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Pro Developer Program Syllabus

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23/11/2017 0 0

What you will learn in Pro-Developer Program:

i. Introduction to Web Technologies.
ii. Introduction to .Net - Features of .Net, CTS, CLS, CLR and MSIL.
iii. C# & .Net Basics - Data Types, Type Conversions and Methods in C#.
iv. Branching & Flow Control - Looping, Conditional & Unconditional Branching, Repeating Code Blocks.
v. Object Oriented Programming - OOPs Concepts, Abstract Classes & Methods, Name Spaces.
vi. Exception Handling – Error Handling, System Defined Exceptions, Try, Catch & Finally.
vii. Delegates and Events, Generics.
viii. Asp.Net Introduction.
ix. Client Side & Server Side (ASP) Controls, HTML Server & Web Server Controls.
x. Validating User Input.
xi. .Net WebForms.
xii. State Management: Session States & Tracing, Page Submission & Cookies.
xiii. ADO.Net and Bound Controls in Asp.Net: Data List, Retrieve Data, SQL data Source.
xiv. ADO.Net and Bound Controls in Asp.Net: Form view, Details View and Grid View.
xv. Data Connections with Various Databases.

xvi. Database Creation & Linking with UI.

xvii. Data Binding: Data Source Control, SqlDataSource Control.

xviii. Data Binding: ObjectDataSource Control, XmlDataSource Control.

xix. .Net Error Handling & Debug: Page Level & Application Level Handling.

xx. Security in .Net: Authentication & Authorization, Authorizing Users and roles.

xxi. Security in .Net: Windows, Forms, Password Authentication.

xxii. Site Navigation.

xxiii. Ajax Introduction: Explaining Controls in Ajax Tool Kit.

xxiv. Web Parts: Zone Types, Content & Catalog web part and Personalization Features using web parts.

xxv. .Net Additional Concepts: Web Services, Working with Master Pages.

xxvi. GUI Application Development: Creating Menus, Toolbars, Tree & List View.

xxvii. GUI Application Development: Programming with Advanced Controls.

xxviii. Database Programming (ADO.Net): A Review of Classic ASP.

xxix. Introduction to AngularJS:

1. AngularJS Expressions: Numbers, Strings, Objects, Arrays, Expressions using {{ }} and ng-bind.

2. Modules: Creating a module, adding a controller & directive, myApp.js, myCtrl.js, Loading library.

3. Directives: Data Binding, ng-init, ng-repeat, ng-app & ng-model directives, custom directives.

4. Model: 2 way binding, Validating User Input, Status, ng-empty, ng-touched, ng-valid, ng-pending.

5. Data Binding: Synchronization between model and view.

6. AngularJS Controllers: ng-controller, Controller Methods, External Files.

7. Scope: $scope, understanding the scope, $rootScope.

8. Filters: Adding filters to directives, Currency filter, Array filter, Custom filters.

9. Services: Built-in & Own service, $http, $timeout, $interval, Custom service.

10. AngularJs $http: Methods, get(), post(), Properties, .config, .data, JSON format.

11. Tables: Working with Tables, $index, $even & $odd.

12. Select: Creating dropdown lists, ng-options and ng-repeat, Objects.

13. AngularJS SQL: Fetching Data, Cross site HTTP Requests, Server Code.

14. DOM: ng-disabled directive, ng-show directive, nd-hide directive.

15. Events: Working with events, Mouse events, ng-click, Toggle, $event object.

16. Forms: Working with Forms, Checkbox, Radiobuttons, Select, formCtrl, reset().

17. Form Validation: Client side form validation, Form state & Input state, Custom validations.

18. AngularJS API: Comparing objects, Iterating objects, Converting data.

19. Applying CSS styles: Inilne, Embedded and External Styles, Classes.

20. Bootstrap: Bootstrap Overview, Features, Using bootstrap, Grid, Navigation, Layout.

21. AngularJS: Routing, ngRoute, $routeProvider, Controller & Template.

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