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Essential Elements of a Valid Contract
Essential Elements of a Valid Contract: (i) Agreement: In order to constitute a contract, there must be an agreement in first place. An agreement in turn is composed of two elements-offer and acceptance....

CA Prashanth Reddy | 14 hrs ago

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Consignment Accounts By CA Prashanth Reddy
A. INTRODUCTION When goods are sent by one person to another to be sold by the latter on behalf and at the risk of the former, the transaction is known as consignment. The person who sends the goods to...
What is the Chart of Accounts ?
The chart of accounts is a listing of the general ledger accounts to which amounts can be posted. The chart of accounts is a helpful tool for identifying the best account for recording a transaction. In...

DevGroup | 02 May

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Balkrshna murlidhr bahadur | 07 May

Is marketing


BBA + MBA + Digital Marketing.


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Parin Patwari | 12 Apr

Go and apply for different private mutual funds and some similar to that investing companies. I will say you shall go for further studies. If your pocket can handle probably out of India go for higher studies. Else start some smaller job in some mutual funds companies and with that start distance learning course. That will increase your future opportunities.

Prashant Shukla | 21 Apr

Dear Akash, Banks Conduct Exams for recruitment of Probationary Officer (PO). There are books available for preparing for these exams. You have to practice enough before you can clear the exams. Learn from these books and Take Test papers given there. Assess yourself and Evaluate your performance. Strengthen your weak areas and sharpen your Quantitative and Logical aptitude. No one can fail you then Good Luck


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Ravinder Kapri | 31 Jan

People who pay income tax are generally individuals who earn an income (from a salary, commission, fees, etc.). Corporate tax includes tax paid by companies or close corporations, as well as trusts, on their annual income. Most of the State's income is derived from Income Tax (personal and corporate tax), although nearly a third of total revenue from national government taxes comes from indirect taxes, primarily Value-Added Tax (VAT).


Fathima Amanulla Khan | 03 Feb

Mark O as your centre. Open the compass 3 cm wide and draw a circle with O as centre. next open compass 3.6 cm wide and draw another circle with the same centre O.


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Bhavana Jain | 08 Jan

The meaning of Algebra is reunion of broken parts. It is the Study of mathematical symbol and rules to to manipulate these symbols and getting abstract from it.


Velmurugan Sivappraghassan | 17 Mar

Alegbra is a study of Classical Mathematics. Next to Arithmetic involves the use of alphabetical symbols derived in the form of EQUATIONS (linear, Quadratic, Cubic, and higher degree equations called Polynomials. Widely used in basic Alegbra & form Important Theorems for analysing relationships among variables from single, double , treble , quadruple, and for infinite "n" Variables too ..under Optimization rule & non linear variables involving more than 3 variables called Simplex Methods & Lagragian Functions for finite variable more than 4 or 5 .. Dr K S Velmurugan, Faculty of Economics & Q.T techniques. Pondicherry.


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Sumeet Majumdar | 31/12/2016

Just keep dividing 7290 by 0.9 in excel sheet three times. Its Rs. 10,000 simple, isn't it.

Pallavi Sah | 02 Jan

Let the price of the car at beginning of year 1 be x At the end of first year = x-0.1x=0.9x At the end of second year = 0.9x- 0.9x*0.1= 0.81x At the end of third year = 0.81x-0.81*0.1 =0.729x It is also given that price of the car at the end of third year is 7290 therefore equate the two values 0.729x=7290 Solving above equation X=Rs. 10,000

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