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The 3 types of SEO Tactics

Tauseef Azhar
21/09/2017 0 0

Understanding the meaning of SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting quality traffic to your website through search engines' organic results. These results are also termed as "natural" or "unpaid" results. In today's scenario, the whole SEO process encompasses technical, non-technical, and creative tactics to improve your website visibility in search engines, building trust to drive traffic, increasing awareness and can hence boost its profits.

Before going ahead of performing SEO marketing for your business website, you should have know 3 types of SEO tactics:

White Hat SEO Techniques: This technique comprises of all the tactics and methods follow search engines' guidelines. White hat SEO techniques includes content development, website optimization, link acquisition and out-reach. White hat SEO may be slow in bringing your rankings, but it has lasting growth in SERP.

Black Hat SEO Techniques: The name describe itself. All those techniques that violates the search engines' guidlines and exploit the weakness of SEs' algorithm for higher websites' ranking. Experience SEO won't recommend you to follow these techniques. Black hat SEO techniques include cloaking, hidding text, hidden links, keyword stuffing, link spamming and more. This techqniues may give you fast results but not remain last long in comparison to white hat.

Gray Hat SEO Techniques: This technique is the combination of both, white hat and black seo techniques. While using this techniuqe, SEO professionals transforms the black method to white, where search engine algorithms feels complying and abide by their guidelines.

Now, you know and understand the 3 SEO tactics. You should decide which method you choose for your website. Hire a professional trainer who can teach you and give you in-depth SEO training.

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