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Learning foreign Languages French/German/Italian/Chinese/Spanish/soft skill training/ Corporate Training/Communication skill training.
Which Language would you like to learn?? French/German/Chinese/Italian/Spanish   Learn Foregin Languages -fast/Easy/Fun   Our teaching methods are - Reading/writing/listining/Speaking   1)...

Intraword | 06/10/2016

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How to learn a foreign language
How to learn a foreign language is the one million dollar question, but actually there is no magic answer, it is suggested that many aspects should be taken into consideration, as well as some tools used...

Ib Language Classes | 21/09/2016

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Italian langues learning fees

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Vijayalakshmi Danasekaran | 16/04/2016

8000 INR for 40 hrs


The | 23/05/2016

Rs.8000 including course fees, exam fees & study material,

Would like to learn Italian language, what is the elementary level in it?

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Lingua Encarta | 22/02/2016

Naren, we work a bit differently from the traditional school of thought about classical learning, we work on the three levels of EXPRESS IMPRESS and CONQUEST across the language. in first level your power of EXPRESSion in a particular language is being worked upon which is basic rather elementary and to begin with. The foucs is more on linguistic but we don't forget the 3 R's of the language (Read, Rite and Recite i.e. in this terminology write comes as Rite :-)

Federico Aldrighetti | 01/06/2016

Did you learn Italian or not yet ?

How different is Swiss Italian language? Meaning Italian language in Switzerland?

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Jasleen Rana | 28/12/2015

It is quite different from standard italian in speaking because the accent has regional influence. However written would be more or less like standard form only.

Shabab Anwar | 10/01/2016

Spoken Italian in Switzerland is different form Standard Italian Language because of French influence. In terms of written Italian its more o less same. An example would be the words for driving licence: in Italian it is called a patente di guida while in Swiss Italian it becomes licenza di condurre, from the French permis de conduire.

Is "Dove" an Italian word origin? What does it mean?

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Shabab Anwar | 24/12/2015

Yes it is an Italian language word that means (where)

Vajresh N. Achar | 19/01/2016

avv (gen) ? where; (in cui) ? where, in which; (dovunque) ? wherever dove vivi? ? where do you live? di dove sei? ? where are you from?, where do you come from? non so da dove iniziare ? I don't know where to begin da dove è entrato? ? where did he get in? la città dove abito ? the city where o in which I live da dove abito vedo... ? from where I live I can see ... per o da dove sei passato? ? which way did you go? siediti dove vuoi ? sit wherever you like

I'm seeing a dialect called Florentine dialect. How different is this from the typical Italian?

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Jasleen Rana | 28/12/2015

Standard italian is Tuscan dialect which is said to be an ammended form of florentine dialect. The dialects are not very different from each other however there could be some regional influences on pronunciation of certain words.

Palak Sahni | 31/05/2016

The Florentine dialect or "fiorentino" is often considered to be the origin of Italian, since standard Italian is based on the Florentine dialect. This is because many of the greatest Italian writers (during the Renaissance) wrote in fiorentino- eg. Dante Alighieri, Boccaccio, Machiavelli, etc. The most noticeable audible difference between fiorentino and Italian is the difference in pronunciation of the letter C. Where an Italian would say "Coca Cola", a fiorentino would say "Hoha Hola", or "carta di credito" would be pronounced as "harta di hredito". Source: I lived in Florence for 3 years

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