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Database Genral Interview question
Q: What is SQL? A: SQL stands for 'Structured Query Language'.       Q: What is SELECT statement? A: The SELECT statement lets you select a set of values...

Priydarshani S. | 2 days ago

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Operating System
Operating system    It is the system software which provides interface to the user and also coordinates the software and hardware components of the system.      Types of...
Java is a high level language which is far better than procedural languages like C, Fortran and Pascal. Java completely stands with the principles of OOPS (Object Oriented Programming Structure). The basis...

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Sanskriti Ramtek Patil | 22 hrs ago

If you are sure about UK. Prepare for IELTS (practice hard) and also try to understand your area of interest properly. Take some certification/programs/courses related to it, to know if that's really what u want to select.


Kalibur | 9 hrs ago

Bhargav, you should do what you like and follow your dreams, before you land in UK do the following: Take lessons in Basic Java and Advance Java now known as JEE. Also learn C, C++ basics. Do learn basic in System Admin, CCNA or other Cisco courses this will get you part time jobs there so you can survive there.


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Arpita Paul | 1 day ago

Advanced java is basically used in web based applications.

Bhagwati Lal Patidar | 7 hrs ago

Advanced java content web based like Servlet, JSP, Hibernate etc.


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Ravi Parmar | 2 days ago

An essential supporting structure of a building, vehicle, or object.

Sics Shah Institute Of Computer Science | 2 days ago

In computer systems, a framework is often a layered structure indicating what kind of programs can or should be built and how they would interrelate. Some computer system frameworks also include actual programs, specify programming interfaces, or offer programming tools for using the frameworks.


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Anuja Krishna | 16 Feb

Most of the companies have separate question patterns for which you need to have distinct knowledge and practice. As in For TCS, you need to go through GRE Barron, for Infosys, more emphasis on quantitative. Aptitude would be common for most of them. Also, go through online recent campus questions posted by the college students who recently faced those exams.


S.Roja | 4 days ago

First you learn to interested in our subject in programming skills. Programming skill very easy to learn interest to accept programming language daily doing hard work and using C, C++ then we do challenges your programming skill.


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Amrtha Shashidhar | 02 Jan

Technical losses consist mainly of power supply dissipation because of faulty transmission and distribution lines, transformers and measurement systems. There are other losses incurred as a result of actions that are outside the control of the power supply system comprising electricity theft, non-payment by customers, and errors in accounting and record keeping. Power theft losses, also referred to as commercial losses, are difficult to estimate but run into huge amounts. India and Brazil rank high on the list. Countries such as the U.S. and the U.K. also experience these losses but they are not as significant.

Ganesh Gurudu | 17 Jan

Electricity theft is an increasingly vexing problem for utilities. However, a convergence of innovative technologies is driving better electricity meter design and stronger protection from theft using an external magnet. Precision converters and chip-scale transformers can be combined within the same IC package to enable a new class of smart meters. These smart meters of the future are completely immune to magnetic tampering. Electric utilities that begin deploying smart meters with isolated ADC technology will see a decreased rate of electricity theft and an increase in their long-term revenue.

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