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ASP.NET Syllabus

Arvind Yadav
05 Mar 0 0
Part 1: Getting Started with ASP.NET
Lesson 1: Overview Of Asp.Net
Lesson 2: Adding Controls To A Web Page
Lesson 3: Web Page Processing
Lesson 4: Validating User Input
Lesson 5: Navigating A Website
Part 2: Creating & Deploying Rich ASP.NET Web Applications
Lesson 1: Understanding Asp.Net Apps
Lesson 2: Data Binding
Lesson 3: Rich Data Binding
Lesson 4: Deploying An Asp.Net Application
Part 3: Web Page User Interface Design Techniques
Lesson 1: Defining Standard Styles & Themes
Lesson 2: Defining Master Pages
Lesson 3: Creating User Controls
Lesson 4: Creating Custom Server Controls
Lesson 5: Extending Existing Controls
Lesson 6: Creating Portals
Lesson 7: Creating & Configuring Webparts
Part 4: Web Page Implementation Techniques
Lesson 1: Managing View State
Lesson 2: Using State Management Techniques
Lesson 3: Accessing Data By Using ADO.NET
Lesson 4: Going Further With ADO.NET
Lesson 5: Improving Performance By Using Caching.
Lesson 6: Managing Resources & Localization
Lesson 7: ASP.NET Security Essentials
Part 5: Live Project Training(C#   ASP.NET + SQL SERVER )
Section I: Project Analysis
  • Client Requirement Analysis.
  • Understanding the Purpose of the Project.
  • Finalizing Project Features.
Section II: Database Design
  • Creating a Database.
  • Designing the Tables and Fields.
  • Setting Relationship between tables.
Section III: Final Testing and Launch of Project on Server.


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