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Free CBSE Class 6 Social Studies Geography The Earth in the Solar system Worksheets

Download free printable The Earth in the Solar system Worksheets to practice. With thousands of questions available, you can generate as many The Earth in the Solar system Worksheets as you want.

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Sample CBSE Class 6 Social Studies Geography The Earth in the Solar system Worksheet Questions

Why is only one side of the Moon visible to us on the Earth?
Does Moon has the conditions favourable for Life?
What are Asteroids? Give example.
What are Metroid?
What is the difference between a Galaxy and Universe?
Fill in the blanks: Our Solar System is part of ________ galaxy.
1. Sun view 2. Milky Way 3. Starry way 4. Saptarishi
Fill in the blanks: ____________ planet is nearest to the Sun and it takes only about _______ days to complete one round along its orbit.
1. Mars, 91 2. Mercury, 88 3. Earth, 365 4. Venus, 220
Fill in the blanks: _________ is considered as "Earths twin" because its shape and size are very much similar to Earth.
1. Mars 2. Mercury 3. Pluto 4. Venus
Fill in the blanks: As per the recent decision of International Astronomical Union, Pluto now belongs to the category of _______.
1. Dwarf Planets 2. Stars 3. Moons 4. Asteroids
Fill in the blanks: The Earth is the _______ nearest planet to the Sun.
1. First 2. Second 3. Third 4. Fourth

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