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Sheik Abdullah | 13/11/2015

Hmm..... Mr.Arunangshu, you are a good marketing man, just because you publish your distinction degrees(B.Com, management course, stock trading course) you cannot pat your back to be an expert. If you thinks degrees and accolades matter for success in market you should go and read the case study of "Long - Term Capital management(LTCM)" A hedge fund managed by Nobel Prize winners who claimed can predict the market. And just flaunting a Near 100% accuracy can attract novice vulnerable traders and make you earn Rs.10000/- of their hard earned cash and make them loose much more from their account. State clearly what accuracy you mean by Near 100% is it above 90%...? then clearly state how many trades per month. and what risk return ratio you can give. Assuming you guarantee the following from your statements: Accuracy : 90% Risk reward ratio: 1:2 ( i.e., for every 1000 risk you gain 2000) if we start to trade with initial capital of Rs.100000/- we can allocate an optimum risk of 85% of account size. Then we can expect the following in 10 trades if one of the trade is a looser. risk reward 1 85000 170000 2 229500 459000 3 619650 1239300 4 1673055 3346110 5 4517248.5 9034497 6 12196570.95 24393141.9 7 32930741.57 65861483.13 8 88913002.23 177826004.5 9 240065106 480130212 10 648175786.2 -648175786.2 the last trade is a looser....... so we get to keep Rs.114283962.3(i.e., 11Cr 43L) This is what 100% near accuracy call can make, if you can make that, really you don't need that 10000 of poor investors.

Sheik Abdullah | 13/11/2015

Also from your "NIFTY Gold Hunt" you are saying we can earn Rs.1000 to 4000 if we invest just 10000 to 30000 every day. Dude do you know your maths., you are assuring 10 - 13% profit with near 100% accuracy daily. Do you even understand what it means and how much amount of monthly return you are promising for an amount of 30000 daily????? Lets say I am having 100000 and i can earn 10000 every day according to your standard. lets me trade for 20 days, so according to you i should win 18 days with 10% profit and might loose 2 days of around the same as I earn (i.e., risk reward ration of 1:1) then i will have pocketed Rs. 180000 for the 100000 and lost 20000 That makes 2,60,000 in my account. A Whooping 160% profit per month. Ambani must be under your feel in one year. Who ever follows this system will be the richest man on Earth in one year. (i.e., if it ever works, which obviously will not)

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