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Intro to C Programming
C is one of the most popular computer language today. C language was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. C is portable, Robust, Procedure oriented, High level programming language. C requires compiler...

Hitesh Sir | 9 hrs ago

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Why do pointers have a datatype?
Before we start with pointers you must know what is a variable and a datatype. int a; This is the basic line in every program in 'C' . It means that we are asking the compiler to give us 2 bytes of space...

Jyoti Yadav | 4 days ago

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Ngcc Softtech | 23 Oct

A constructor is a special method of a class or structure in object-oriented programming that initializes an object of that type. A constructor is an instance method that usually has the same name as the class, and can be used to set the values of the members of an object, either to default or to user-defined values. Constructors are not called explicitly and are invoked only once during their lifetime. In the case of a hierarchy of classes where a derived class inherits from a parent class, the execution sequence of the constructor is a call to the constructor of the parent class first and then that of the derived class. Constructors cannot be inherited. A constructor can be declared using any of the access modifiers. It is mandatory to have a constructor with the right access modifier. However, the compiler supplies a default if an access modifier is not defined in the class. If a constructor is declared as private, the class cannot be created or derived and hence cannot be instantiated. Such a constructor, however, can be overloaded with different sets of parameters. The following is recommended in constructor design: Logic involving specific operations that need to be executed at a particular event in an application - such as opening a database connection - should not be written in a constructor. When using derived class constructors, the parent class constructor should be passed the correct parameters. Better code maintainability comes from having the initialization and other related logic in one main constructor and cross-calling this constructor from other overloaded constructors. Because a constructor cannot return a value to the calling code, it is a good practice to throw an exception when a failure is encountered.

Sudheer Reddy | 26 Oct

constructor is a special member function which is having 1.same name as class name 2.no return type 3.used to initialize the class variables 4.automatically called when object is created 5. two types i.default ii. particularized


Difference between microkernel architecture and kernel architecture? Define distributed file system? Explain how it is implemented in Windows 2000?

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Shaikh Samina | 29 Sep

Compared to a typical kernel, a microkernel is compact, performing only the basic functions universal to all computers. Designed to be integrated into different operating systems, a microkernel works with OS-specific servers that provide higher level functions. This component-based structure improves a system's portability, but potentially at the expense of performance. Mach and its derivatives, the most prominent examples of the microkernel architecture, are the foundations of systems such as Tru64 Unix, the GNU Hurd, and Mac OS X.

Agama It Solutions | 05 Oct

A microkernel runs most of the operating system's background processes in user space,to make the operating system more modular and, therefore, easier to maintain. The kernel (also called nucleus) is a computer program that constitutes the central core of a computer's operating system. It has complete control over everything that occurs in the system. As such, it is the first program loaded on startup, and then manages the remainder of the startup, as well as input/output requests from software, translating them into data processing instructions for the central processing unit. It is also responsible for managing memory, and for managing and communicating with computing peripherals, like printers, speakers, etc. The kernel is a fundamental part of a modern computer's operating system.


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Chetan Santha | 29 Sep

If you are in Bangalore, I would have helped you.


Parth Chandarana | 07 Oct

Hi Rajatyagi Parth here. I can help you learning programming languages, Data structure and Operating System subjects. I can conduct sessions over skype and covers theoretical concepts and emphasize on learn by examples and learn by solving. My skype id is erparthchandarana


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Agama It Solutions | 05 Oct

No !!

Arhakarapprvvha Dasarathan | 07 Oct



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Vivek Vyas | 05 Oct


Biju C | 06 Oct

You should have passion and interest to learn..thats enough..

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