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Ajay Dwivedi | 04/08/2016

If you wish to learn T-SQL development, and go by Exam 70-461 (, I would say 3 months.

Manish Mahalwal | 04/08/2016

Its not very hard and you can learn it very quickly. I will suggest you to first download a tool. For practicing I will suggest that if you have time go through youtube videos or online courses to know what DBMS concepts are and then start practicing. Start reading/practicing together and don't just do theory first and then practical. As far as time is concerned - I think in 2-3 weeks you can learn the basics and in a month's time (provided you are spending atleast 3-4 hours daily) you can learn to write basic SQL statements. In-depth SQL will need more time and practice. Thanks Manish Mahalwal

I am a PLC SCADA Engineeer. I want to learn the scripting langauges in scada. How it will be useful if I do a course in VB,VBA, .net and SQL. help me?

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Gokul G | 03/08/2016

Hello Rejath, Scada scripting language syntax is much like PASCAL / BASIC. It is mainly used for script engineering / industrial automation. VB (Microsoft has stopped the support - Its depreciated), VBA, .Net are front end application programming languages and MS SQL is an RDBMS Programming logic remains the same irrespective of languages. Since you have exposure to PLC SCADA environment, my recommendation for you will be to start learning Scada Scripting rather that application programming languages Thanks, Gokul

What is SQL Language?

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Sanjay Anant Sinkar | 07/06/2016

It is structured query language. It is used for querying relational databases.The basic statement in sql is the select statement. Sql language is also used to manipulate data using statements such as update ( to update rows in the database tables ) and insert statement to insert new data in the form of new row in the database table

How to import from Excel to PostGreSQL?

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Lokesh | 14/05/2016

Hi Praveen, Please follow the below steps: 1. Save the Excel spreadsheet as comma delimited. 2. run 'psql mydatabase' 3. run 'COPY mytable FROM '/myfile.csv' USING DELIMITERS ',';


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Alok Sharma | 03/05/2016

Decide what more interests you, .NET development or SQL administration or development. Move on, with idea and check microsoft training material to see where you could be after completing that preparation .

Ramesh Nediyadath | 11/05/2016

There are immense changes in technology. Crystal reports are not the option with .net. I suggest you join a training program to update your skills

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