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Android : Application Launch time improvements.
For any standard android application, below 3 components play important roles to show 1st interface to user, so that he/she can interact with the app. 1. Custom Application class : Intialize the components...

Gaurav Bansal | 10 Jan

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Java Program Sample Application
/* WAP to print given message on the console using java*/ // Class declaration in java class sample { // Main function[Program execution starts from main] public static void main(String args[]) { // function...

Salim Ahmed | 10 Jan

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Android : Support multiple themes in an android application
If you are developing a theme based application to enhance user experience, then following steps needs to follow.We are taking example of an android application having 2 themes white and black.Step 1:Define...

Gaurav Bansal | 11 Jan

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Jigar Shah | 4 days ago

OOPS Concepts. 2 months Rs.7000.

Infologic | 3 days ago

Basic requirements to learn java is having knowledge of C language to learn complete java minimum it takes 3 to 4 months.


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Adil Faiyaz | 25/10/2016

Hello..I can't see any of the details (phone number ) of anyone who replied to me. Please reach me at 84 six six 876 zero 73 or email at adilmd98 at gmail dot com

K. Das | 26/10/2016

I can help you,but i am based out of bangalore. Also i am free on saturday and sunday.Let me know if it works.

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Amaldev P S | 07/09/2016

I have done this in javascript . i think u just only need to replace the var with string . var myStr = "Thith ith my thtring"; var newStr = ""; for(var i=0;i


Abhishek Kumar | 08/09/2016

Apart from all the basic ways, this can be done with the help of pattern(regular expressions) which in-turn applies String class replaceAll method: public static String replaceString(String sourceStr, String replaceString, String replaceBy) { return Pattern.compile(replaceString).matcher(sourceStr).replaceAll(replaceBy); } public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(replaceString("This is my string", "s", "th")); } Output: Thith ith my thtring


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Deb Prakash Chatterjee | 06/09/2016

You Have to write code in IDE and make many more exciting programs. That's how java is used.


Michael Warne | 1 day ago

Basically, Java is divided into two parts such as Core JAVA. Advance JAVA and Frameworks. Java programming language is sought by programmers all over the world because of its unique qualities of platform independence, fast development time, and object-oriented approach among others. if you are looking for an institute that can provide you with Java course, then searching online will help locate a desired place for you. One such Institute is Koenig Solutions which can help you obtain this certification.


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Saptarshi Mukhaty | 19/09/2016

Syntactically yes.. you can create object by inner anonymous class. But that is not creating any object in heap as other normal concrete class. so basic answer is no.


Balaji R | 03/10/2016

No. 'Abstract' means incomplete. Abstract class is also an incomplete class. Only concrete classes can be instantiated.

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