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Learn grammer
Noun all naming words are called noun like Neeru, Delhi, Books, Cat, etc. Two types of noun: common noun means common name give to people, animals , things and places. like Dog, human, class, books Proper...

Neeru S. | 20 May

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Hindi Vovels
Hindi Vowels ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? a ? i ? u ? ? e ai o au This is the letter ?a. It looks kind of like a 3 with a capital T after it and then a little small line in the middle...

Rajesh Kumar | 19 May

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Some Definitions About Cha-1 Numbers
Face Value: The face value of a digit is always the digit itself. Face value of 2 in 52,58,963 is 2 only. Place Value: Place value of a digit depends on the place it occupies in the place value chart.The...

Rahul Gaur | 16 May

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Manisa | 2 days ago

Get the blue print and concentrate more on key points. U ll get the best results

Rima Banerjee | 2 days ago

Try to develop a conceptual understanding of each topic.make brief notes and writing everything which you helps you to remember.


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Shashi Prabha | 5 days ago

Be confident on yourself and execute your profession with dedication and loyalty towards students

Payel Banerjee | 4 days ago

It's better to choose some advertisement modes that will help u fetch more students. U can provide pamphlets specifying your subjects that u teach along with ur contact details.


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Kalyani Desai | 4 days ago

Share you UrbanPro Profile on different social networking sites, Make your profile richer and try to tell about your account on UrbanPro and upgrade to UrbanPro Premium.

Kakoli Sanyal | 3 days ago

Enroll here as a tutor


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Karthik kumar | 3 days ago

Each generation is defined by a significant technological development that changes fundamentally how computers operate ? leading to more compact, less expensive, but more powerful, efficient and robust machines.

Akanksha Bhardwaj | 2 days ago

1 First Generation The period of first generation: 1946-1959. Vacuum tube based. 2 Second Generation The period of second generation: 1959-1965. Transistor based. 3 Third Generation The period of third generation: 1965-1971. Integrated Circuit based. 4 Fourth Generation The period of fourth generation: 1971-1980. VLSI microprocessor based. 5 Fifth Generation The period of fifth generation: 1980-onwards. ULSI microprocessor based.


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Mrs.Satinder Dhiman | 09 May

Rs. 200.

Mrs.Satinder Dhiman | 09 May

Rs. 200.

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