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To Find the Cube of any 2 digit number, we have to take the following steps.
First Step: The first thing we have to do is to put down the cube of the tens-digit in a row of 4 figures. The other three numbers in the row of answer should be written in a geometrical ratio in the exact...

Dev Pal S. | 1 day ago

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How to calculate 1203579 * 9999999 in 2 Sec?
203579 × 9999999 = 1203579-1   | 10000000- 1203579 =120357887964 21 Number in red is 1 less than 1203579. Number in blue is (10000000-1203579). Hence the answer. This method has to be altered...

Dev Pal S. | 1 day ago

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Why is 2 not a composite number?
A composite number is a positive integer that can be formed by multiplying together two smaller positive integers. Equivalently, it is a positive integer that has at least one divisor other than 1 and...

Dev Pal S. | 1 day ago

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TUTORNET | 1 day ago

You just need to think out of the box. Be straight forward and speak up in whatever language you prefer. If the person with whom you are communicating, replies in the language you spoke, its absolutely fantastic, else try to communicate in the language in which he/ she replied.

Yamunesh Goswami | 21 hrs ago



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Maryam | 6 days ago

All action words are Verbs. Verbs are content word in a sentence. A sentence cant be framed without a verb.Verbs can be transitive and intransitive i.e, using object or not. Knowledge of Verbs increases your vocabulary.

Sarita Chaturvedi | 4 days ago

Verb is an action word that some work done.


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Thirunavukkarasu | 3 days ago

Go for interior design , 3D printed floor, wall and Auto CAD. Space management (corporate).

Neeru Sharma | 2 days ago

I don't know about this kindly do researches and can go for it.


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Dileep Kumar | 26 Jan

Rs.4000 per month.

Mitesh Panchal | 06 Feb

You can charge Rs. 3000 per month for this kind of service.


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Preeti Khalko | 14 Jan

Percentage means that you have to calculate total marks multiplied by how many marks obtain divide by 100 then you will get percentage.

Rajeev Ranjan Kumar | 09 Mar

Percentage means value of any number per hundred.

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