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Why learn SharePoint?
SharePoint is easy to start learn and implement if any one know HTML concepts. SharePoint's core functions are 1) store documents in a more effective format and 2) bring an organisation together. Most...

Lakky | 09 Feb

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Microsoft SharePoint - New Version, New Features
Through this post I am going to give a brief presentation of the new features of Sharepoint server 2016.  1. The Infrastructure build is a cloud inspire. 2. The limitiations regarding number of site...
Display more then three views in SharePoint 2013
<script type="text/javascript"> ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(IncreaseSurfacePivotCount, 'clienttemplates.js');   function IncreaseSurfacePivotCount() {    ClientPivotControl.prototype.SurfacedPivotCount...

Srihari Kanchi | 03/11/2016

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Hi,This is Praveen Kulkarni. I would like to have a training on Microsoft SharePoint. I am currently located at Hyderabad. Could any please assist me on this.

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Jai | 28 Jan

Dear Praveen, I believe you want to take up office 365 training. Share point training will help you to get to understanding office 365 and share point online. Large and small organization build apps and want to deploy on office 365 to be used by users. There are share point hosted apps, provider hosted apps that are deployed on office 365 and share point online and require smart developers to build these apps. I will be glad to support and help you in your endeavour to become a office 365 developer. Good luck.

Vijay Santosh | 10 Feb

Hi Praveen, I had worked on different versions of share point including share point on cloud I am .net expert and I know 30 different computer languages I want to know are you really interested are you working some where I can teach you inside out of share point you must me willing to learn and invest money.


I want to know how sharepoint is different from .Net .

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Prithish Saha | 13/10/2016

.Net is a Framework developed by Microsoft for developing application on languages like C#, VB and others. Its basically a long time rival of JAVA. If you are interested in building applications either windows or web from scratch with your custom functionalists then we go for .Net. Point to note is we have complete control of the application we develop since we will be writing all the codes and DB connections. SharePoint on other hand is a platform, a collaboration software or content management tool. But there is lot more to that in SharePoint. It can be used to build sites in moments through UI which would take hours if not days in .NET. The main advantage of SharePoint is that most of the tasks is done at background without the need of user interference. We can also customize the UI and add custom function to SharePoint. Moreover the security feature of SharePoint does a great job. Setting different permission to people and restricting confidential data can be done easily. In Short, SharePoint is a complete package if you want to manage your content, create websites or collaborate ideas and it does all that at a very shot time compared to development in .Net Hope it answers your question

Akhilesh Dadhich | 15/10/2016

Microsoft Sharepoint is a microsoft product to store data online, it based on .net .Net is programming language. In sharepoint .net can be used to customize online forms through sharepoint designer.


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Prasham Sabadra | 21/03/2016

Hi, We charge among 10k - 20k. But also depending upon the your requirement. Sample project. Certification etc. If you could mail details then I could give more details.

Chary Sharepoint | 18/05/2016

Hi Jain, The cost of the training will purely depending on your requirement and it is always negotiable. Please feel free to contact me for more details. Regards Chary

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Thangeswari | 17/12/2015

When you are moving from one house to another, you pack all the things in a box. You many put a sticker on the box containing the things the box has. The box can be easily carried and moved to another place. Similarly, a wsp package in SharePoint helps to move a custom code or files across different farms in SharePoint.The solution would contain a manifest.xml which is like the sticker describing all the files in the solution.

G M Chowdary | 25/02/2016

WSP is a file extension whose full form is Windows SharePoint Solution Package, which is used to group the artifacts like features, modules, pages, web parts, dlls etc.. into a cabinet file and deploy to SharePoint environment. We can build the WSP using Visual Studio or other third party tools.

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Ramesh Donthagani | 08/03/2016

SPSite represents site collection and SPWeb represents a specific web site within the site collection

Jithendar | 08/07/2016

SPSite: - The SPSite object represents a collection of sites, i.e. Site Collection, a top level site and all its sub sites. - It is used to get a sub site of a Site Collection. - It is represented within an SPSiteCollection object that consists of the collection of all site collections in the Web application. - It contains the various subsites and the information regarding them. SPWeb: - The SPWeb object represents an instance of a SharePoint Web, and the SPWeb object contains things like the actual content. - It represents a SharePoint Foundation website. - SPWeb object automatically adds the new SPWeb object to an internal list. - It contains things like the actual content.

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