Infinite Tuition Centre
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Infinite Tuition Centre

No.7, Rail Nagar East Rangampalayam, Erode, India- 638009.

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Infinite Trust is a Non-Government Organization and was established in the year 2001 by Mr. Sam.k.Israel MA.,B.Ed.,BI(Founder/Chairman) and Mrs. Suguna Bai Teach.Training(Co-Founder). They are from the teaching background and has got almost more than 30 years of service in the educational field. They have many years of experience in managing various educational institutions in Tamilnadu. The in-depth thirst of providing valuable teaching and coaching the students to attain their best in their life made them to establish Infinite Tuition Centre.
"Success never comes on the way but we need to grab it through HARDWORK" and we believe that. "Practice makes a man perfect" and that is how a student succeed and we do that by examining the student every now and then.
This centre is located in Rail Nagar, Rangampalayam, Erode.
In our Institute we teach for,
1. Classes VI to XII(All Boards, All Subjects) and
2. BE/B Tech Students(ECE, CSE, EEE and IT, All Subjects)
Main Features:
* Special attention given for Classes X and XII,
* Special attention given for college Students with arrears,
* Communication and Interpersonal skills development,
* Interview tips given to the college Students to crack the Interview.


No.7, Rail Nagar East

Rangampalayam, Erode, India- 638009.

Engineering Training Overview

Engineering Training


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Infinite Tuition Centre address

Engineering Training
BTech Tuition

BTech Electrical & Electronics subjects

Neural Networks And Applications, Sensor Technology And Instrumentation Design, Data Structures & Algorithms, Alternative Energy Sources, Incremental Motion Control, Applications of Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Renewable Energy, Design Of Embedded Controllers, Modelling And Simulation Techniques For Dynamic System, Electric Energy Systems, Communication Systems, Measurements & Instrumentation, Computer Networks, Electric Drives, Flexible Ac Transmission Systems, Power System Engineering, Commutator Machines, High-Voltage Engineering, Industrial Automation & Control, Polyphase Systems And Component Transformations, Distribution System Automation, Planning And Control, Electrical Circuit Analysis, Power Generation And Economics, Circuit Theory, Power System Protection, Regulation & Security, Discrete Fourier Transforms And Digital Filter Design, Control Systems, Real Time Systems, Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Design, Photovoltaics And Applications, Electric Power Stations, Electromagnetic Theory, Electronic Measurements And Instrumentation, Power Electronics, Intel Ia-32 Architecture, Switchgear And Protection, Traveling Waves On Transmission System, Modern Power Converters, Signal Processing, Network SynthesiS, Fuzzy-Neural Control, Direct Energy Conversion, Electric Power Quality, (Dc- Ac) Direct Current-Alternatiing Current System Interaction, Linear And Digital Control Theory, Digital Computer Organization And Architecture, Computer Control Of Energy Systems, Energy Management & Auditing, Finite Element Method And Applications, Smart Grid Technologies, Condition Monitoring Techniques For Electrical Equipments, Digital Control Systems, Insulation And Testing Engineering, Linear And Nonlinear Systems, System Design & Computer Architecture, Building Automation Systems, Solid State Drives, Analog And Digital Communication, Database Management Systems, Lighting Science: Devices And Systems, Algorithms And Data Structures, High-Voltage Direct Current (Hvdc) Transmission, Embedded Processor Architecture, Design Of Intelligent Electronic Devices, Electrical Machinery, Non-Conventional Energy Systems, (EMI) Electromagnetic Interference Testing And Design For Compatibility, Microprocessors

BTech Computer Science subjects

Computer Hardware, Object Technology, Building Enterprise Application, Programming in C#, Software Project Management, Internet Technology and Applications, Natural Language Processing, Wireless Networks, Product Realization with Hardware-Software Interface, Storage Device and Technology, Number Theory and Cryptography, Software Engineering and Architecture, Performance Modelling and Analysis, Protocol Engineering, Object Oriented Programming & Systems, Types of Database Systems, Compiler Design, Linux Programming, Information Security, Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Network security, Software Quality Assurance, Virtual Reality Technologies, Types and Optimization of Computing Systems, Multimedia and Virtual Reality, Database Management Systems, Network Processors, Software Testing and Analysis, Machine Intelligence, Simulation and Modelling, Data Warehouse and Data Mining, Network Management & Design, Switching Circuits & Logic Design, Information Retrieval, Computer Architecture, Mobile Application Development, Combinatorics, Web Engineering, Big Data Analytics, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Graphics and Multimedia, Bioinformatics, Design Of Digital Systems, Unix Network Programming, Game Programming, Social Network Analysis, Data Structures and Algorithms, Microprocessors, Machine Learning, Data Communication, Computer Organization & Design

BTech Branch

BTech Computer Science Engineering, BTech Information Science Engineering, BTech Electrical & Communication Engineering, BTech 1st Year Engineering, BTech Electrical & Electronics, Telecom Engineering

BTech Information Science subjects

Software Engineering, Design and Development of Web Applications, Data Structures and Algorithms, Software Project and Quality Management, Machine Learning, Social Network Analytics, Natural Computing, Pattern Recognition, Distributed Systems, Mobile Computing, Human Computer Interaction, Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic, Multimedia Communication, Principles of Data Communication, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Object Oriented Programming, Big Data Analytics, Internet Tools &Technology, Internet of Things, Computer Organization & Microprocessor Systems, Operating Systems, Business Intelligence, Web Intelligence, Information &Web Security, Digital Systems, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Software Architecture, Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Vision, Embedded Systems, Software Defined Networking, Computer Graphics and Animation, Operations and Systems Management, Next Generation Telecom Networks, Software Reliability, Database Systems, Semantic Web, Computer Networks

BTech Electrical & Communication subjects

Building Automation Systems, Analog Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Linear Systems & Signals, Nanoscience & Technology, Embedded System Design, Active Filter Design, Signals & Circuits Simulation, Information Theory and Coding, Electronic Instrumentation, Electronic Circuit Design, Mobile Communication, Electromagnetic Waves, Flexible Electronics, Digital Electronics, Power Electronics, Microwave Integrated Circuits, Analog Communication, Digital System Design, Soft Computing Techniques, Communication Networks, System on Chip Design, Logic Design, Object Oriented Programming, (RTL) Register Transfer Level Verification using Verilog, Error Control Coding, Spread Spectrum Communication, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic, Electronic System Design, Radar and Navigation Systems, Embedded Networking, Analog Signal Processing, Wireless Sensor Networks, (VLSI/ULSI) Very Large Scale Integration Process Technology, Linear and Digital Control Systems, Network Analysis, Satellite Communication, Digital Communication, (RF) Radio Frequency & Microwave Engineering, Digital Image Processing, Processors and Controllers, Antennas, Computer Organization and Architecture, Data Structures and Algorithms, (IC) Integrated Circuit Systems, (MEMS) Microelectromechanical Systems Technology, Semiconductor Device Physics, Microcontrollers and Applications, Speech and Audio Processing, Wireless Communication, Electronic Product Design & Packaging, Optical Fiber Communication, Real Time Systems, Cipher Systems

Type of class

Regular Classes

Class strength catered to

One on one/ Private Tutions, Group Classes

BTech 1st Year subjects

Advanced Mathematics (M2), Computer science, Engineering Chemistry, Mechanics Of Solids, Basic Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Graphics, Engineering Mathematics (M1), Environmental Studies, Biology For Engineers, Basic Electrical Technology, Engineering Physics, Communication Skills, Basic Electronics

Class Location

At the Institute

Class XI-XII Tuition (PUC)


CBSE, International Baccalaureate, IGCSE, ISC/ICSE, State

IB Subjects taught

Hindi, History, Business and Management, Physics, EVS, Information Technology, Mathematics, Geography, Computer Science, Chemistry, English, Sports, Economics, Biology

ISC/ICSE Subjects taught

Political Science, Accounts, Biology, Chemistry, EVS, Economics, English, Commerce, Physical Education, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, History, English Literature, Hindi, Psychology

CBSE Subjects taught

Computer Science, Legal Studies, Biology, Political Science, Sociology, Geography, Home Science, Accountancy, Chemistry, Philosophy, Biotechnology, Psychology, Mathematics, English, Economics, Physical Education, Physics, History, Business Studies

IGCSE Subjects taught

Economics, English Literature, Sociology, History, Psycology, Physics, Hindi, Biology, Environmental Management, Social science, Geography, English, Chemistry, Mathematics

State Syllabus Subjects taught

Political Science, Psychology, Electronics, Hindi, Computer Science, Statistics, Logic, Home Science, Physics, Education, Sociology, History, Geography, Geology, English, Mathematics, Economics, Tamil, Business Studies, Biology, Chemistry

Class Location

At the Institute

Class IX-X Tuition


IGCSE, State, ICSE, International Baccalaureate, CBSE

IB Subjects taught

Hindi, Chemistry, English, Geography, Social Science, Physical Education, History, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Computers

CBSE Subjects taught

Hindi, Elements of business, Tamil, English, Science, Mathematics, Computer Practices, Social science, Accountancy, Information and Comunication Technology

ICSE Subjects taught

EVS, Computer Application, History and Civics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, English Literature, English, Geography, Economic Application, Hindi, Physics, Physical Education

IGCSE Subjects taught

English Literature, English, Business Studies, Hindi, Geography, Physical Education, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Information Technology, History, Economics, Biology

State Syllabus Subjects taught

EVS, English, Mathematics, Science, Hindi, Tamil, Social Science

Class Location

At the Institute

Class VI-VIII Tuition


State, CBSE, ICSE, International Baccalaureate, IGCSE

IB Subjects taught

Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, Arts, English, Hindi, Computers

CBSE Subjects taught

English, Science, Social Science, Tamil, Mathematics, EVS, Hindi, Computers

ICSE Subjects taught

Geography, EVS, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Computer Science, Hindi, Tamil, History, English, Chemistry

IGCSE Subjects taught

Science, Mathematics, English

State Syllabus Subjects taught

Hindi, English, EVS, Mathematics, Tamil, Science, Social science

Class Location

At the Institute

BSc Tuition

BSc Bio-Chemistry Subjects

Nutritional Biochemistry, Biochemical Techniques, Membrane Biology, Industrial Biochemistry, Metabolism of Carbohydrates & Lipids, Mathematics & Statistics, Bioenergetics, Cell Biology, Hormone Biochemistry, Chemistry, Immunology, Biophysics, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Intermediary Metabolism, Enzymology, Clinical Biochemistry, Recombinant DNA Technology, Metabolism of Amino acids & Nucleotides, Molecular Physiology, Biomolecules, Proteins and Enzymes, Genetics & Genomics, Plant Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics

BSc Botany Subjects

Reproductive Biology of Angiosperms, Biology: Introduction to Biology with Practicals, Mathematics and Statistics, Plant Resource Utilization, Biodiversity, Ecology and Phytogeography, Genetics & Genomics, Plant Biotechnology, Plant Systematics & Evolution, Technical writing and Communication in English / Computational skills, Molecular Biology, Environmental Management / Bioinformatics, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Plant Metabolism & Biochemistry, Plant Development and Anatomy, Plant Physiology

BSc Physics Subjects

Mechanics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Digital Electronics, Electronic Devices, Mathematical Physics, Electricity and Magnetism, Oscillations and Waves, Microprocessor and Computer Programming, Thermal Physics, Numerical Analysis, Solid State Physics, Technical Writing & Communication in English, Electromagnetic Theory, Chemistry, Optics, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Mathematics, Statistical Physics

BSc Zoology Subjects

Technical Writing and Communication in English, Biochemistry, Immunology, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Genetics & Genomics, Biology, Chemistry, Developmental Biology, Environmental Management, Biodiversity, Applied Zoology, Molecular Biology, Ecology, Cell Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Mathematics and Statistics

BSc Chemistry Subjects

Organic Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis, Chemistry Of Materials, Polymer Chemistry, Concepts In Inorganic Chemistry, Physics For Chemistry, Hydrocarbons And Stereochemistry, Agricultural Chemistry, Phase Equilibria And Kinetics, Molecular Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Forensic Chemistry, Applications of Computers in Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Food Chemistry And Technology, Organic Functional Groups, General Chemistry For Maths & Physics, Biochemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Applied Chemistry, Inorganic Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis, Mathematics For Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Transition Elements And Nuclear Chemistry, Main Group Elements And Solid State Chemistry, Chemistry For Biologists, Basic Clinical And Pharmaceutical Chemistry

BSc Electronics Subjects

Mathematics, Electronic Instrumentation, Wave Propagation and Antenna, Analog Communication, Engineering Mathematics, Technical Writing & Communication in English, Signals and Systems, Digital Electronics, Electromagnetics, Fundamental of Programming Languages, Engineering Materials, Electrical Machines, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Analog Electronics, Optics and Optical Electronics, Network Analysis, Electronics Practical, Data Structures, Applied Quantum Mechanics, Semiconductor Devices, Computational Skills, Numerical Techniques, Digital Communication

BSc Computer Science Subjects

Calculus and Matrices, Network programming and Administration, Programming Fundamentals, Artificial Intelligence, Lab Based on Digital Electronics, Real Analysis, Data Communication and Computer Networks, Microprocessors, Statistical Methodology, Technical writing and communication in English, Differential Equations, Operational Research, Computer Graphics, Software Testing, Discrete Structures, Information Security, Computer Systems Architecture, Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Data Mining, Digital Electronics, Basic Statistics and Probability, Combinatorial Optimisations, Internet Technologies, Calculus and Geometry, Theory of Computations, Data Structures

Type of class

Regular Classes, Crash Course

Class strength catered to

One on one/ Private Tutions, Group Classes

BSc Micro- Biology Subjects

Microbial Ecology, Virology, Cell Biology, Medical Microbiology, Phycology and Mycology, Industrial Microbiology, Chemistry, Plant Pathology, Recombinant DNA Technology and Biotechnology, Bacteriology, Microbial Physiology and Metabolism, Immunology, Food and Dairy Microbiology, Mathematics and Statistics, Molecular Biology, Introduction to Microbial World, Genetics & Genomics

BSc Branch

BSc Electronics, BSc Computer Science, BSc Mathematics, BSc Micro- Biology, BSc Botany, BSc Chemistry, BSc Physics, BSc Zoology, BSc Bio-Chemistry

BSc Mathematics Subjects

Mechanics, Environmental Issues in India, Mathematical Finance, Formal Logic, Biophysics, Numerical Methods and Programming, Physics, Discrete Mathematics, Ethics in Public Domain, Probability and Statistics, Number Theory, Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Financial Accounting, Differential Equations and Mathematical Modelling, Geography, Calculus, Algebra, Analysis, Economics, Fininacial Management, Biotechnology

Class Location

At the Institute

Spoken English classes

Language of instruction offered

Tamil to english, English to english

Class strength catered to

One on one/ Private Tutions, Group Classes

Teaching done in

Vocabulary, English Grammer, Basic Spoken English

Class Location

At the Institute

BCA Tuition

BCA Subject

English, Business Organization , Digital Electronics, Microprocessor, Network Programming and Administration , Mathematics, Computer Basics and PC Software , IT, Problem Solving and Programming , Computer Networks , Computer Architecture, Data structures, Data Communication and Networks, Communication Skills , Database Management Systems , Systems Analysis and Design

Type of class

Regular Classes, Crash Course

Class strength catered to

One on one/ Private Tutions, Group Classes

Class Location

At the Institute

Class I-V Tuition
Engineering Diploma Tuition
Nursery-KG Tuition
Soft Skills Training Classes

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Infinite Tuition Centre conducts classes in BCA Tuition, BSc Tuition and BTech Tuition. It is located in Rangampalayam, Erode. It takes Regular Classes- at the Institute.

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