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Preparation of DELF A1

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Uttam Nagar, Delhi

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Uttam Nagar, Delhi

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66 Reviews

About the Course

I am a working professional , working in a French Company for 10 years .
Teaching is my passion that I have been carrying for 10+years with me. Since this span of time I have taught French Language to different age GROUP persons.
I have Prepared them for TCF , TEF , DELF A1 A2 B1 B2 , OLYMPIAD .
I am going to start a GROUP for DELF A1 FROM April onward.
A tres bientot

For any query and concern you can contact me .

Below is the syllabus that we will cover in our sessions :

DELF- A1 Syllabus

DELF A1 [Introductory Level ]

General Knowledge
Following the A1 level, the learner must be able to:

- Respond to simple questions about himself, where he lives, people he knows
and the things he has, and ask
- Intervene with simple statements in areas that concern him or her
are familiar with, and respond well.
- Say basic greetings
- Say yes, no, sorry, please forgive
- Make simple purchases (using gestures)
- Ask and tell the date, time and date
- Fill out a simple form (name, address, nationality, marital status)
- Write a simple postcard

Listen to:

Can understand familiar words and very basic phrases concerning of himself,
of his family, and immediate concrete surroundings when people speak
slowly and clearly


Can recognize familiar words, words and very simple sentences, for
example on notices and posters or in catalogs.


Can use simple phrases and sentences to describe his place of residence
and the people he knows.
Take part in a conversation
Can interact in a simple way provided the other person is prepared to repeat
or to rephrase more slowly and help formulate what he is trying to say.
Can ask simple questions on familiar topics or matters that he
immediate need and respond.


Write a short, simple postcard, for example holiday. Can wear
forms with personal details, for example entering his name, his nationality
and address on a hotel registration form.

The learner has a basic repertoire of words and simple phrases related
in particular concrete situations.
It can link words or groups of words with very basic connectors such
that "and" or "then".


The alphabet
The numbers
The full names
The address
Personal items
The objects of the class
The nationalities
The civil status (married / single)
Countries / cities
Close family
The time
The weather / climate
The date
The day of the week
Descriptions (small, large, old, young, handsome, friendly)
The seasons
The weather / climate


Personal pronouns topics
Tonic pronouns
This - the state, the description
Some common verbs: be, have, do, be called
Some verbs in base (-st): live, work, talk
Understand the verb (I, you)
The conditional of politeness "I want"
The personal pronoun subject
Tonic pronouns
The simple interrogative sentence: the three forms
Interrogative forms: does, what
Some interrogative pronouns: where, when, how
The interrogative adjectives (what)
Presenters (that is, here)
Definite articles, indefinite articles
The article "zero": be + occupation
The cardinal numbers
Demonstrative Adjectives
The agreement masculine / feminine, singular / plural
The agreement of adjectives (nationality)
Some adjectives (big, small, ...)
Instead of adjectives
The affirmative and negative sentences
The negative sentence: do not ...
The addition of the name with "de" - membership
Possessive adjectives
The partitive articles (the, of, ...)
Some adverbs of quantity (a little, a lot)
The quantity known (from, to, of)
The amount of time (a few, many, no)
Impersonelle simple form: "it" for the weather
Temporal location: some adverbs (now, this morning, tomorrow ...)
The expression of the moment: prepositions + date, month, season, year
Spatial location: - come from / go to town or country +
- To live, in, in + city or country
- There
Some of the speech articulators: and, or, when



Contact somebody
- Greet somebody
- Take leave
- Ask / give news to somebody
Qn present: gift giving identity or the identity of somebody
- To give his name
- Tell her age
- Tell her nationality
- Tell her profession
- Spell
Talking about his daily environment
- Give his address / its e-mail
- Give her phone number
- About his family
- Talk about their leisure
Sb or sth characterize, describe an object / person
- Designate sth or sb
- Say the price of an object
- Express the membership
- Express the quantity
- Say the weather
Ask sth to sb: Request Information
- Personal questions
- Ask the date
- Ask the time
- Request a service
Be in time: place events in time
- Ie the date
- Telling time
Be located in space: locate a place
- Locate a city / country
Ask sb to do sth: give intructions / indications
Accept sth: say yes
Refuse sth: a negative answer
Participate in a conversation: say you do not understand


Greetings (in a meeting)
The simple forms of address
You or You
The rituals of friendly letter / postcard / e-mail

Date and Time

Not decided yet.

About the Trainer

Anil Bhatt picture

5 Avg Rating

72 Reviews

76 Students

3 Courses

Anil Bhatt

M.A French , DALF C1 pursuing , Adavance Diploma in French From DU , Diplome Avance from AFD

14 Years of Experience

I am a working professional , working in a French Company for 10 years .
Teaching is my passion that I have been carrying for 10+years with me. Since this span of time I have taught French Language to different age GROUP persons.
I have Prepared them for TCF , TEF , DELF A1 A2 B1 B2 , OLYMPIAD .
I am going to start a GROUP for DELF A1 FROM April onward.

Student Feedback


Average Rating




Parul Mehta

I would like to Thanks Anil Sir for giving his guidance and suggestion for the 10th French Board Exam. My daughter done very well. In fact , unexpected result she has given in French in Pre-board. He is very flexible with the timing in my case, because my daughter has to go for other subject classes sometime so Sir had to change timing as well. Thank You very Much Sir.


Abhijoy Patra

Thanks Sir, It was a great help your session in a very short notice. I had to appear my college exam. I was new to French Language but your guidance and exercises modules made learning very comfortable and doable. My exam went well, Hopefully result will be very good since exam wax exactly what we have expected and practiced during our sessions.



Well Versed & Very Experienced in French Language. He has a great experience of Teaching and working in a domain of language. He is teaching to my daughter for last six months and now she is very much happy with the responses she is getting from her school teacher. My Daughter is doing very good in French under the guidance of Mr. Anil. I can assure you that you will not find a Teacher like him anywhere.


Anuj Verma

There is no other French language teacher very much seasoned and experience in domain of language in Gurgaon at least. He taught me French for 4 months approx and under his guidance I cleared my DELF A1 exam in first go. If you are interesting in learning French, Then must contact Mr. Anil.


Puja Diwan

Very helpful and easy going person. He picked my son when he almost lost hope of learning French then one fine Day I got to know about Anil Sir. On hearing the situation he within week started my son's classes but yes being a mother I had to keep an eye on Homework and few activities that Sir gave him as home work. Finally Doubts are clear and my son no more talks about leaving French. He is very experienced teacher. I recommend him if your son or daughter is in same situation.


Swapnil Gupta

I tried self-study online and to take help from You tube also but I can say as per my experience face to face classes in any language has huge difference. Of course it helps me lot online learning in case of Vocabulary but explanation is very much required why something happens which is always missing. I started my classes with Anil. He speaks very well French. Although I had some vocabulary but how to pronounce was missing. I really improved lot during the sessions . I cleared my DELF A1 in single take, now preparing for A2.


Shruti Chandra

Anil Sir is an excellent teacher with complete knowledge of French Lang. My daughter loves his class & her progress in French language has improved a lot. Anil takes lots of efforts & pain to prepare students for their exams.He is a hardworking and knowledgeable teacher. I personally recommend him for French language.


Saket Varun

It was my dream to learn French Language since long that finally come true with the help of Anil Sir. He tried every possible way to make me understand this language . And THE BEST PART was he adjust his timings as per my availability . Thanks you so much sir. A tres bientot.


Rita Gupta

Very experienced , tenured and friendly tutor. His handouts and teaching methods helped me lot to understand French lang. I would like to recommend Anil sir to everyone who wish to learn French. I cleared my DELF A1 in first attempt .


Rohan Dubey

Anil is a very friendly teacher his tenure in the teacher can be seen in his teaching. He has been teaching my son for 1 year, since then my son improved lot in French. He is getting good marks in French now. Thanks Anil. I would like to recommend him to school going students.



Thanks Sir, He is very motivating teacher i ever meet. He equally work with student to improve the level of student. My son has taken up french a new subject He was very confused about language and school was not very serious about this subject then I get to know about Anil Sir, He really does something wonder & now my son doing far better and taking interest in this language.


Kanika Sharma

He is one of the most hardworking and diligent teacher I know till date. He helps in learning the language with ease.


Raman Rastogi

Anil is a very experienced Teacher. He understand students weak points and works accordingly. His tailor-made exercises to my son who is in 8 standard helped lot to understand concept and basic of French language. Now my son doing good in his French subject. Thanks Anil.



It was worth classes with Anil Sir. I improved lot during one year in french. I recommend him to 9 & 10 standard students.


Suman jain

It was Great experience learning French with Anil. I am a house wive so I started this language as my hobby but I do not when I become very interested in this language and Now I have cleared my DELF A1. All credit goes to Anil.



Thanks Anil Sir for your guidance and suggestions. It was very valuable for me. He is having a great experience of Teaching French Language. You can check with him Carrier Prospective Options in French as well. I have seen a remarkable progress in my French. I would like to recommend Anil Sir to beginners.


Radhika Saket

Initially ,It was really boring for me to study French Language but When I met Anil he understand my requirement and interest accordingly prepared lessons and exercises. And I have cleared DELF A1 with good score. Thanks Anil for making our sessions live and interesting. Must try with Anil those are facing issue in French Lang.


Ramesh Arora

Anil is a very hardworking teacher with student. My son is in class 10th Standard now. He had short of confidence in French then I got to know about Anil. He really worked hard to Bring my son to a level where now he is quite comfortable and confident to face French CBSE Board Exam. Great Thanks to Anil. I recommend him to those parents whose child are under same situation.


Sujata Chandran

Anil is very effective teacher specially when your children is in 9th or 10th standard . We started classes for my son when he was in 9th standard , until 8th standard he was getting average marks but since Anil started giving classes , I personally see a great improvement in my son's level of French. Thank you very much Anil.


Pooja Semwal

It was very difficult to find someone who can prepare me for TCF exam then with help of Urbanpro I got to know about Anil. Since I was new to this language so Anil has to really work hard to bring me to the level where I can appear for the exam. I have cleared this exam with Grade A2 over all.


Mahima Verma

Anil is teaching French to my Daughter from 6th standard, she is very comfortable with him.Anil's teaching style is very different. He is very friendly nature with students. My Daughter under his Guidance doing very good. I recommend him. Thanks Anil.


Rupali Chaturvedi

Anil Sir is a very passionate Teacher .I took classes from him for 6 month approx. and cleared DELF A1 exam in first go.I recommend him to all beginner. Thanks Sir.


Ragini Gupta

A good experience of Learning French specially with Anil. His Tailor made exercises help me lot to understand French. Thanks Anil.



He is very Good teacher. He encourages me to Learn this language otherwise I was thinking of dropping out after few classes . He understand my blocking points in French and prepare exercises accordingly. Recently cleared DELFA1 :) . Merci Anil.


Kunal Pandey

Anil is a very passionate about French Language and carry a very long experience in Language domain. I started learning French as hobby but Now I feel I can continue it further . Anil prepared lessons and task as per my level of understanding and interest . My DELF A1 passed recently . Credit Goes to Anil . Good to Know him. I must recommend him for beginners .



It was a great experience learning French With Anil. I have cleared DELF A1 in first attempt. Moreover Lot about French Language and French culture I get to know during session . Looking forward to prepare for DELF A2. He is very Friendly nature person .Thanks Anil



He helped my daughter In French, he is a great help during such a rough midterm week. She got good marks in French. I am very satisfied with the way Anil teaches.



Anil is fabulous. He puts you at ease immediately and is very easy to talk to (even in my very limited beginner French). He makes the lesson fun and enjoyable. It was my first time trying out online teaching services and he exceeded my expectations. Anil took the time to reach out prior to the lesson to find out what my level was and what I wish to accomplish. I really appreciated that as it showed his interest and desire to make the lesson productive. He was also very patient and took the time to correct my pronunciation even though, as a beginner, it usually takes me a few attempts to get it right.



Anil gave me confidence about what i did know and belief that I could improve what I didn't. He is very flexible in his approach and I am looking forward to our French lessons. Thanks Anil for your time and efforts , Cleared by DELF A2.


Arnab Bhattacharya

Anil is a great teacher. It was a pleasure to have my French classes with him, because he's a very positive,patient and helpful person. Highly recommended.


Rupin Sarkar

Anil is an excellent tutor. My classes with him went extremely well and I appreciated him challenging me to find alternative ways to describe things in French when I stumbled upon a word or phrase whose French equivalent I didn't know. His extensive teaching experience clearly shows given his lesson plans and overall structured approach. I am looking forward to working with him again soon.


Ankit Kumar

I highly recommend Anil Sir to anyone interested in learning French. After my second lesson, I had a much clearer understanding of the concepts we discussed. He's very patient, which helps to put me at ease. I'm looking forward to continuing my lessons in the future.


Rupali Sharma

Anil is great. He's patient, kind and encouraging. A gifted teacher, he has an innate ability to make you want to reach higher and succeed. I really appreciate that. I think that Anil’s teaching abilities are the real deal, so to speak. I succeed in first go my DELF A1.



Super adaptive to your needs, especially for a beginner. Really focuses on your pronunciation and is super patient. Had an awesome classes with him.


Pulkit Verma

Anil has patience and his style of learning by talking is something that I like. I expected a 'follow the book " model but his experience over the years means he has distilled it into a style that is unique. I recommend him if you are starting out.


Satvinde Singh

Mr. Anil is an experienced French language tutor. He taught French to my Son from 8th to 10th and We personally have seen a great improvement in French language subject of my Son. My son is very confident in language today, his grammar is very strong that School teacher always told me. So he decided to continue French after 10th class as well. Credit goes to Mr Anil whose guidance and understanding brought my son to a good level of Language. Thanks.


Reena Kapoor

I have been tutored by Anil sir for IB Board for about 4 months now and I am thoroughly enjoying his sessions. He is extremely patient and explains things properly and repeatedly until I understand. I got good marks in my final exam. He is a good tutor who puts me at ease. I would recommend him to French language learner.



He is an excellent teacher for French language. Thanks to sir’s efforts I have been able to score good marks in French Subject in class and get A1 grade.


Sunita Bhardwaj

My daughter was in 6th standard when Anil sir took her first French language class. She is very shy therefore, not interact much with others but with Anil sir he is so friendly and easy going person even with little child that shows his experience and ability to understand other person at their level now my daughter is in 8th standard and I can say that she always Score well in French exam. I would recommend Mr Anil.


Raghav Bakshi

I am IT professional and since always I would like to learn any foreign language as my hobby then one day I got Mr. Anil reference. We had little conversation over call and on seeing my interest he agreed to start my class on weekend basis. I just wanted to be little bit communicative in French but my efforts and interest impressed Anil then he guided me to give DELF exam that I was not aware of , On followed his suggestions and I cleared my DELF A1 Diploma. Now I am planning to give A2 soon.


Sumit Gandhi

Confused in french? Problem with french conjugations? French text is not clear to you? Struggling with French grammar? Then you suppose to contact Anil sir he can give you solution to your Problems and challenges you are facing in French Language studies.He is a very friendly nature person.


Punam Raj

He is the best tutor I ever meet. He is very passionate about languages and give every possible try to make you understand rules as per your ease at your level. While taking classes he will fill you with immense confidence that you would love to learn more about French language for sure.


Gaurav Saini

It's was a wonderful learning french with Mr Anil, I contacted him when I was about to quit it but after taking first 2 class from him I gained my confidence and very recently I earned my first french language diploma delf A1. I must recommend him to those who feels that french is tough. Thanks Mr Anil.


Rajni Nigam

Anil is a great and friendly teacher. He understands you and carefully teaches you. This is very important for student. I recommend him.


Pooja Dhingra

I have been tutored by Anil sir for IB Board for about 4 months now and I am thoroughly enjoying his sessions. He is extremely patient and explains things properly and repeatedly until I understand. I got good marks in my final exam. He is a good tutor who puts me at ease. I would recommend him to French language learner.Thanks.


Kirti Nandan

I am taking French language classes by Anil. He is a professional teacher with good command over the language. Well manners. I appreciate his qualities. If you really wish to learn French so of course you can turn to Anil.


Naveen Mishra

Anil is very friendly and helpful teacher. It is so much fun to learn with him. He explains everything I asked for and always gave good advice for me. He is motivating and I also look forward to the classes.


Harvinder Kaur

He is a Great tutor. Anil Sir was super patient with my active 6 year old. He smiled the entire session even though my 6 year old didn't want to participate that much. She likes the session but is a little young for home tutoring. She has had very small exposure of French. I will continue to have him as her tutor.


Bhanu Pratap

Very patient and kind He was responsive and able to diagnose my breakdowns. I like that he has chosen specific exercises to help me better my language skills. Overall, super helpful and I am looking forward to my next session DELF A2.


Manish Roy

I would like to thank Mr Anil for all his hard work, patience, kindness and expertise. He has helped my son who is a 8th standard student enormously and given him great confidence for his exams. He got 92 out of 100. I would recommend Mr Anil highly to anyone looking for a French tutor.


Ruchika Shokeen

I am taking French classes by Anil sir for my professional needs. During a short period with him, I found him had a good command over French Language. I appreciate his teaching style. I recommend him.


Saurav Malhotra

With great pleasure , I would like to say that Anil is a man who possess the qualities of a teacher. one quality which I would like to highlight is his patience to correct every mistake of the student. I find very comfortable in his class due to his friendly nature. Whoever wish to do their studies in French, I suggest them to turn to Anil who has good command over the language. Wish you all the best.


Amrita Singh

Mr Anil has tutored my niece for A2 level French. He has taught her so much in a short time and has made a tremendous difference to her confidence. We are grateful to him and would recommend him without hesitation.


Rahul Sharma

He really listened to and understood my objectives. He had loads of information and ideas about how I could improve my level. We quickly developed a really good rapport and I am looking forward to further sessions with him. I would strongly recommend Anil Sir to anyone looking for an excellent French tutor.


Amit Gupta

He really listened to and understood my objectives. He had loads of information and ideas about how I could improve my level. We quickly developed a really good rapport and I'm looking forward to further sessions with him. I would strongly recommend Anil to anyone looking for an excellent tutor.



I had a wonderful lesson with Anil Sir. He's incredibly patient and tailored the lesson to my level. Although I was extremely nervous and made many errors in pronunciation, he gave me the confidence to continue. For those of you who are beginning your journey in French, I would highly recommend Anil Sir to them.


Mini Roy

Anil sir has been teaching French language for 2 years to my son who is in 9th standard. I have seen a significant improvement in marks in class test, exams and growing interest of my son towards this language. If your child has opted for French language. I would recommend Anil sir so that he can work on basis of language for your child. Thanks.


Rohan Sharma

It was a great fun learning French from Anil Sir, his tailor made language lessons Kindled my interest in this language and helped me to learn it easily and quickly without confusions. I must recommend him to those who are debutant level and are new to French language. Thanks Sir.



I must recommend Anil Sir for those parents who are looking for French Tutor for their school going child. He taught French to my daughter from 7th standard till 10th and she always scored 90%+ marks in French. Thanks to his guidance and teaching method. He is very experienced teacher.



My daughter couldn't succeed in consecutive 2 attempts of DELF A2 and that actually led to demotivation for my daughter then I got to know about Anil sir who not only prepared her for exam but also brought a great enthusiasm to her. Finally my daughter cleared her DELF A2 successfully. Thanks Anil Sir.



Anil sir taught me a lot in such a short period of time, including basic grammar, conversation in French and required vocabulary. I recommend him to anybody looking to study French language to clear A1 in first attempt.  



Anil Sir helped me with preparation of interview in French for Immigration to Canada. He gave me ad­vice and taught me on how to present mys­elf in a confident way. With his advice, I do know what skil­ls I need to focus on and how to deliever my thoughts. And Finally  I crack my interview confidently. I recommend him to anybody looking to preparation of imm­igration interview of French.Thanks.


Kartika ahuja

My experience with Anil sir has been extremely good. In my opinion, He is one of the best and most patient teachers. He stresses on getting concepts clear and explains patiently and in detail. Anil sir has taught me beyond my school books because of which my interest and knowledge in the subject grew significantly. He is very clear with concepts and helped me score well in my exams.


Kanav gilautra

A great french teacher with enormous experience really makes you wanna study french. A teacher who makes you fall in love with the language and overall a great teacher who will guarantee you success.


Aryan Bahadur

Anil sir is one of the best teachers I've ever had. He is a very likable and friendly person and was very punctual as well. He spoke very clearly and his concepts of the French language were absolutely amazing. Without his patience and determination I could have never aced my French speaking and grammar tests in school. He is definitely one of kind and I don't think that there is any better language teacher than him.


Eni purwaningsih

He is a well experienced teacher with great command over french, he helped me to clear my doubts and encourage me to clear Delf A1. Thanks.


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