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Internet of Things, Social Media Becoming Part of E-Discovery Landscape
The days when e-discovery consisted of handing over copies of e-mails to address Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, compliance regulations or other legal obligations are over. Now, it's just as...

Rajesh N V | 04 Apr

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4 Things Every Tech Startup Needs to Know About The Coaching Industry
Knowledge on any subject is widely available to those who wish to learn. However, just gathering knowledge from other people doesn’t guarantee results in business. Results come from applying what...

Rajesh N V | 04 Apr

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Object Oriented Programming Concepts :
Class : Class is user defined data type. Class is a logical representation of an Object. That means Class is used to define an object, how you want to create your software object. For Example :...

Sravani D. | 1 day ago

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Satish | 1 day ago

Rs 5000 each.


Kumar Patel | 19 hrs ago

C 2999, Java 3999, Python 3999, html Css 3999,


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Nikhil Raju | 1 day ago

Give me a call I will explain very clearly.


Kumar Patel | 19 hrs ago

go there and ask the fee struture


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Ngcc Softtech | 16 Mar

Java is like any other programming language. It has its own syntax for declaring local variables, functions (called methods in the OOPS world). You can execute a given task several times in counter based loops, do-while loops and while-do loops, for loops at all. But really just to learn those would not justify coming to Java because though it is a programming language, Java introduced several new thought streams to the common programmer. Exceptions, ability to program multi-threaded processes at all. Some of these existed earlier too but Java brought them to a more usable level of abstraction. For a good start, what you really need is an introduction to Object Oriented thinking, because java's power comes from this basic nature. So if you are serious, pick some articles/books which introduce you simultaneously to Java and OOPS. The prerequisites are simple. You need to be able to think logically, be able to write the pseudo code for a specific task, be able to 'imagine in blocks' (to be able to clearly define classes at all), be able to read and understand the technical language and notation used in your book. Having a knowledge of computer memory is good, especially if you want to understand specific concepts like method calling, object references, String interning. The more advanced areas of Java namely Collections, Threading, pattern based thinking will come later when you are familiar with how to use the basic OOPS building block concepts, to solve a larger problem. For someone who needs just Java, the above approach works. But I wanted to appreciate the reasons why Java evolved and the difference it made to programming. So I started with C, moved on to C++ and then got into Java. The consequence is the realization on the differences in programming and ease of exploiting the OOPS world in Java. But that being my approach which is longer and tedious, you can take a call whether to take it or leave it.

Friendmile | 17 Mar

Java is most popular and secure language in this modern age. Java is one of the leading programming languages for the programmers. All the Java based application is too fast, safe and millions of people depend on it for several aspects. Now come to your questions to learn java basic requirement is you have knowledge of basic programming language as an instance looping, data structure, data types, functions etc. To learn java it takes 1 to 2 months and it also depends upon your learning skills.


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Adil Faiyaz | 25/10/2016

Hello..I can't see any of the details (phone number ) of anyone who replied to me. Please reach me at 84 six six 876 zero 73 or email at adilmd98 at gmail dot com

K. Das | 26/10/2016

I can help you,but i am based out of bangalore. Also i am free on saturday and sunday.Let me know if it works.

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Amaldev P S | 07/09/2016

I have done this in javascript . i think u just only need to replace the var with string . var myStr = "Thith ith my thtring"; var newStr = ""; for(var i=0;i


Abhishek Kumar | 08/09/2016

Apart from all the basic ways, this can be done with the help of pattern(regular expressions) which in-turn applies String class replaceAll method: public static String replaceString(String sourceStr, String replaceString, String replaceBy) { return Pattern.compile(replaceString).matcher(sourceStr).replaceAll(replaceBy); } public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(replaceString("This is my string", "s", "th")); } Output: Thith ith my thtring

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