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For learning creative writing skills, does a person required to know strong written English?

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Dear Kiran, It is absolutely necessary to have a good command over the language to communicate your imagination exactly. You should have a good bank of synonyms and antonyms beside good vocabulary back up. You also need to read good articles,news regularly. It is only then your brain gets trained to use exactly the words,phrases effectively and impressively.

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Professional Trainer

Hello Kiran, Isn't it obvious that Creative Writing can be in any language and not necessarily English? If it's not English, then you should only be creative enough and the translation part can be taken care by someone else. If it's English, according to me, to be creative you don't need to have outstanding written skills, but you just need to be good enough. Sometimes, simple English can make an article awesome. Just know who your target audience is/are and prepare yourself accordingly. Practice can always help in improving yourself. Thanks!

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Corporate Wizard

If you choose English to be the medium for your creative writing then yes, you should have a good hold on it, the reason is your content may be great but for an interested reader the language will push away if the grammar and the usage of words is not correct

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Hi Kiran, Based on my experiences, I can tell you that creativity does not completely depend on your grasp of one particular language. Having studied with students from all over the world, I can assure you that a creative mind does find a way to express. If you want to share, you can send me a sample of your writing and we can take it from there. Maybe I will be able to guide you better into a creative frame of mind? Hope it was helpful. Nazam Sandhu

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Teacher of Creative Writing in English Medium

Creative writing is a skill of presentation at the best within your resources. One needs a middle school level Vocabulary and ability to write correct simple sentences.

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Teacher of Creative Writing in English Medium

Take a 144 page copy. on the left side write sentences you speak in Hindi / the language you feel to speak at ease. on the right side, get its English written in the simplest form. write at least 30 sentences per day . in 25 days, you have 750 sentences that you speak. you will find that basic sentences that you use is not more than 300. you only change the noun or the verb or the forms of verb to speak a different sentence. tools you need is High School English Grammar and Oxford Dictionary.

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Content writing and management, script writing, Educational counselling, Academic tutor

If you start studying on Creative writing, you will automatically increase your written vocabulary. As English is the most communicable language with highest exposure to creative topics worldwide. To start with, you can develop your creative writing skills in any language

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