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What is Periodicity?

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In the context of chemistry and the periodic table, periodicity refers to trends or recurring variations in element properties with increasing atomic number. Periodicity is caused by regular and predictable variations in element atomic structure.


periodicity is pattern of repeating order

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Is tendency of elements to have similar properties with increasing atomic number.


Periodicity refers to the recurring trends that are seen in the chemical properties. These trends became apparent to the Mendeleev when he arranged the elements in the order of increasing mass.

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Repetition of properties (physical and chemical) at regular intervals in periodic table... Eg. Properties of Na (group 1) will be noticed on K after filling the elements Mg,Al,Si,P,S,Cl, and Ar.

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when anything repeats after a particular interval of time, and repetition is because of its property or properties


The tendency of repeating is called periodicity


periodicity refers to he repetition of itself after a particular interval of time

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This is the nature of the elements , i.e.the repetition of similar properties in chemical elements, as indicated by their positioning in the periodic table.

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Periodicity, in the language of mathematics and physics, is the interval of some variable (can be time, distance, temperature or anything that your function depends on) over which the function depending on the variable(s) cycles over and over again. In general, consider a single-variable function f that...
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Periodicity, in the language of mathematics and physics, is the interval of some variable (can be time, distance, temperature or anything that your function depends on) over which the function depending on the variable(s) cycles over and over again. In general, consider a single-variable function f that depends on some variable x: f(x). Suppose after an interval of x of length 'a', if the function repeats the same value over and over again, then the function is said to be periodic with a periodicity of a. i.e., f(x+na)=f(x)=f(x-na), where n=0,1,2,... A simple example is the sine function in trigonometry. It has a periodicity of 360 degrees. That is sin(360+x)=sinx read less

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