accommodating and took my classes everyday for 6 days. Finally I passed my IELTS. I am so thankful to Sir, because I feel that without his brilliant guidance, I would not have achieved 7.5 in writing. I highly recommend any student to join Sir's classes for improving English and exams.


Parag Modi

I was recommended by my friend to help with writing skills in IELTS. From the day I joined Sir's class, I felt very comfortable and at home. The way Sir taught the writing skills and strategies really helped me to improve my writing. I learnt how to write properly and structure my writing ideas, which helped me to finally pass my IELTS writing, which I was having problems in. Great tutor and great mentor and I strongly recommend Sir's classes for your IELTS needs. Thanks you Sir and all the best with your great way of teaching.


Priyanks Joshi

I joined Sir's classes for GMAT verbal. Sir is exceptionally talented in English verbal skills, which helped me in both reading and writing. I found sir very calm and collective to the students and helped all the students in the class with their problems. So much care and understanding for students made me feel very comfortable in every class I attended. I highly recommend all the students to join Sir's classes. Sir thank you, you are the best teacher I had.


Tanvi Chopra

I joined Sir's class because I had bad experience in other place. As time went, I found Sir's class more filling and enjoyable because Sir's dedication to listen to each students problem, Sir used to prepare lesson plans especially for students and he understood the problems. I have never experienced so much dedication and hard work from a teacher and I am really happy that I joined Sir's class to learn. I don't regret and I wish even now I was in the class, because the way Sir teach I really miss classes. I want to tell everyone, that I can understand how scared you might be, because I was, but I guarantee that you will be happy in Sir's class because he also taught how to cope with life in other country.


Kavi Mehra

I found Sir's classes very enjoyable and happy to learn. Sir always made the class a happy environment and taught with great skills and lots of efforts. I just want to say, great mentor, great tutor and great person. People if you want to learn, then don't think so much. Just go to Sir and I am sure that you will not regret. Thank you Sir and wish you best for future teaching in India.


Nitesh Joshi

I want to tell my experience of learning in Sir's classes. Sir is best teacher and is very good in his teaching methods, I also had problems in not able to talk to people, but Sir helped lots with his patience and his dedication to me and other students. If you want to learn and pass your SAT exams, then I fully recommend sir for his skills and dedication, and Sir's English is so powerful that I learned and understand the English part very well. Go to Sir, you will not regret.


Harshdeep Suri

"I would say that Sir is brilliant with his way of teaching. Sir not only prepares lesson plans for each specific student's problem areas, but he nurtures and motivates every student to help them overcome their problems. With so much experience and dedication towards students, I felt so happy to learn in Sir's class. I passed my IELTS in September but still miss the classes, because it was one place where I knew I'm leaning new things every time. Highly recommend students to learn from the best teacher.



Dr. Patel has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, and a reliable tutor. He ensures that every student in his coaching gets required attention. His dedication towards coaching is undoubtedly way beyond our expectations. He quite patient with his students and ensures that everyone advances though his teachings. He perfectly manages his lectures timings for the working people as well. I strongly recommend Dr. Patel for his coaching skills.


Hemant Kay

I was struggling to get band 7.0 in writing and reading and I had gone to few institutes to help me to pass, but none were able to help me, until I joined Sir's class. I was surprised to learn how the first class with Sir was. He had heard my problem and he had preplanned a lesson for my needs and showed me the engineering of writers minds and the core difference between reading and writing. I gained so much valuable information and improvement in my reading and writing that I managed to get 7.5 in writing and 8.00 in listening. I know this would never have been possible without Sir's efforts, dedication and mentoring skills.


Amit Biyani

I found Sir with the help of my friend and from the first day when I joined Sir's class, I was happy that I made the right choice, because in every class Sir used to concentrate on every students problems and he always made every student feel confident and helped them to face challenges. His approach to teaching students is very different to the way I was taught in other institutes. I can say, that Sir is the best teacher to learn from and seek advice from, because Sir has so much knowledge of USA, UK and Canada. I want to say, that Sir is a complete person and a teacher.


Sagar Shashtri

Simply the best professor I have met and fortunate that I was guided in my studies for GMAT. Exceptionally wonderful teacher with immense experience who always made himself available to each student. Sir shares his experience with great depth and his power of speech is really wonderful. I found Sir to be very friendly, open and made the class very enjoyable. If you want the best professor for your studies, then I recommend Sir.


Rahul Senapati

I joined Sir's class through a recommendation from my friends Sagar and Sunita. I simply say that Sir is exceptionally brilliant in teaching. His methodology and dedication towards students is great and rewarding. We cleared our GMAT and my special thanks to Sir for his hard work and dedication. I am very happy to have attended Sir's classes and tell all to not think and just go to Sir if you want the best teacher.


Chanda D

I want to also add that Sir gave good advice in Universities in USA and is now helping me to get my Visa to study. Thank you again Sir.


Nisha Joswani

I would say that Sir is brilliant with his way of teaching. Sir not only prepares lesson plans for each specific student's problem areas, but he nurtures and motivates every student to help them overcome their problems. With so much experience and dedication towards students, I felt so happy to learn in Sir's class. I passed my IELTS in November, but still miss the classes, because it was one place where I knew I'm leaning new things every time. Highly recommend students to learn from the best teacher.


Hetal Chandiramani

Dr.Harshad Patel sir has a fabulous command over the English language. His strategy are very helpful due to which one can clear international language test with high bands.He motivates students positively and he is one of the best mentor I have been through.



I was recommended to learn my GRE exams preparation from Sir, and I can say, that I am 100% happy I joined Sir in November 2014 to prepare for GRE exams. Wonderful experience to have had the guidance of a true teacher, Make no mistake, Sir's language is very powerful and his energy to teach never stops. God bless you Sir



Me and my friend started learning GMAT from Sir in November. We are very happy that we find Sir as our teacher. I had lots of problems in reading and writing section to prepare for exam, but sir with his great patience and experience, he improved my skills and I feel very confident that I will get good score in my exams soon. I think anyone who wants to learn should not spend time looking for different teachers, just go to Sir. Thank you Sir for all the help.


Arvinder Singh

Sir is a gem of a teacher. Guidance, dedication and advice which sir gave me has helped me lots. Sir speaks well and his language is great. First time I have ever learnt how to write a very good essay and tackle GMAT problems. Highly recommended.



Dr Harshad P.'s classroom is the place where you can get all your questions (difficulties, weakness.) sorted. Its one stop for all the solutions you need to crack IELTS. Perfect/ complete course planning according to individual's need. Very friendly. Classes are always interactive and he makes sure everybody is together. No one is left behind. Only 6 - 8 students per class gives really one to one/ personal coaching experience. Regular exam practice and on the spot assessment helps you know where you stand and where you need more practice. Sir does all required planning for you.


Edlyn Dsouza

I have been with Sir in class for around 4 months and everything I have learned has been different and innovative. Sir makes English language so easy and the solution findings much more easier. The methods and hard work taken by Sir is outstanding.


Edlyn Dsouza

Sir has been an amazing tutor. Hats off to him the patience level he holds is outstanding. He gives us different techniques to resolve a particular module. Everyday the effort he puts in getting a paper sets ready to teach. The hard work he puts to get each of his students to excel in English is truly priceless. Every student that comes to him has his or her issue with language but never was a day that sir would make that person feel bad. In fact the enthusiasm to get that person to speak well is what motives sir to do his best. His knowledge on the language is commendable.


Edlyn Dsouza

Sir has been an amazing tutor. Hats off to him the patience level he holds is outstanding. He gives us different techniques to resolve a particular module. Everyday the effort he puts in getting a paper sets ready to teach. The hard work he puts to get each of his students to excel in English is truly priceless. Every student that comes to him has his or her issue with language but never was a day that sir would make that person feel bad. In fact the enthusiasm to get that person to speak well is what motives sir to do his best. His knowledge on the language is commendable.



I am happy to say sir is very good and he makes learning so simple and very effective. Sir also teach me how to be confident and get rid of fear of exams and going abroad. He is a very intelligent person and give lots of free but very useful advises and counselling. I tell you all, sir is superb tutor and very intelligent. You will not regret learning from sir.


Ambrish Maniar

I've been working with Dr. Harshad Patel for the past few weeks and all I can say is--he's an amazing tutor, not only is he a good teacher, but he is a great mentor who also motivates me to give my best. Furthermore, he is always prepared with a lesson that he has specifically tailored to improve my flaws. In addition, he has fine-tuned my writing, and has helped me define my own writing style. As a result of working with him not only my communications skill improved, but I've cleared my IELTS with required band. A true professional—his background and knowledge has helped me in a big way; for that reason, I am more than satisfied with my experience


Nimesh Gurjar

Good knowledge of the subject, Very good interactive sessions, Good strategies to crack IELTS.


Rajesh Vaghela

Dr. Harshad is very systematic professor. I have got 7 Band all because of his excellent coaching and teaching strategy. Having attended lecture for just a month and that also only during weekend; with such a small duration and effort to get Band 7 was only possible with the guidance of Sir.


Jayashree R

Dr. Patel is a great teacher. He not only teaches well but also guides you through many aspects about learning. The strategies taught by Dr. Patel for IELTS exam have truly helped me clear the exam in first attempt. I just had 15 days to prepare, but Dr. Patel ensured that I get to know all the required strategies which made me clear the exam. He is a dedicated teacher and works towards the benefits of the students. He had his trip planned but just because we had our exams, he postponed his trip so that we get prepared for the exams. Thank you Mr. Patel for all your support. Regards Jayashree


R Desai

Simple the most experienced and approachable mentor I have met. Sir, has a teaching methodology that no other can match. Thank you Sir for all your help Rishi Desai


Ashish Pandey

I couldn't have reached an overall score of 8 without Dr Harshad's guidance. He was very patient with me and even though I was pressed for time, he made sure to accommodate me with other batches / classes. He constantly pushed me to raise my own bar and made me discover my own hidden skills. With each class, I felt more and more confident while Dr Harshad's guidance polished and honed my skills further. He pays special attention to each and every one of his students and works equally hard with each one. He is the most impeccably well spoken and well read person I have ever met.


Ketan A Mithaiwala

He is excellent and well equipped with required study materials. He is the best and can guide candidates to achieve their required scores in IELTS. I really thank him for guiding me on my pathway towards IELTS. Ketan Mithaiwala


Tanuj Shah

Dr Harshad Patel takes personal Interest in students and helps them rectifying their doubts. Its not a bond between a teacher & a student. He understand our problems and tries to bring solution for us. He is got flexible teaching hours discussions are being done on one to one basis. The study material provided by him really helped me out for my IELTS examination. The strategy taught by him are phi nominal, Whether its basic grammar classes or preparation for the international examinations. He is got a very positive approach towards clearing the doubts. He is easily accessible on phone and emails for study material as well as guidance if we are in middle of a problem. Unlike other teachers, He donates his majority time for betterment of the students. we would highly recommend him and thank for his teaching experiences. Rashi & Tanuj Shah


Pravin S

Thank you Sir.......I want to tell you, you are the beat teacher and all teachers should teach like you do. Thank you Sir for being my mentor and guide. G Shah


Girish Pandya

Hello, my name is Girish Pandya and I completed my GRE coaching from Sir in January. There is many good things I want to say about Sir. But to make things simple, I want to tell all people to meet sir for your learning. You will not regret because Sir is the best teacher I ever met. He always give 100% of his time and he never leaves class when he teaches. This made all students in class feel happy and he always helped with every problem of each student had. Excellent at also guiding students on where to study and what to study for future prospects. Sir has so much experience in many area, that I feel I wish I met Sir many years back, so that I would not have faced difficult time in Mumbai. But I am happy with Sir and Sir, if you read this, then I want to say "THANK YOU LOTS SIR FOR YOUR GREAT TEACHING AND MENTORING ME" God bless you. G Pandya



Me and my wife have achieved our desired score in IELTS, and it became possible only because of expert guidance and kind support provided by Dr. Harshad. We were having trouble in writing section, as there were issues related to grammar, sentence formation and overall structure of our essays and letters. Dr. Patel worked meticulously to identify, highlight and correct our mistakes. He constantly provided us tips and shared study material, all of which helped to frame our sentences as well as structure our ideas in a better way. This not only improved the quality of our writing, but also helped us in other section of IELTS. We are more confident with English now and we owe it to Dr. Patel.


Vishi S

My name is Vishi and I want to say, that I am so happy that I took guidance of IELTS and Immigration Visa counselling from Sir. Firstly, I found other people too commercial, but when I first contacted Sir and met him, I found Sir to be very caring and told me what was possible and what was not. I have been working in the Finance sector and needed Band 8 to get the Visa to go to Australia, so Sir put a plan together and at the end of my learning, which was two and a half months, I finally now have got the Band marks I needed. Sir, I will never forget you for your brilliance in teaching and may god keep you healthy and fit. Vishi Savla


Neha P

Excellent teacher with lots of knowledge in both maths and verbal. Sir's experience is lots and his way of teaching is both caring and patience. Sir is really good and teaching and always giving new ways to learn. I pass my GRE and IELTS exams with help fro Sir and I would recommend anybody to go to Sir for your learning. God bless you Sir. Neha P


Sameer Mehta

Hello, I started IELTS classes with Sir in October. My english was not good but Sir helped me lots with my grammar and writing. Sir is very helpful and very honest, because at start Sir said my English was too week and I needed to improve so I can pass IELTS. Every class I attended, Sir was 100% helpful and he never leave class. Sir also speaks beautiful English like British person and Sir gave me full time to help in all area and I thank Sir very much for helping me to pass my exam. I want to say to all the people, if you honestly want a great tutor then you just get in touch with Sir. I am very much sure you will not regret. Thank you Sir. Sameer



Hello everybody....I have no words to explain the teaching methodology of Sir....simply a great teacher and if you are looking for great teacher then don't think, just join Sir;s will not be upset. Sir is teacher and very good mentor and motivates all. Thank you Sir and may god bless you. Priti



Great tutor with great experience. Love the way Sir teaches and mentors students. Class is great and better still is the brain behind teaching. Concept and Critical thinking has been a great help in mastering my GRE. Thank you Sir very much. RUPAL K


Rahul Sharma

In my opinion, i think i don't need to say a lot of things about his teaching because he was superb.If any student want to take class from him so, i can truly suggest one thing that is just go and join, don't think anything because really he is very good in study.


Renuka D

Hello, my friend Anyana recommend me to learn from Dr Patel. I joined Dr Harshad Patel's class to prepare for my exams because I want to go to canada for more studies. I am very happy I made decision to learn from Dr Patel, because the way and knowledge of Dr Patel I found very very exceptional. Dr Patel understands the individual problem of each person and he make sure he help everyone in the problems. Dr Patel It has been a great experience to learn from you sir and thank you also for your very good advise on career growth and life skills.


Mayur Aman

My friend tell me about Sir and I joined class to learn and prepare for my IELTS exams. I found the way Sir taught very good and easy to understand. Sir have lots of experience he share in class and make all so keen to learn. Sir does have all the experience in parts of IELTS and he makes it so easy to see and understand the ways to prepare for exams and gives lots of tips. Sir experience in career counselling is also great help, because he is very honest about his advise and helps in career and life skills too. Thank you sir for being my mentor and making it possible to pass my IELTS. MAYUR


Anaya P

Hello people. I have been a student of Sir in April and May to learn IELTS. I will tell, Sir is very good and excellent teacher. Sir teach and point out all students grammar problems. He then make lesson plans to understand the problems and improve. I am so happy I go to Sir and learn, because Sir is do dedicated in teaching and gives lots of tips and making every student understand. Sir also gave free advise on career choice and areas of improvement for career. Thank you sir I now have band 6.5 for my canada visa. All thank you to you. Anaya


Mahiya Banarji

Hello, my friend Jagdeep recommend me to join Sir's class to lean and pass IELTS. I joined Sir's class in April and I am very happy. Sir told me as soon as I join that I have grammar problems and he explain very well why the problems and how to improve. Sir is very smart and he give very good tips and help lots in improving grammar and speaking skills. I understood when Sir speaks with very nice British accent. I found the learning experience very nice and very happy to learn and pass my IELTS. thank you Sir so much for helping us in class and giving good advise to live study and live in England.


Urvashi Modi

Hello, I have been learning from Sir from January. I tell everyone that Sir is brilliant teacher and a great counsellor. He has helped me to learn and master the grammar problem my school teacher gave me. He makes learning so interesting and teaches with so much care and confidence. Thank you Sir for your kind help.


Sneha Karia

I finish IELTS coaching from Sir and I got 7.5 band mark. Sir is very good at teaching and he picks and helps in all my weak areas. He made learning easy and he is very helpful person. Sir has lots of knowledge about foreign countries and a brilliant counsellor. Thank you Sir for all your help and helping me to see life clearly.


Mohamed Hussain

Hello, My name is Mohamed Hussain Patel and I'm a student of Dr Harshad Patel. I am studying IELTS Academic for my further studies to abroad. I like the environment where I had learned my IELTS without any distractions,class is in a very good area in a good and reputed society and very easy route from station to get at the place. My teacher Dr.Patel, he is a very brilliant in teaching English. I love the way he respects, way he teach me, explain me each and everything, giving right tips for exams, showing the right and easiest way to achieve and improve to get best score,putting more and more efforts on my weakest part, helping in building up confidence and suggest effective skills for each module of IELTS. Dr Patel having excellent speaking skills with outstanding British Accent and It's the easiest way to learn speaking in English in a good Accent. Recently I had Quit. However,but still Dr.Patel is helping me and he will help me till I finish my exams. I had gone through one on one tuitions and from now onwards, Similarly like one on one tuitions. Not personally but Dr.Patel will be in touch with me on phone and online on Skype, So this is how will communicates with each other. It's not like that once you had finished your sections and you paid your remaining amount and then everything is over. To be very honest, I am glad I got a fantabulous teacher. I personally experienced Dr.Patel is a very friendly and honest person. I have not learned only IELTS. But, I also gained lots of knowledge to learn English in different techniques,I learned how to create new ideas in mind.I shared all my problems and in respect of my feelings and my emotions Dr.Patel suggest and advice me with the best hopes. I am totally satisfied and happy with Dr.Patel whatever he taught me,advise me will be rememberable for lifetime. I suggest all you students just go through one section. I challenge,you all definitely get 100% results. Thank You


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