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Effective study habits
Effective study Habits, we are creature of our habits. Substitute bad habits of learning with good habits of learning. Right attitude. Approach the material you are studying with right attitude. Get interested...

Sunil Sikri | 2 days ago

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Subtraction of a number from Base 10
Suppose subtract 358 from 10000. Here Base 1000=10'3, 10 raised to power 3 How to calculate faster in mind, just subtract 3 from 9, 5 from 9 and last digit 8 from 10. Now we get 642. Isn't it so faster...

Mamata Mund | 2 days ago

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Learn Hindi Grammar
Uses of Hindi Grammar:In Hindi- How to address different people?

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Aruna Sharma | 13 hrs ago

A word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence, and forming the main part of the predicate of a sentence, such as hear, become, happen is called verb.

Daizy Das | 1 hr ago

Verb is a word that is used to describe an action, state or occurrence of a sentence. It expresses physical or mental action. A sentence is incomplete without a verb. Verb verbs always express activity of a sentence. For Example - I love India. Here, the word 'love' is a verb.


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Modi Anita P | 11 Jan

Percent means per cent i.e., per 100 If you calculate any quantum compared to 100 you will get percentage. Obtained no divided by total and multiplied by 100 will give you percent.

Preeti Khalko | 14 Jan

Percentage means that you have to calculate total marks multiplied by how many marks obtain divide by 100 then you will get percentage.


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Abhineesh Kumar | 14 Feb

It's because your student didn't update his/her profile after getting you as a teacher.

Shloka Thakur | 15 Feb

Ask your student to login and confirm and also contact customer care number for more clarity.


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Dileep Kumar | 26 Jan

Rs.4000 per month.

Mitesh Panchal | 06 Feb

You can charge Rs. 3000 per month for this kind of service.


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Rehana Kothia | 24 Jan


Vanshi Desai | 24 Jan

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