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Crush the GMAT, launches annual scholarship for MBA aspirants and B-school students

Crush the GMAT launches annual scholarship to help B-School aspirants prepare for exam without breaking the bank. To apply for this MBA scholarship, applicants must be presently pursuing B-School degrees. Registrations for the scholarship close before May 2017. The prize of the scholarship includes $250 reimbursement of GMAT fees and Magoosh LSAT Review Course worth $399. Read More….

GMAC introduces new test taking strategies for GMAT applicants

The span of reinstating cancelled score of GMAT exam is now extended to 4 years and 11 months, which was previously limited to 60 days only. Also, students can take up the GMAT retest in a span of 16 days reduced from a month. Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) introduced ESR (Enhanced Score Report) that will vividly report on the performance of students section wise in the GMAT exam. Read more….

Data Sufficiency of GMAT exam explained by Anuradha Datta

Anuradha Datta, a certified tutor from the British Council is also a verbal trainer for GMAT exam. Today, she discusses the Data Sufficiency portion of a GMAT paper for easy understanding of students and applicants.Tips, suggestions and examples make this interview a good read before you start solving or practicing Data Sufficiency related maths problems. Read More….

8 Ways to handle GMAT Stress

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a computer adaptive test meant to get admission in graduate programs. This test analysis analytical writing and problem solving abilities of candidates. Few remedies will help to burn the GMAT stress and score well in exam. Read More….

How to prepare for GMAT Quantitative (Math) Section?

The third section on the GMAT is the Quantitative Section.This section evaluates your Quantitative reasoning and interpretation abilities and drawing conclusions out of Graphical data available. As the number of questions and the time allotted is fixed, its alone time management that determines your GMAT quantitative score. Read More….

Mini GMAT, especially for working professionals

The Graduate Admission Council is making GMAT an easy entrance for working professionals by introducing an exclusive version of the test. The advanced version covers the same syllabus in an easier approach, to make it simple for servicemen. Clearing this mini GMAT opens admission opportunity to more than 2000 best B-schools across the globe for management courses. Read More….

Lesson Posted on 20 May Exam Coaching/MBA Entrance Coaching/CAT Coaching Exam Coaching/Bank Clerical Exam Coaching Exam Coaching/Foreign Education Exam Coaching/GMAT Coaching +4 Exam Coaching/Bank Clerical Exam Coaching/Quantitaive aptitude/ Numerical ability Exam Coaching/IBPS Exam Coaching Exam Coaching/Foreign Education Exam Coaching/GRE Coaching Exam Coaching/Quantitative Aptitude less

Let's find cube of a number

Sulthan Gd

Creative and passionate teacher encouraging students to communicate. Committed to install confidence...

How to find Cube of a number?

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Lesson Posted on 24 Jun Exam Coaching/Foreign Education Exam Coaching/GRE Coaching Exam Coaching/Foreign Education Exam Coaching/GMAT Coaching Exam Coaching/Foreign Education Exam Coaching/SAT Coaching +2 Exam Coaching/Engineering Entrance Coaching/IIT JEE Coaching Exam Coaching/Engineering Entrance Coaching/IIT JEE Coaching/IIT JEE Advanced Coaching less

How To Determine If Points Are Collinear In Coordinate Geometry?

Ravi kota

I am a Pro-active, responsible and result-oriented Math trainer with a strong passion for student improvement...

How to prove if points are Collinear in coordinate geometry? Collinear points definition: Three or...

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Lesson Posted on 23 Jun Exam Coaching/Foreign Education Exam Coaching/GRE Coaching Exam Coaching/Foreign Education Exam Coaching/GMAT Coaching IELTS Academic Writing +1 Exam Coaching/Foreign Education Exam Coaching/TOEFL Coaching less

GRE Verbal: Vocabulary Build Up

Sunil P

A vast number of my students are in Canada, Australia, U.K., U.S.A, and New Zealand, either studying...

Venal: Meaning: Adjective : 1. Capable of being bought: open to bribery. 2. Of or related to bribery. Etymology:...

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Lesson Posted on 31 May Exam Coaching/Foreign Education Exam Coaching/GMAT Coaching Tuition/Class I-V Tuition Tuition/Class IX-X Tuition +1 Tuition/Class VI-VIII Tuition less

Short - Cut For Squaring Two-Digit Numbers [May Also Be Extended To Three-Digit And Four-Digit Numbers As Well]

Intellect Growth Management

The very purpose of setting up IGM is and always will be to render noble services of teaching to effect...

Square of a two-digit number: Quick Method: (82)2= 6404 32 [8*2*2] ==> 8 and 2 from original...

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Lesson Posted on 17 May Exam Coaching/Foreign Education Exam Coaching/GMAT Coaching

GMAT data sufficiency demo

Rajasuman P.

Actual test taken trainers with over 5 years of experience in training over 5000 students for over 5000...

Data Sufficiency Demo: GMAT

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Lesson Posted on 08 Apr Exam Coaching/Foreign Education Exam Coaching/GMAT Coaching


Shantanav Bhowmik

My recent academic accomplishments include admission offers (unreserved category) from MDI Gurgaon and...

The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is a computer-adaptive test (CAT) required for admission...

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GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. The computer adaptive exam, GMAT is meant for students aiming to pursue MBA or masters program (especially in finance, accounts and commerce stream) in business schools (B-schools) . Around two-thirds of the 1,900+ B-schools globally consider...

GMAT Syllabus

GMAT Syllabus and Question Pattern The GMAT exam aims to assess the eligibility of a student for MBA course or any masters course in the field of accounts, commerce, finance and business. This standard computer adaptive test is considered as the criteria by many institutes, which definitely...

GMAT Registration

GMAT Registration The first step towards GMAT exam is registering for the test. The process of GMAT registration is long and should be done cautiously at every step. Please read the steps carefully for a successful GMAT registration. a) Book a test center GMAT registration begins with booking...

GMAT Scores

When it comes to admission in B-school or management courses, GMAT is the first step to it. The score one bags in the GMAT exam plays a pivotal role during the admission process. Top colleges set cut off marks as criteria to get admission in their courses. For example, the highest cut off criteria...


GMAT can be taken anytime, when you are ready for it. GMAT gives you the flexibility to take the exam anytime, any day (Mon-Fri), subject to the availability of the time slot. GMAT is conducted in all the specified Test centers, from Monday to Friday, twice a day. GMAT can be taken only once...

GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)

The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section of GMAT exam aims to assess the following in a GMAT candidate: a) Capability to communicate and express ideas b) Viewpoints of general and trending topics c) English writing capacity The AWA section of GMAT exam is human assessed that is, qualified...

GMAT Integrated Reasoning

The Integrated Reasoning (IR) is the latest addition to GMAT question paper. It s realistic, and enables B-Schools to judge the analytical capability of MBA aspirants. In this, questions provide complex scenarios in the form of pictorial presentations, from wherein students analyse to derive...

GMAT Quantitative Section

The arithmetic/mathematical segment of GMAT exam is precisely referred to as Quant section. The Quant section of GMAT exam is Computer Adaptive meaning, it depends on you whether the upcoming questions will be easy or tough. If students can crack tough questions, then the next questions tend...

GMAT Verbal Section

The verbal section of GMAT exam is computer adaptive part that forms an integral part of the four sections of the exam. It comes as the third section during the tenure of GMAT exam. If you plan to crack the verbal segment of GMAT exam with daily English that we use, then the challenge is tough. For...

GMAT Exam Books

Here is a list of books that you can browse through (online or offline) to prepare the best for your GMAT exam: GMAT Verbal Review 2017 with Online Question Bank and Exclusive Video (Paperback) This interactive book complied with video series and audio clips will help you perform the best...


GMAT is an online MBA Entrance Examination of 3 hours 30 minutes (which goes up to 4 hours if candidate takes optional breaks in between). The pattern of the test is both subjective as well as objective. GMAT is a Computer Adaptive Test, thus the difficulty level of subsequent question greatly...

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