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Upcasting and Downcasting
Converting a derived-class reference or pointer to a base-class reference or pointer is called upcasting. It is always allowed for public inheritance without the need for an explicit type cast. The downcasting,...

Vijay Kumar | 3 days ago

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Memory Layout of C Programs
A typical memory representation of C program consists of following sections. Text Segment: A text segment, also known as a code segment or simply as text, is one of the sections of a program in an object...

Vijay Kumar | 3 days ago

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Static and dynamic libraries
A library is a package of code that is meant to be reused by many programs. A static library (also known as an archive) consists of routines that are compiled and linked directly into your program. When...

Vijay Kumar | 3 days ago

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Ankit | 2 days ago

You should start from c,c++ and later you can go to Java , Salesforce, hadoop

Arpita Paul | 2 days ago

only by practicing different programming logic by your own. First learn the basic then practice repeatedly.


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Manoranjan Sahoo | 05 May

Most of the experts say that C programming. Because C is one of the best language for the freshers/ or we can say the beginners. Other than that you can go for C++, JAVA, SCALA< PYTHON or many more. But my suggestion start from C and known the program structure, control statement, and other concepts, so that in future when you learn OOPs it's easy for you to catch all the concept easily. Thank you.

Gopi | 07 May

C & C++ is the base for any programming language, so if you're strong in this you can learn any language. I recommend Java and Oracle.


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Arpita Paul | 2 days ago

C, PC software, C++, automata, graph theory, software engineering, digital, HTML and Java script,networking, DBMS and normalization, web designing, data structure, organization, numerical, math etc.

Lokesh R | 1 day ago

Computer basics related subjects, Maths, Computer languages related subjects, Database,Networking etc


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Arpita Paul | 2 days ago

read English news papers, watch English news channels and also English movies.

Goutam Chand Prajapat | 2 days ago

Start to think in English first because once you will start to think in English then automatically your mouth will speak it. Or Try to think small sentences of daily life. If you speak other than English than also after speaking think that how can you speak same thing in English. Once your mind will be habitual for think like this then you can start to the speak in English. One important thing is that to find the answer of "how can you speak same thing in English" you have to revise all grammar rules and vocabulary.


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Sonal Srivastava | 20 Apr


Falguni Shah | 22 Apr

Yes it is case sensitive

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