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Learn grammer
Noun all naming words are called noun like Neeru, Delhi, Books, Cat, etc. Two types of noun: common noun means common name give to people, animals , things and places. like Dog, human, class, books Proper...

Neeru S. | 3 days ago

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Hindi Vovels
Hindi Vowels ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? a ? i ? u ? ? e ai o au This is the letter ?a. It looks kind of like a 3 with a capital T after it and then a little small line in the middle...

Rajesh Kumar | 4 days ago

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Improve your English.
Hello people,I know it's so much important for each one of us to be fluent in English. Holding a high degree but hesitation in speaking English often leads to rejections. So, the very first step towards...

Mrs S. | 20 hrs ago

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Lakhmeer singh Or Pradeep

Neeru Sharma | 4 days ago

For science prepare your lesson plans first took a topic and have good sound knowledge of it and discuss it with other on your any social media and with friends teachers kids and other person. Most appropriate discuss that topic on UrbanPro. I am 100% sure we become expert when we discuss and learn and experience any thing while using our all six senses. Try this I hope it become interesting and you will get learned about the concept and topic and subject.


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Mrs.Satinder Dhiman | 09 May

Rs. 200.

Mrs.Satinder Dhiman | 09 May

Rs. 200.


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Deepak | 5 days ago

Share your profile in other social networks.

Neeru Sharma | 4 days ago

Make your profile looking good and full of work quality. If you can go kindly upgrade the profile so you will get queries fast.


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Georgina Dcosta | 16 May

Make a very impressive and interesting profile and upgrade on UrbanPro, you are sure to get students.


Sai Krishna J | 16 May

Easy, you keep answering questions to get points, which can be accumulated to contact a student or you can buy credits.


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Budhadeb Hembram | 4 days ago

First generation computers used vacuum tubes 2nd generation computers used transistors when 3rd generation computers (IC) integrated Chips forth & fifth generation used microprocessor. Vacuum tubes are big so size of computers are big also. Then transistors came and the size is also small so in a board many transistors can fixed. Size of this computers also small. IC is collection of many micro transistor so it is more powerful with small space .Microprocessor is a collection of IC and make more powerful.then we get dailly used computers and laptops. With in built hard disk. ENIAC was a huge 1st gen computers approx 30 ton weight. 4th & 5th generation laptops are so small within 1.5 kg.


Indrani Chakraborty | 4 days ago

The deferences are vacuum tube, transistor, IC, microprocessor.

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