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Free CBSE Class 5 EVS Worksheets

Download free printable EVS Worksheets to practice. With thousands of questions available, you can generate as many EVS Worksheets as you want.

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Sample CBSE Class 5 EVS Worksheet Questions

State TRUE/FALSE: Air occupies space.
1. true 2. false
Fill in the blanks: Aquatic animals use ______ air in water for respiration.
1. Diffused 2. Dissolved 3. Separated 4. Filtered
How will you prove that air has weight?
Choose the correct option: The weight of air termed as _______.
1. Air Mass 2. Air Pressure 3. Humidity 4. Air density
State TRUE/FALSE: Hot air is lighter than cold air.
1. true 2. false
How will you prove that air supports burning?
Fill in the blanks: Burning of the object needs ______ present in the air.
1. Oxygen 2. Carbon dioxide 3. Nitrogen 4. Hydrogen
Choose the correct option: Take two candles. Light them. Put a glass tumbler over one of it in an inverted position. Leave the other open. What do you observe?
1. Both the candles keep burning. 2. The candle with the tumbler keeps burning and the candle which is open goes off. 3. The candle which is covered goes off and the other one keeps burning. 4. Both the flames goes off.
Choose the correct option: When you suck air through a straw which is in a soft drink glass, what will happen?
1. The straw becomes thin. 2. When we suck the air, the space in the straw becomes empty and the liquid rushes up into the straw. 3. The liquid does not enter the straw. 4. Vacuum is created in the straw.
Choose the correct option: Atmosphere of the Earth is held by ________.
1. Gravitational force 2. Reaction force 3. Electromagnetic force 4. Frictional force

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