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Self Introduction in Japanese
Subject wa(?) name/ noun desu(??) I am Avishek Dutta. subject verb name Watashi wa Avishek Dutta...

Arnab Bhowmik | 30 Apr

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Japanese all particles
wa - This is the topic marker. Used when changing or refreshing topics in conversation watashi wa - 'I' The 'I' is the big idea of what is being talked about. Always translated as 'I' never 'me.' -------------------------------ga...

Priydarshani S. | 06 Mar

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Common Words in Japanese
Konichiwa - Hello! (Lit - Good day!) Ohayou! Good morning! Arigato! - Thank you! (Domo) Arigato gozaimashi-ta! - Thank you very much (Formal) Do Itashimashite - ¦You're welcome.Sankyuu - Thank you...

Priydarshani S. | 06 Mar

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Succesteps | 09 Apr

Japanese is an interesting language as per our institute and teachers it totally depends on which level you want to do as N5 is the basic level is takes around 10 months but after that you can do each level in 6months till N3 then N2 & N1 is the advanced level it depends on your understanding capability generally people do it under 1.5 year. but after N3 you can easily apply for job or can communicate with the Japanese person.

Prachi Jain | 24 Apr

For basic N5, it will take 6 months classes in any coaching or institutes as its new language so need institute or coaching for the basic level. After completing N5, you can do basic conversation, reading and writing in Japanese.


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Aruindo | 25 Mar

Yes, Actually, when learning a foreign language a continuous support of a trainer is important to maintain the consistency of interest as well as the progress of the student which if neglected, directly hampers the over all encouragement of the learner. Learning Japanese too, is no exception.

Dr. Rakhi Jain | 25 Mar

Yes, For any language we need to start from basics. The better the foundation, the easier it will be to further improve your Japanese skills in the future. Joining classes either on line or getting trained by a professional instructor would be ideal. You can learn on your own but in the process of learning we make mistakes and for that reason we need a trained instructor to correct our mistakes.


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Nidhi | 02/10/2016

French is spoken in more countries as compared to other languages. So it would be better if french learning benefits you in some or the other way ,then u must go for it

Manjiri Shevde | 06/10/2016

German is the most widely spoken language in Europe. Knowing German language creates business/job opportunities. So I think you should go for it.

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Binoy K Pal | 25 Feb

Try to take more examples and try to understand the sense of the sentence with your mother tongue.

Uma Balu . | 25 Feb

Japanese shares a lot of similarity with Indian regional languages. Whenever you learn a new grammar point, try to find an exact equivalent in your mother tongue (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, etc.) and make a list of sample sentences in your notebook. By doing so, you can achieve almost 90% perfection. However, Japanese has its own unique features which we need to understand with the help of a good trainer. If you have a Japanese friend, he/she can help you with the usage in daily conversation. Try listening to dialogues in Japanese (preferably with the script) and pay attention to those expressions using the grammar point you are learning at the moment. There are many good reference books available online. Try using as many as possible to learn the grammar perfectly. Each book has its own style of presentation - illustration, examples, sub-topics, dialogues, texts on specific topics, etc.

Which is the most demanding language in Companies nowadays ?

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Leena Prethi | 06/06/2016

Japanese and German

Dr. Rakhi Jain | 21/09/2016

Lot of Japanese companies are showing interest in Indian markets and willing to grow there businesses hence Japanese language is in great demand.

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