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Chess Coaching
To get the most benefit from a physical workout, you need to exercise both the left and right sides of your body. Studies show that in order to play chess well, a player must develop and utilize his or...
Why Should you play Chess?
Chess is an exercise of infinite possibilities for the mind, one which develops mental abilities used throughout life: concentration, critical thinking, abstract reasoning, problem solving, pattern recognition,...

Saurabh Barve | 07 Feb

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Enpassant in chess
Enpassant is a special pawn move in chess that many does not know. When the white pawn on 2nd rank (7th rank for black) moves 2 squares the opponent black adjacent pawn on the 4th rank can capture diagonally...

Koushik L | 08/12/2016

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How long does a kid usually take to learn chess?

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Abhinav Baone | 14 hrs ago

It depends on age of student, interest & dedication. But according to my experience 30 days are sufficient to learn chess for kids.

Amitesh Kumar | 13 hrs ago

For basic level of understanding or learning takes 6-9 months, provided class should be regular weekly 2-3 hours/week.


We are looking for Keyurmuz who did B. Com. with us from K. C. College in 1988. We understand he is teaching Chess in Metro area, Mumbai 400002

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Ajit Kumar Jaiswal | 19/09/2016

Hello friend , first of all your queries is slightly confusing however I would like to mention that you want to do BCOM along with chess coaching , for this purpose , there are two alternatives available before you, the first one is you work hard , the other alternative is to hire tutor using URBAN PRO , GOOD LUCK


how to register profile on

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Ashwin Shenoy | 25/08/2016

Download the app and register as a tutor or as a student. Urban pro for tutors is for tutors and the other app that reads urban pro is for people who are looking out to get some service.

Is there any student in ludhiana who wants to learn chess.? How can I get chess students near me.??

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Laxmikant Ratnawat | 21/06/2016



Yuvarajan P | 02/07/2016

First enroll in web site


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Avneet Kaur | 15/06/2016

Mayank.!! It is not important to move the king if opponent has given a check.! There are other options as well. Like. 1. You can kill the piece that gave you the check. 2. You can bring any other piece in the path of the given check. But 2nd option won't work in case the check is given by a knight.! and the 3rd option is to move the king to a safer square. If no situation is working then you are given a check mate.!! :)


Yuvarajan P | 02/07/2016

Nothing will happen initial it has mating thread

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