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Top Programming Languages 2017: Every Beginner Should Learn

Ace Web Academy
24/08/2017 0 0

Every year a plethora of job opportunities are being created for skilled programmers. So if you are thinking of honing your coding skills it is really a bright idea. But with so many programming languages out there how do you know which one to learn? Let’s take a look at some of the most in-demand programming languages of 2017 and explore which one suits your interest and career goals.

JavaScript: Does front-end web designing interest you? Do you wish to create attractive, interactive and animated web pages? Then you should learn JavaScript-the language of the web. It is a high level, dynamic scripting language most commonly used for front end development. It is compatible with all modern web browsers and is used to create interactive web applications. Since JavaScript can now also be used for back end development and building a mobile application, its popularity and adoption continue to grow.

Java: Java is one of the most in-demand programming languages. It is extremely popular among Android developers for building mobile apps because of its simplicity and stability. Java has excellent tools for developing server-side applications, video games, desktop apps and mobile apps. It is one of the most widely adopted programming languages for enterprise level back end development because of its compatibility with different platforms and operating systems.

Python: If you are just starting out with programming skills it is good, to begin with Python. It is highly recommended for beginners as it is relatively simple and it can be picked up at a fast pace. This general purpose programming language is used to develop both desktops as well as mobile apps. It is the language of choice used to introduce beginners to coding in schools and other educational institutions. It also very popular among data scientists and academic researchers.

Ruby: Ruby is another general purpose programming language like Python that is powerful and easy to pick up. Ruby on Rails is highly in demand and is used to develop web apps. From start-ups to large enterprises, many organizations have used Ruby since it makes development easier.

PHP: PHP is a server side scripting language used to create web pages written in HTML. So if you are looking to become a web developer, you ought to know this language. Many popular websites like Facebook, Wikipedia are built with PHP. The easy to use techniques make it popular among the new programmers. It also offers advanced features for experienced developers.

C++: It is an object oriented language extensively used in big software projects such as web browsers, firmware, game engines and computer graphic drivers etc. It is a powerful language in terms of capabilities and performance. Knowledge of this language will definitely open a world of different job opportunities. But since it is a little hard for beginners consider taking up a course on C++ from a reputed institute to get a good grasp of this language.

Swift: There is tremendous demand for this new programming language that combines the best of C and Objective – C to create intuitive apps. Many developers are taking courses to learn this new language. The ones who have this skill set will definitely have an edge over those who are yet to adopt the new change.

SQL: Are you interested in managing databases? If yes, then SQL is the language to learn. It is the second most used language by the developers. Since database technologies affect all kinds of businesses across various sectors there will always be demand for developers proficient in this area. So you should definitely enhance your knowledge and take a course in SQL.

If you are looking to enhance your skills in programming languages you should definitely consider JavaScript, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, C++ and SQL. Since these languages are here to stay in the foreseeable future, it is worth investing your time and money to learn them.

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