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Answered on 02 Aug Tuition/Class I-V Tuition

Why we usually have separate summer and winter uniforms?

Samrat Maji


Because there is a difference in temperature in these two seasons and to be in comfort we use cloths...

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Answered on 08 Aug Tuition/Class I-V Tuition

Hi, I would like to get tuition queries through UrbanPro. Please help me to put an ad.


Why ad?

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Answered on 07 Jul Tuition/Class IX-X Tuition Tuition/Class I-V Tuition Tuition/Class VI-VIII Tuition +2 Tuition/Class XI-XII Tuition (PUC) Training for professionals/Teacher Training less

Asked this before but can't find the link to it. So how many teachers employ caning as a punishment method?...

Avinash Kumar


Still many teaches do. But I am against it. It instills fears in mind of students rather than disciplining them.

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Lesson Posted on 01 Jul Tuition/Class I-V Tuition Tuition/Class VI-VIII Tuition Hobby/Summer Camp/Math & Science

Mathematics Worksheet.


Brain Point Academy Subject- Mathematics Topic- Lines and Angles _____________________________________________ Q.1)...

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Answered on 29 Jun Tuition/Class I-V Tuition

My son is studying in 2nd class but he is not concentrating in studies, he does not listen properly too....

Uma G.

No child can be termed as dull. They will definitely be good in one aspect. A teacher's duty is to...

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Lesson Posted on 09 Aug Tuition/Class I-V Tuition

Math Tip For Classes 4 To 6

Bilvaa Guru Learning

Bilvaa Guru Learning is an organization dedicated to making students learn, - covering various areas,...

I have seen students who came for coaching, to multiple two numbers like : 17345 x 200 Keep writing...

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