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34 Reviews

Langford Town, Bangalore

Course ID: 1824

Langford Town, Bangalore

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34 Reviews

About the Course

In many ways, the human voice is possibly the most remarkable instrument of all. Aside of the fact that everyone has one, the individual voice is quintessentially unique, differing from any other in myriad subtle ways. As the most immediate form of expression available to us, the voice is able to express emotions of pain, sadness, joy or anger with a sensitivity and intuitiveness that is arguably unmatched by any other external instrument. This, coupled with its ability to carry human language within a musical structure, has ensured that singers continue to be at the center of all musical progress. And the fact that singers have put it to work in almost every musical form or genre ever invented is a significant indicator of the voice's incredible versatility. However like every other instrumentalist, the singer needs education, practice and constant care to develop the latent potential within his/ her voice. With the right principles in place and a disciplined approach towards achieving mastery, the trained voice is capable of exploring musical possibilities that may not be evident to an untrained singer. NSM's vocal program is focused on developing both the technical skills as well as the musical intelligence necessary to use your voice creatively and effectively in the context of a performing band.

Topics Covered


Who should attend

- Anyone passionate about music and who wants to learn and understand music better - Anybody that wants to sit for professional music exams - Professional Musicians -Hobbyists


None. We begin at your level and advance from there.

What you need to bring

A notebook and your instrument (except piano)

Key Takeaways

You pay for: All teaching material and resources Instruments provided in class to learn and practice on Over 60 hours of direct instruction Small focussed groups with individual attention Workshops Shuffle classes- learn the rudiments of an other instrument Electives Classes on musicianship, music theory, a Q&A session, band dynamics, stage presence Access to our fully equipped rehearsal room to jam before the concert Concert Performance Certification of successful completion of the course.

Date and Time

Not decided yet.

About the Trainer

4.61 Avg Rating

49 Reviews

61 Students

7 Courses

Lillian has taught students all over the world, with some of them even making successful careers on Broadway. Apart from teaching voice, Lillian is an accomplished pianist and one of the few professional pipe organ players in the country. Her augmented choirs of more than 150 singers have drawn accolades for being able to successfully tackle a range of material from Broadway musicals to intense Western classical composers. As a composer, Lillian has arranged and penned pieces in various styles. Her influences span Mozart to The Beatles

Student Feedback


Average Rating





Hate this nonsense, please. Never go here, they die for money, very bad service. I seriously say, think 100 times before you join, there rating are fake. Please don't trust them. No proper teaching, it's there heroes. Vocal teacher, never see like these peoples. I will say you will suffer. And no dream will be filled full. Please once trust me, or you will suffer.


Abhishek Jain

I was looking out for a place where I could be what I wanted to be. Where I could improve my writing, singing, Guitar and the composition. Ended up taking a course here, which then seemed just so fine, And in time, with so proper way of approach towards the music, From understanding it bit by bit to understanding it complete. Its been a level and I feel the change in me. 'Every day you learn something new, and going to bed with that feeling is so satisfying and just what you need for the day'. Taking a level 2 and waiting to take the magic to another high.



The concept is good. It is like a crash course where you learn in fast track and get to perform so early on. You get a taste of being in a band. That is really fun. But it can be demanding of working profs since classes/ timings can literally be all over the place. That said, would like to add that is difficult but not impossible. I would say, more appropriate for people already (seriously) into music. I took violin lessons and have figured the basics in less than 3 months so atleast can attempt to play stuff from you tube etc. Violin faculty was very capable but not very punctual or even present on many occasions.



I attended the Guitar music method at Nathaniel School of Music. I was extremely impressed with the knowledge of the faculty on the subjects especially pertaining to music theory. The course is very intensive and it is extremely important that students put in hard work to understand and apply the concepts taught in class. For working professionals, it can be a bit of a challenge at times to keep up with the fast pace of the course but looking at it from another angle it helps in developing time management skills! You end up interacting with extremely talented individuals, and you get to realize music just like any other profession calls for serious commitment, discipline, hard work apart from creativity and fun which it eventually is. I do plan to take up future courses, and would highly recommend Nathaniel School of Music as an amazing institute to begin or enhance your musical journey.



I am grateful for the opportunity to play on stage but it takes away the focus on learning the instrument for a major chunk of the four month program


Druthi Polisetty

I was part of Batch 37 Music method course. I took up keyboard under Jason. It was a wonderful experience as the knowledge imparted by Jason was immense. Jason is a brilliant teacher as his approach is very practical and logical thereby giving you the freedom to explore on your own.



I have taken up Keyboard and vocals at Nathaniel. The environment here is perfect for one to learn music. The jams were really fun because that is when all the band members got to use whatever they have learnt during our classes to create music. It is a cherish able experience that everyone must have.



It's good to be a student of Nathaniel Music school. Before joing this school I don't even know the basics of a keyboard. After completing 2 months I learned so many things and even I can play some of the songs. I must say thank you to our teacher Jason.


Sancheeta Kaushal

I really like the way Jason conducts the classes. My recommendation to people about the joining this music school is that you must join only if you have spare time out of your job since it is a music school and there are regular classes. I advise people not to miss classes and do assignments too. The assignments are the part where you learn the most. You can't afford to have a hectic schedule and simultaneously join these classes because you need to devote time and energy for the course and you must do that more because Jason puts in a lot of effort while teaching. I am saying so because I joined it as a hobby thing and had few prior engagements due to which I missed few classes and now I feel that I am left behind. But yeah they have a solution for that too. They have make up classes but since they are paid you must try to miss the least number of classes.


Sandesh K C

One of the best schools of music to learn an instrument to play. The perfect place to become an amateur musician. Also there are options to become a professional musician also.The faculty is impeccable. The courses are structured. And the gigs just help to build up your confidence. I learnt drums here. Ryan Sir is phenomenal. The class is never serious. It's in a jovial mood. He teaches everything form techniques to speed. You learn almost every genre there is. At least the basics, you do. It just expands your knowledge about drumming.All in all, I loved the place. The jam sessions are the most fun. People from different walks of life come together as a band to just play their heart out.I would recommend anyone wanting to learn an instrument to go to Nathaniel school of music. Cause it's worth your time and money


Karthik S

Lillian Mam is awesome. I am having a really great experience in Vocal classes and Jason's theory classes. This is the best place to get trained in Music, and the concept of having Jams makes the learning faster.


Runal Das

I was a student enrolled in both Voice and Bass classes. Prior to Nathaniel, I had no previous experience of taking Voice lessons or doing vocal performances. My experience with the Voice classes were very unsatisfactory, mainly due to the teacher. I can confidently that she was the most condescending person that I have ever met. She believed in favouritism, and picked students that she liked from the very first class itself. Her methods of teaching and communication were impractical and this caused several problems during the course's duration. She also had the habit of mixing her personal feelings for students with in-class professionalism. On one occasion, she even cancelled our scheduled 6AM class as she was apparently mad at us. This was done with no prior notice, and caused a great inconvenience for the high-school students and working professionals who showed up as usual. I learnt zilch from the Voice teacher, and I highly don't recommend the Voice classes here. I was also enrolled in the Bass course at Nathaniel. I have played the bass guitar before, and had a few years of experience before enrolling in the music school. The teachers, Mr. Jason and Mr. Alok played a monumental role in reintroducing the instrument to me , and in rekindling my interest for music performance. Overall, I had an okay time whilst at Nathaniel. With a few changes to their personnel and system, I believe that the school has the potential to become a really good one.


Shalini N K

NSM has been brilliant, this has really helped me get some clarity on how musicians work and how the music life is.



I am currently pursuing this course here and the journey so far has been great! The research and knowledge that we gain in each and every class is detailed, new and trendy. In addition to this, the amount of inspiration and science (literally!) that Lillian Ma'am and Jason enlightens us with, in every class, is absolutely out of the box and exhilarating.


Chitharanjan Das

So far, the School has helped me fix my posture and to adopt a much more effective practice routine. It's also offered a really palatable introduction to music theory.


Tony Kandave

Seriously it is the best place to learn Music and Instruments. I would appreciate Jason's theory class. Loved it and learnt theory part a lot.


Aayush Varma

The faculty is great, and so is the teaching, what I love most is the practical knowledge you gain by playing 3 gigs, and getting reviewed on your performance before the gig. I feel the scheduling of classes can get better, but the experience was truly unforgettable!


Vipul Toliwal

Its great. Their scientific teaching and way of explaining things is awesome. Jason sir & Lillian mam both are wonderful their faculty staff are also best.



The whole course is an inspiring experience. It certainly encourages musicianship, and live scenes. The best part would be meeting such talented people as batch mates, faculty and friends. It has been an unforgettable journey and I hope to create more memories with them in times ahead.


Hemant Panchabhai

Best music school is Bangalore! Learn drums from one of the best drummers in the country - Ryan Colaco of Kryptos! Ryan has a very nice teaching style and his knowledge is tremendous. He will give personal attention to each and every student. The drum course is nicely planned by Ryan. He has covered each and every aspect of beginner drumming in the course. As a part of curriculum, you get to perform 3 gigs which is a great opportunity. You make lot of friends which can be your bandmates in future. I would definitely recommend this school to all budding musicians. Thanks NSM for great time and for great friends I made during the course

Sandeep Gadila

Definitely the best music school in Bangalore, would recommend it to anyone who wants to take up music seriously. I don't think any other school gives the amount of exposure that you get here. The course structure of their 'Music Method' course is very well chalked out. The faculty is top notch and are very professional in the way they conduct themselves.



It was very nice learning at NSM and also they have new methods of learning all the time.


Mugdha Saxena

For keyboard learning, its a super fast and fun place to learn only if you are damn serious to learn it. The method used is very organised and easy to understand. However, the discipline and rules are strict which I believe, work in favour of the learning process.


Aaron Samuel

Music method in nathaniel school was really good and well organized. School gave me the certification in this field. Thanks for nathaniel.



At Nathaniel's trainers teach you what you need to become a great musician. They really push your limits and help you achieve things which you couldn't have imagined. But you need to be sincere enough to follow their directions. I personally couldn't have got a better teacher than Jason sir. Highly recommended if you are serious about getting into the music industry.


Dinesh Patnaik

I joined Nathaniel primarily for Western Vocals. The guidance and the course structure was very helpful for working professionals like me. It brought the performer out of me. The best part of the course is you not only get to learn music but you also get to perform in 3 concerts during the course with a lot of jam sessions as practice! Then I took Keyboard classes along with composer package. That taught me a lot about music theory and how it works. Their teaching made music so simple for me to understand and appreciate it even better. Jason Zachariah, the director cum piano faculty, is an inspiration and an excellent teacher. He explains music concepts very clearly and makes it fun to learn those. Also I never had to compromise on either work or music. The timings were perfect. I strongly recommend Nathaniel to anyone who either wants to start learning music and play an instrument or already plays one and wants to master it. Its the best place in Bangalore to go for. You would build a strong alumni network with whom you may end up forming a band too.



Perfect blend of classes and jam. Music Method-1 is just the apt step for beginners to get a sneak peek into this universal subject called music. Theory classes, ear training, band mentor ship, jamming, performing, stage presence are the few things that I would love to mention about the course and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. 4 months well spent. Thank you NSM :)


Gauri Talwar

I've had a steep learning curve at Nathaniels. For a person who did not know how to hold drum sticks, to perform live on the stage for 100+ audience was a thrilling experience. They have some of the best faculty members especially Ryan, who taught us drums, had been very patient and a great mentor!


Madhurima Krishnan

NSM has been going great, so far. It's better than I expected it to be, and I'm glad. Lillian ma'am has been a really good instructor with her honest feedbacks, positive or negative. It really makes you want to improve and gets you going. Personally, I feel I've come a long way after joining Nathaniel and I'm thankful to Lillian ma'am and the remaining crew.


Ankur Sethi

The first level of the Music Method course at Nathaniel is perfect for somebody who's intimidated at the thought of picking up an instrument for the first time. The teachers make you work hard and take you from zero to being able to play simple pop music on stage with other musicians in the span of four months. Nothing more, nothing less. The instruction was great, but the best part of the course was listening to Jason talk about his experiences in the trenches with all the bands and individuals he's worked with over the years. That's something you don't get if you're learning from a book or the Internet. The only complaint I have about the course is that, towards the end, scheduling classes wasn't managed very well. There was a lack of communication on when classes were supposed to take place. When classes were announced, they were announced suddenly at odd times, making it hard (and in some cases impossible) for students to make space in their work/college schedules so they could attend. Some predictability would have been nice. If the scheduling/communication issues are fixed, this is a 5 star course. I learnt more than I expected going in and had a blast!


Raj Dutta

Music method helped me a lot to improve my musical thinking approach. Thanks to Jason for his extraordinary theory classes.


Vishal Gaikwad

To even think of me being able to know music theory and officially play on the keyboard is magic. The school really brings out the musician in you, more over I think a lot of psychological process goes through my teachers head cause he knows exactly what he needs to teach. A very warm feeling to the course and the surroundings. Nobody is ever the same and everyone is inspiring. I have recommended this school to another few already. Truly a great place to start and keep pressing on with its variety of courses. We can't thank NSM and my teacher for choosing music over everything and imparting sheer sweet knowledge about music.


Nikita Lewis

I think this is the best school for music in the whole of Bangalore, I learnt not only what goes into music but everything from perception of music, to production to timing, and stage presence and band dynamics, lessons that you can only learn through experienced staff who are trained and good at what they do.


Neha Sharon Ahmed

I have learnt so much here. Its been 4 years and I still continue to go for classes.This place has practically changed my life. There is so much music happening everyday and we students get to be a part of it all.


Students Interested 1 (Seats Left 0)

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