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Learning Chinese
Chinese language is  very interesting & include Mandarin, Cantonese & other dialects. But Mandarin dialect is the most common one. Chinese  is  the  second most common  language...

Rakesh Babu | 01/12/2016

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Saying 'Hello' in Chinese.
N? H?o is the greeting 'hello' in Mandarin Chinese. This literally means 'You well'. However, when you greet someone formally or greet an elder person or someone you respect such as a teacher, you...

Yellow | 18/11/2016

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International Language Learning -Talk to yourself.
When learning a foreign language, it is common for listening skills to develop more rapidly than speaking skills, leaving the learner in the unfortunate situation of being able to understand, but unable...

Anjali M. | 21/10/2016

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Himadri Institute | 09/12/2016

The best way according to me is learn chineese basics first and try to co relate them with your mother tongue and not necessarily you need to go through movies or reading materials however you also can go for some cartoons or only for some phrases in chineese. You can find so many people around you to get proper learning. however to learn any language is difficult initially because you do not know the fluency. So, patiently start learning.

Nitin Kotadia | 11/12/2016

Firstly Learn a basics steps and rules, listen audio file of lessons in chinese language and also do communication more and more with who is a native to mandarin chinese. More important thing is that everyday must must spend minimum 1 hr time to learn new words. And do practice and practice makes you perfect, wish you happy learning mandarin chinese.

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Asha Tadituri | 02/12/2016

Most important is regular reading and writing for Hindi language. Minimum 3 months take to learn (talk) Hindi.

Aditi Jain | 07/12/2016

Both are important but in my view you will learn very quick by TV but should have basic knowledge of that language. But if you will read a book of any language you would have much time to practice you can take the help of dictionary while reading book but not at the time of watching TV.


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Li Ya | 04/11/2016

it depends on what level you want to achieve and how hard you study by yourself. if you work hard with the help of a good teacher, you can speak simple Chinese even for a week.

Li Ya | 04/11/2016

It depends on what level you want to achieve and how hard you study. If you work hard enough and are exposed to native circumstance, you can speak simple Chines even with one month. practice and devotion accounts a lot in language learning.

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Ravi Ranjan | 14/10/2016

Depends on how dedicated you are, If you are sincere enough then in 6 months you can be able to do conversation with Chinese native people


Versha Mehta | 15/10/2016

2 months for basic level.


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Sonia Ghosh | 22/09/2016

You can contact customers/clients who have written review about Tutor to verify its authenticity.

Sandeep Hariani | 10/10/2016

Go and visit their justdial ratings

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