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Banaswadi, Bangalore

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Banaswadi, Bangalore

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105 Reviews

About the Course

I have been doing Software testing and Implementing Automation Solutions using Selenium for over 9 years for all kinds of companies from start ups to fortune 500 companies. All the topics that are discussed in a class gets practiced in the class itself with my assistance. It's practice/practical oriented, Intensive and personalized training. All the topics are covered with examples and ensures that the student understands each and every topic. This course is designed to make the students expert in selenium. Ensures that the student can work independently on selenium with out any ones help.

Topics Covered

I have been doing Software testing and Implementing Automation Solutions using Selenium for over 9 years for all kinds of companies from startups to fortune 500 companies. All the topics that are discussed in a class get practiced in the class itself with my assistance. Its practice/practical oriented, Intensive and personalized training. All the topics are covered with examples and ensure that the student understands each and every topic. This course is designed to make the students expert in selenium. Ensures that the student can work independently on selenium without any ones help. Core Java ======= - Java History - EnvironmentSetup ------------- (understanding compiler, interpreter, .class, bytecode, jre, jdk, jvm). - Write and execute - KeyWords, literals &identifiers -------------Datatypes, -------------most used keywords, -------------Basic Code Syntax. - For Loop Control, while, do while - If –else conditions - Static Global Variables - methods. ------------- Method signature ------------- Static Method ------------- Passing arguments ------------- Returning type from methods. - Creating object to a class. - NonStatic Global Variables - NonStatic Methods. - Object Oriented Concepts ------------- Encapsulation ------------- Inheritance -------------------- Single Inheritance -------------------- Multi-Level Inheritance ------------- Polymorphism -------------------- Overloading -------------------- Overriding -------------------- Up casting -------------------- Down casting -------------------- Interfaces -------------------- Abstract Classes ------------- Abstraction -------------------- Public -------------------- Private, -------------------- default -------------------- protected. -------------------- final ------------- Arrays ------------- Collection (List, Set) ------------ Exception Handling.(try, Catch, finally, throw, throws, checked and unchecked exception, assert, verify). ------------ Strings ------------ Basics of Wrapper Classes ------------ Narrowing and widening ------------ FilesI/O - reading properties Eclipse ====== - Folder Structures in eclipse. - Java Packages. - Jar Files. POI - API ======== - Reading an Excel - Writing to an Excel HTML ===== - Basics of HTML. - Developing HTML page. Selenium Components ================ Selenium IDE. --------------------- - Record & Playback - Assert & Verify - Export Testcase - Performing sample real time Record & palyback scenario. Selenium WebDriver. ------------------------------ - WebDriver Interface API - Elements - Locating Elements (using id, name, class, tag, linkedText, partialLinkedText, xpath, cssSelector) - Implicit wait - Explicit wait. - Navigate. - Browsers(IE,Chrome,FF) - Handling Frames, - Handling Windows. - Handling Alerts - Keyboard and Mouse events, mouse right click, select multiple keys(ctrl+shift+del). - different addons to find xpath expression. - customised xpath expression - finding xpath from other browsers. AutoIt ===== Handling Windows/Browser/Authentication Popups. TestNG ====== - Features of TestNG - Advantages of TestNG over JUNIT - Annotations Supported by TestNG @BeforeSuite, @AfterSuite, @BeforeClass, @AfterClass, @BeforeTest, @AfterTest, @BeforeMethod, @AfterMethod, , @Test - testng.xml - Parallel Execution - Reporting Frameworks (1 or 2 frameworks) ======================== - Hybrid (Data driven, Keyword Driven and Modular Driven). - Page Object Model Framework. Real Time Project using any one of the above frame Works.

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Any one Who has passion to Learn Selenium


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About the Trainer

Jitendra Nandanamudi picture

4.94 Avg Rating

150 Reviews

164 Students

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Jitendra Nandanamudi

MCA, Expert in Selenium Training

12 Years of Experience

I have been doing Software testing and Implementing Automation Solutions using Selenium for over 9 years for all kinds of companies from small start-ups to fortune 500 companies.

Has in-depth knowledge on Selenium and has a great passion towards ensuring that the students understand the subject thoroughly.

Teaching is more effective and different compared to the formal classroom based training.

Student Feedback


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Shoma Anandan

I truly recommend JAVA-Selenium course from Mr. Jitendra to anyone who is from a non-programming background and for who want to take up automation but think that programming is impossible in moving forward in their career (just like how I was). The way he teaches is easy to understand and fruitful. Schedule is pretty good as he takes time and covers basics of JAVA without rushing. He also provides the flexibility to catch up missing classes (in case) with other parallel batches (when available). This shows the passion of the teacher as he is more concerned with the progress of his students rather than anything else. One who wants to progress in their career, this course is for them. And for individuals who want to learn. I recommend this course with Mr. Jitendra!



Overall it has been a very nice experience learning Java and Selenium concepts from Jitendra Sir. His style of teaching Java concepts is very good. He is strict at completing assignments and doing practice and with time you will understand the importance of it. His intention is to make students comfortable in Java which motivates you to learn different tools and not just stop at one tool or language. He always provides attention and clear doubts of the each and every student. The course duration may vary depending upon the pace of the students in a batch but he will never rush to finish the course. He makes sure that each and every student understands the concepts clearly. I wish him all the very best for all his future endeavors.


Ramesh Naidu

I take this opportunity to thank Jitendra sir, Who had been a great support to build up my Livelihood. Truly impressive Training. The course curriculum complemented by him articulation is truly impeccable. His way of teaching by taking real-time scenarios which enhance me to learn quickly. His training is more practical than theoretical. Concepts are taught so well, even though was not from a programming background. I would recommend Keys2 Java Selenium is the Best Selenium with Java Training in Bangalore. l am happy that I chose the right training center among a huge number of options. Thanks once again to Jitendra sir and Best of luck.



What i can say is if you want to learn then no other place is better than this institute for java and selenium. The guide will train us in such a manner we did not even recognised when we got so many skills that people used to learn in years we learn in 5 months. I can say better try and then you will not find words to thank him. I was from chemical engineering background and now doing job in it industry because of him only.


Aruna S

Very good institute to learn Java and Selenium. With Jitendra's teaching skills, any person can reach to expert level..He pays attention on each and every person, so that we will feel comfort to learn..Worth attending his classes rather than going to any other institutions..


Girish B V

If there is any person in Bangalore where they are teaching real Core Java/Selenium it has to be Jitendra Sir. The most dumbest person can start writing a Java code and create test cases for automation once attending Jitendra Sir's classes. I highly highly(Its not a mistake I have typed highly twice, its intentional) recommend this place to learn Core Java/Selenium, look no beyond from here if it is about learning Core Java/Selenium.



Best place to learn Java and selenium. Sir teaches very well. He knows so much about Java. I have learnt so much after I joined. After learning I am able to Automate on my own now after completing course from Jitendra Sir Very minute points are also covered in Java and his assignments and topics of selenium is so very helpful and important to attend interview. I thank sir for all the knowledge given to us on Java selenium.



I want to share my experience about java and selenium classes and the approach of dealing concepts. Here I start with my self, I have 5 years of Experience in IT and 3 years of gap and then joined k2js before 4 months. I still remember first day itself we started practicing with laptop about commands and then started slowly java concepts. Every day is a surprise to see the concept in a different angle since, I have little knowledge on Java. I use to wonder ok, like this also we can write code. And also attended selenium parallely after learning required concepts in java. from 10 days I started giving interviews and got placed in Good MNC company. You don't believe I use to feel bad when he scolded me as this simple things also you don't know and he laughed at me I really felt bad and that day I have decided that, I should never get scoldings from sir. I use to do more practice than earlier every day till end of the course. Now I thank every time when ever I was able to perform well in the interviews. Believe me I realized that because of his scoldings, I got placed after 3 years of GAP. Always his intention is not to scold us just that he is perfect in teaching and expects that same perfection from us to learn. Guys believe me in all the interviews many programs are from sir's programs. If you are able to practice his homework you can crack any java programming questions. Finally from the heart Am saying this, Thank you so much sir for sharing your knowledge with us.


Vivek Gupta

"I would like to begin sharing my experience with a single line- "It's the best training institute in the industry ". The training started with in depth Core Java Concepts which was easy for even a novice to pick up. Jitendra's way of explaining the oops concepts with practical examples is highly appreciated. The next phase of training deals with Selenium which is apt as per market requirements. I would like to give an advice to all who is looking for such training- "If you attend the course with full sincerity and dedication completing all assignments given, cracking job interview will not be a big deal." I myself is holding 3 offers currently after his successful training. Must recommended place for all the people who are looking out a career in Automation Testing."


Abhishek Patodia

Jitendra Sir is undoubtedly best tutor for JAVA and Automation testing in Bangalore . He holds a great knowledge on JAVA topics and try his level best to teach same to his students. His way of transferring knowledge to students is very unique. Any one can learn java by following Jitendra Sir steps, the way he teach java by practicals and it becomes very interesting to his students as the course passes by . I want to thanks Jitendra sir for all his teaching and efforts and wish him a great success in future.


Surya Manikiran

Perfect place to learn Java and selenium.Training quality was amazing. Jitendra sir is really talented in teaching skills. Approach of explaining the concepts is the best. There are no Slides or Books, only Programs. In the entire training schedule, i would have written around 300 programs. I definitely recommend this institute.


Girish Rout

Really glad to write this review on this teachers day that Jitendra sir's teaching is unique in it's quality and it has helped me a lot for the successful transformation of my skillset from a usual platform to a new horizon. Thank you sir.



If you want to learn Selenium with java then Keys 2 Java selenium is the best institute where we can gain more knowledge on subject with less fee structure. It is the best institute in the whole city to learn Selenium with java.


Pranshu Dwivedi

I attended the Java selenium classes from Jithendra Sir sometime back and before that i didn't have confidence in Java but the way he teaches is exceptional which i haven't seen anywhere else and i am saying this as i have attended the classes at other places as well before meeting Jithendra Sir. Best part about his teaching is that there is very less room for theory classes and the entire focus is on hands on programming in the class. He gives a lot of importance on Java as that is the pain area of most of the people starting to get in to automation and he makes sure that we make hundreds of programs before even touching Selenium so that we gain enough confidence in Java. He doesn't teach just for the sake of teaching but he is passionate about it and that is very evident in his way of teaching. He just needs a commitment of 3 months and he makes sure that you are committed to it else you won't be able to sit in his next class. Thank you so much Sir for accelerating the future of your students.


Madhu D R

He is an excellent teacher and techie, he has vast knowledge in the subjects he is teaching. He is very friendly. I attended his java and selenium classes and gained the knowledge from roots it's all because of his support in learning. After completion of the course I showed my manual testing as Automation testing as 2 years and was able to clear all the selenium technical interviews and finally landed into a good company. Thanks a lot Jitendra. I recommend the students or experience people who want learn selenium, please join keys to java selenium and boost your knowledge.



Keys2javaseleniu is very good place to learn java selenium. Jitendra sir teaching very good. And he make us practice more that will help us more.


Lalit Kumar

This best thing what happened to me in the year 2018 has I joined k2js Java Selenium. I basically come from the telecommunication background and I hardly did any coding in any programming language after my engineering. But really after joining k2js for Java and selenium, I got a lot of boost and confidence for Java programming language. The beauty of this course is The practical. This course consists of only Practical. By the course got completed 417 programs in total including Java and Selenium. The methodology of teaching is best and unique. I like the most is increasing the level of Programs from basic to advance in each topic of Java and Selenium. This institute is highly recommended for everyone who is looking to do something in Java or Selenium. Must go & attend the demo classes. Rest I don't need any word to explain. Lastly, Thanks a lot Sir for giving us everything. You are the The Best in Java.



Jitendra not only teaches the way to code but also guides on how to explore the programming languages. Its worth joining this institute and I would strongly recommend everyone to join this institute to explore real java and selenium.



I wish there would be an infinite start rating for Jitendra Sir. Definitely the best trainer in this world. The amount of hardwork and dedication he put to make each and every student understand the concepts is commendable. I came with a dream and he made me fly high and helped me in making it true. I joined his classes in Feb corporate batch and before the course finishes I got extremely great opportunity in one of the largest product company. Jitu sir if you are reading my reviews, I would like to claim that it's only you who made my dream of working in a product company successful. Thanks is very little word for you. Guys , if you are reading my reviews just attend his 2 days free demo classes and you will get to know why Java is his god and he is our God.



I have attended Java Selenium training in his institute and I must say this is the best and highly recommended institute for JAVA, Selenium. He motivate everyone in the class. Jitendra Sir got a unique approach of teaching and he have in depth knowledge in Java and Selenium. I really enjoyed his teaching. He is the best. Thank you very much sir.


Dheeraj Devaiah

This is only institute in Bangalore that makes you feel Java/Selenium is easy and anybody from any background can learn in just 1.5 month.What makes it so easy is the Trainer who has shortcuts for every concept he teaches.What makes this institute stand number 1 is that the Trainer only believes in practical knowledge approach, that is every single line he teaches by making us do it on our laptops which no other institute does. By the time you finish the course you will be confident enough to automate any application, that's the level of training offered in keys2Selenium. I personally recommend everybody to join this institute without a second thought. I guarantee the Trainer will make you feel Java/Selenium/Automation is simple.


Durga Phanisree sypu

I attended Java Selenium in his institute and I must say this is the best and highly recommended institute for JAVA, Selenium in Bangalore. Jitendra Sir got a unique approach of teaching and he ensures that every one in the class understands and learn things easily.



Jitendra sir is a excellent trainer. He introduce the java in a new angle to everyone. He starts java with fundamentals. We don't know when we start writing program by sir training, from the day 1 we experience the sir way of teaching. This is best institute and the best trainer i never saw. I am thankful to you sir for making java easy for me.



I had done java + selenium course here & this is the best institute to refer to the guys who want to change the profile from "Manual Testing" to "Automation "Testing"& as well as for freshers. Because he will teach you everything from the scratch in detail with real time examples, and makes us to write programs in class itself on lot of examples (This will help us highly in the interview prospective). He is highly concerned about how students are receiving, If any of the person is not understanding he is ready to tell n times with various examples. The way he will build confidence, makes not to bother even if we not from the programming background & he is very friendly in the class. I am very happy as my training is done here. Note: The programming examples given by him are very useful (In Terms of learning the subject and interview).


Aarti Kandpal

Best and Highly recommended institute for learning Java Selenium in Bangalore. Jitendra sir is very passionate towards teaching, his lectures are very interactive and provide lot of hands-on-practice on coding, he pay attention to each and every student of class and help those who are slow in grasping concepts. You cannot find any other teacher like him. If you miss any class due to work they provide flexibility to attend other batches.


G Suresh Babu

Jitendra has a unique way teaching of Java and Selenium. He ensures that everyone in the class understand the concepts. Always he explains the concepts with the real time examples where it is very easy to remember. He is a very dedicated trainer and encourages his trainees by offering benefits who performs well. This shows how much he is passion about training. Though you are a beginner if you follow his classes and completes his exercises, you will get the confidence equals to a experienced person. I would strongly say that if anyone wants to move their career in Java and Selenium they can straight away join this institute without any other view.


Bindu S Gowdar

Getting Trained by Jitendra sir is one of the best things I did in my life. He is the only trainer i have seen, who ensures that everyone in the class understands the concepts and able to follow his words. His way of teaching Java and selenium is very unique and makes the life of both tester and developer simpler. Its very easy for students to follow his words even though they are not from programming background.He not only teaches the way to code but also guides on how to explore the programming languages. Its worth joining this institute and I would strongly recommend everyone to join this institute to explore real java and selenium.



Excellent trainer in Bengaluru. What I like about the training most is that everything is practical which is more helpful to the students.



Jitendra Sir is born talented but hidden from world many years and finally he started giving professional life to many people. He is a great teacher having great passion about teaching, he's a mentor, motivator and also a brother who always care about their brother and sisters. His way of teaching and training is very unique and helpful for a zero programming background person also. I never see a person like him in terms of his dedication, I am requesting seriously the people who's going to join his course, Please stick to his course and work day to day and you can see miracles, Just follow the sir instructions and guidance that's it. Sir wishing you all the best for your future and Thanks for the opportunity given to tell these few my views on your teaching. Thanks, Murali



"I had taken Selenium training from Keys two Java Selenium institute by Jitendra Sir. And I can assure that it is the best training institute for learning selenium and java.



I took training for java and selenium from Jitendra and got a high level of self confidence in the subjects. Its been 2 years i met this tutor still i refer to his java notes and i could do well in all the interviews, i face by just glancing his notes or practicals. He made me understand complex features in a way that i could relate to day today life examples and understand, recollect and apply. I wish all the success in his teaching profession. I recommend anyone to get his tailored teaching.


Lokesh P

Excellent training. Starting from the basics, all concepts are explained in a clear and concise manner. Jitendra sir clears any doubts asked during the class no matter how simple the questions are. The teaching is done in such a way that even people with 0 programming knowledge end up being skilled in using Java and Selenium. I have been able to secure a job abroad with just a couple of interviews. I would strongly recommend people who are interested in learning Java and Selenium to join this institute. Worth every bit and the training provided is world class. Easily the best place in Bangalore if someone would wish to develop their skills in test automation.



Excellent teaching skill along with his in depth knowledge paved a new beginning for our programming career. He is so dedicated and takes much care on every individuals performance in the class. It is a complete practical class which provides good hands on and exposure. We are very much satisfied and happy with his training as never before. This training not only ensures our thorough knowledge in java and selenium but also ensures the capability to learn and implement new technologies ourselves without much difficulty.



Jitendra gives you a different perspective of learning Java and using this power in Automation. There is no boring theory lesson on pen and paper. From the very first minute of the class you open your laptop and start playing with the installation of Java to writing programs and fail 100's of times while executing and then learn from your failures. Classes are completely hands-on practical. Also, Jitendra sometimes deliberately writes the wrong code/logic on the board and expects students to fail and pick-up the right concepts. You will never learn this failing techniques from books or theory lessons. These failures are every useful especially in interviews, as interviewers ask negative and confusing scenarios to test your knowledge. Hundreds of real-time Interview questions are discussed and solved in the class itself. Selenium training starts after in-depth coverage of Java concepts. Selenium is just like a cool breeze after you have done all the hard work in learning Java. All frameworks and integrations of Selenium with other tools are taught in detail which gives confidence in automating any type of web app. The bottom line is Jitendra’s coaching gives you a confidence that even if you dont know something you still have the courage to explore and learn it independently in future. This gives you the confidence to show a solid background of 2-3 yrs of Automation exp. in your resume and crack interview.


Santhosh Kumar

Jithendra is an excellent teacher/trainer/instructor with Java and Selenium. His staunch promise of Imparting the Java and Selenium at expert level is not just a promise but a commitment. His approach to the learning curve is little different and gives the student a 100% confidence for the Java and Selenium subject. I have undergone training with several others but Jithendra is exceptional and i can vouch for him. He is also up to date with the subject that gives the edge for the learners. In one line he is a 360 degree trainer for Java and Selenium.


Shilpa Kumari

Best institute and best faculty in Bangalore for automation training, best practice is given in the class, and I highly recommend to all fellows who are willing to learn automation from scratch. Can assure selection in interviews.



Most of the Test Engineers with Manual Experience are humiliated not realizing the value add to the product development, I am also one such person, despite of vast domain expertise people in the Industry did not recognize. Realizing this I started attending the class for Automation Testing , on Java and Selenium . The teaching by Jitendra Sir was exceptional on the OOPS concepts and I could design my own framework. However, there came a day for pink slip for the very reason. I had all the hopes and resigned my current position with no doubts in mind and being confident to make it through multiple interviews. Today I am writing this review with multiple offers in hand, making it difficult for me which offer should I choose!!!. It is indeed industry standard today for Test Analyst to have the knowledge of Automation Testing and Keys2Selenium with Jitendra Sir is the place to achieve the same. No Theory absolutely, complete sessions are practical only. What more can we ask for as a beginner. Jitendra Sir has vast IT experience , but he is also a great teacher who can impart automation testing without any ambiguity. Thank you Sir, you have inspired me for the life time.


Deepak K G

• The training was fully based on real time examples. • Encouraged asking questions/doubts. • Began with basics of java so that students who had no idea about java also able to understand and became experts. • All the topics were explained with real time examples. • Timings were flexible .Also we were able to join with other batch/backup class if we missed any class. • The way in which Jitendra explained is entirely different from other trainers. That makes him unique and best trainer in Bangalore. • I am able to work on selenium independently after the successful completion of the training. • This training helped me to get job in my first interview .I would like to say this is the best finishing school. • I strongly recommend this training to you all and I am sure Java/Selenium will be your passion once you complete this training.



Jitendra is an expert in Software Test Automation spanning over 12 years of experience. He has very good command over JAVA and SELENIUM. He is an all rounder when it comes to Test Automation, be it Desktop or Web or Mobile, Am sure he is one stop for beginners and intermediates to learn from him and become an expert. His passion towards test automation is phenomenal, he has instrumental in implementing automation strategy from scratch to 100 percent automation in Web and REST Services. Getting guidance from such a person is something that we could leverage on. All the Best, Jitendra, continue to do the good work.


Archana P

I joined UrbanPro as a fresher and i am 2015 passed out. For one year i struggled to get a job, after that someone suggested to join UrbanPro. I got good practical knowledge from Jitendra sir, i got job as Developer before course got completed. I would like to thank Jitendra sir for the help.


Megha Karnam Rao

It will be a complete practical session throughout the course, his teaching with examples makes us get clarity about the concepts. Teaching is perfectly fine, our practice and determination includes his teaching is what makes us get positive results. Both Java and Selenium coaching is very good and helps us to grow in our career. Thanks for helping me get placed in my first attempt with a good offer.


Srilatha KY

Jitendra has very good knowledge in Java and selenium. His way of teaching is excellent. He will explain all the java concepts by relating with real time scenarios, it will help us to understand the concepts very well.I was a manual tester and I was having a carrier gap of 2.5 years and I didn't get any job with manual testing experience.Then I joined Jitendra's institution. The training provided by Jitendra helped me to get placed in one of best MNC. I really very thankful to Jitendra for giving me a new professional growth. I would strongly recommend anyone(freshers or experienced) to join his course.


Bishnu Prasad

Thanks Jitendra for all your training and guidance. I have attended Jitendra's class in Nov-Dec of 2016. Before joining his class i was having around 6 years of experience in Software Automation with tools like RFT, QF-Test. All his classes were very helpful for me. I can say if anyone have automation experience and wants to learn Selenium, then he is the guy. The simplicity of teaching, assignment and rewards on completion of task was highlights of his training. Because of his class today i have 2 offers in my hand. So thank you again Jitendra.



I would say Jitendra is the best trainer for Automation testing, He is a expert in Java programming and Selenium as well,He gave real time examples which made me to understand the concept easily.and With his motivation and support, I got selected in one of the best MNC Company, i would like to say thanks him.



Superb. I had attended other training institutes,nothing matches with Jitendra's standard of teaching.Best thing is he takes students as his personal challenge to educate them with selenium automation. This is not just a institution which is bothered about fees but gaining knowledge and making you self sufficient. Highly recommend



-"The real art of teaching is the art of assisting innovation" Jitendra is a perfect example of this art. Jitendra has enormous knowledge and experience on Selenium Testing and he helps his students to achieve the same level of knowledge prior to get experience. Jitendra's institute is the best place to gather, learn and explore. Jitendra helps on learning in-depth concepts. He also guides in achieving professional goals and choosing further career paths. Personally, Jitendra helped me in every aspect to pursue my goals and with a mutual efforts I'm at excellent position of ma career. If you'r enthusiastic to learn and really wanna make difference in you, I would like to suggest you to join Jitendra's Prolearn Institute. Finally, I would like to Thank Jitendra for making me a real me.


Vidya S

Jitendra has great experience in Automation testing. Exceptional in Selenium & Java Programming. Very effective training with lot of examples to understand the testing concepts. Would surely recommend his training course for those who are looking for better career opportunities in automation testing, convert manual tester to Automation tester. Even a person without any programming skills can easily get the hang of Java programming & master in Selenium & expertise their Automation skill sets. Thanks a lot for the training & wishing all the success.



Jithandar is having very good approach of giving training. He has very good knowledge in Java and testing, automation. He is giving hands on training in classroom itself. Doubts clarifications is done on time to time. He helps the students a lot and support them very well. I felt this is the best training centre in Bangalore fr selenium. He makes us to feel like friend in the class. I am sure after his course everyone will get good job.


Sudhir Nayak

Jitendra was exceptional in his approach towards the training. The training content and method was beyond compare and fully hands-on. Jitendra's knowledge over the subject and the way he explains the concepts with relevant and simple examples is awesome. He ensures that you understand the concepts and tries to explain things in simple terms. The coarse content is optimal and enough to give you the confidence to face any interview. His hand holding for students who come without programming knowledge is the key to his success as an instructor. Way to go! Jitendra. Thanks for the awesome training.


Vigneshwaran M

Learning from jitendra was a great experience by itself. He is very strong & passionate about Java and covered the topics starting from scratch of what is programming to advanced introduction topics, which was awesome. The whole course is based on lot of practicals which really makes the learning experience more efficient and effective. I am sure this would help a person to become more confident day by day and transform a typical tester to fit in to role like 'software developer in test'. This course would also help one to explore multiple career paths going forward. I strongly recommend if one is looking forward for a great career change.



He teaches all the concepts in Core Java which is very helpful in Selenium. Even Non-CS background or don't have any programming knowledge but want to learn programming can join this institute. Jitendra encourages to practice on our own. It is worth joining this course. I would strongly recommend anyone to join his course and get benefited. Also who want to have career in Selenium join his course.


N Kiran Kumar

He is a good trainer. I will highly recommend him for those who wants to excel themselves in selenium.


Veeresh Math

I attended Selenium classes in the month of April 2016, understood each and every concepts clearly from basic HTML to advanced level. Class will begin with brief introduction of previous day concepts covered, in each class I use to write programs clean and clear understanding of all the questions. Following concepts I learned: Selenium Locators, framework POM, TestNG, POI, Maven etc. I use to do the assignments and those were very interesting and Simple. This learning was very good experience.


Bandi Ram Mohan

I came to know about this institution from google.I have attended only 3 weeks of Jitendra sir classes for CORE JAVA. He is an excellent trainer and having depth knowledge in what he is saying. No trainer in Bangalore will teach you practically for every class on their own laptops. He is more confident in what he is teaching. Jitendra will expects the same from students to be more confident in what they are practicing. During training we need to apply our common sense while practicing programs. Also we need to follow his class care fully. He never use computer for explaining programs. Also you never find in entire Bangalore that a trainer using only white board for all his classes. I got onsite opportunity on my skill set,so unable to proceed after 3 weeks. My suggestion for any new joiners, Just believe Jitendra words and follow his class , I am sure you will succeed in your career. All the best.


Shikha Swaroop

Best Trainer in Bangalore. I had no knowledge of Java/ coding. But he made me to understand things in a very good way. If you really just follow what he has taught, it will make you a Pro for sure. Join it without a doubt in mind. You can get at least three offers when you finish the training. Thank you so much sir for putting so much effort for each and everyone of us.



If you want to learn selenium using java please join Jitendra's Class, he can teach how selenium works and runs. Teaching technique is really great. Highly Recommended!!!


Priyam Khanna

Hi, You must be going through the reviews to find more about Jitendra and his classes. Also, you must be seeing a number of reviews written for his classes but you must be confused if they are really real. Hmmm.... Same were my thoughts when I was planning to join Selenium classes and wanted a good guidance. So, I came across Jitendra's classes here on Urbanpro. Had contacted a lot of coachings before I was not feeling somewhat convinced. Then I read reviews about Jitendra's classes and contacted him. Finally... my search was over. After a long time got a teacher who was not running behind money but for knowledge. A teacher who's main concern was my knowledge and learning and not how I will pay my fees. I assure you he is the best teacher in whole Bangalore. Not even Bangalore his students are outside the country as well. And we respect and adore him because he deserves that. He is the person who has changed many lives. Not only he is a teacher but a motivator as well. He pushes the student far apart to make him excellent. He never leaves you in between a problem. He will sit with you and will help you understand the topic. But please when he is giving his 100%, give your 100% as well. Don't go to his classes assuming it like any other coaching class. If you want to get the result, you will also have to do the things on your part. Las but not the least, If still you have any doubts contact me on my email id and get your doubts cleared.



I took online class having one on one sessions. I highly recommend anyone who wants to take up training in Automation testing from Jitendra(Prolearn). The training sessions are very intense and focused in learning basics and understanding the topics thoroughly. Teacher can impart good knowledge but to make the sessions more fruitful there is good amount of hard work needed from the student as well. Jitendra is very passionate about teaching and you can really see it when you start taking sessions. I wish him all the best and Thank him for his dedication towards teaching students from different walks of IT industry.


Parvej Ahmad

Hi Over all the training was helpful and charges are feasible, Jitendra guided me with proper plan taking Java and Selenium perfectly step by step and explained which really helped me. However i would recommend some of the items to be included in the training programme. May be my expectation is more :) 1. Headless Browser testing. 2. More collection/database knowledge. 3. How to test plan for automation project, effort estimation to automate. 4. Selenium Grid was expected. 5. SOAP and restful API testing.



Fantastic Trainer.He makes java concepts very simple and understandable to any lay man from the scratch. He is the best in providing good examples which links Java and Selenium . Very worth it.


Lohith Ks

Hi All, I was having zero knowledge on Java and selenium. Got to know about this institute from my friend. I joined course and it was worth joining this course. He teaches all concepts well with examples , more will be practical and defenetly he will concentrate on each and individual about their understanding level and clear all doubts that we have. I suggest everyone to join his institute to become programmer. A big thanks to Jitender sir for his guidance and for his teaching ... All the best for all .



I strongly recommend joining this institute to those people who are looking to learn automation from strong basic foundation to advanced level in a practical manner rather than theoretical manner.This training has helped me a lot in learning programming using core java and to use it for automation using selenium web driver and also in securing multiple job offers within 15 days of completing the training. Thank you very much, sir, for providing this excellent training.



I was predominantly into Functional Testing and did not have any exposure to Java /Selenium/Automation Testing. After I joined Selenium Training under Jitendra sir, I was able to understand the Java concepts and Automation using Selenium and was really a confidence booster. I have currently got an opportunity to use these skills in my current assignment and automation is no more a difficulty. Thanks for all the training and hands on at the Institute. :)



I joined Prolearn institute for Selenium training which is in Ram Murthy Nagar. I usually prefer a training environment where the strength of students will not be too much so that quality of the education will be high. I got the same from Jitendra Sir's institution. Its quite comfortable with the sufficient number of students where he focuses on each and every student. I had a very nice experience of learning and was able to grab a job easily. The concepts which are told by him will make one's life easier, hence basic building of concepts will lead you to your dreams. I would recommend everyone to join Jitendra Sir's institute if they want high quality, conceptual learning with focus on each and every student's doubts.


Omkar U M

1.I have learnt lot from jitendra on Core Java and Selenium. 2.His teaching techniques are very good and any one can understand. 3.His capability to make understand the concept with real time examples is very good. 4. people from Any background can understand his teachings. 5.He takes care of Individual learning. 6.He teaches all the things required for Automation Engineer from Core java language to Frame work development with real time project. 7.He helps us in learning tools like SVN,MVEN,Jenkins .


Dinesh Reddy

Its worth to join the class of Jitendra for Selenium Testing. We can learn Java from basics to depth.



Very good knowledge received from Jitendra his workshop will be more practical. I've find him good knowledgeable person in selenium automation. I've learned good knowledge from him It helped to get award in my company am very thankful to him. Please keep rocking and wish you all success!



Jitendra is the best tutor i ever had. He is a expert in Java programming and Selenium as well. He gave real time examples which made me to understand the concept easily. Also he focuses more on practical than theory, so i found much time in executing it. With his motivation and support, i got selected in one of the MNC's as automation engineer from manual test engineer. I would strongly recommend anyone to join his course.


Rajapriya V

It was the best coaching I have attended ever. The approach was very practical and real time oriented rather than theoretical. The hands on exercise was very much helpful. He takes time to finish the training but its worth the time to undergo the training. On any day I would recommend his training.



It's difficult to find tutor's and institutes providing real-time,hands-on and practical expertise on the subject like java and selenium in Bangalore,but here we are with a trainer who teaches you with complete hands-on in each class and makes sure you understand the core of the subject,his approach is different but very effective. Jitendra is a dedicated and passionate individual and puts a lot of efforts for each example/subject he explains. I would recommend him for anyone who wants to learn selenium webdriver and Java with no background of programming also.



Jitendra has very good practical knowledge on selenium, explains the concepts in the same way. The unique thing in his training is the hands on and he spends reasonable time in explaining it. He gives attention to all the students irrespective of the speed at which they are learning. Whatever concepts he teaches, there is quality in it and you can understand them. From there you need to take it to next level. Thank you!!

Debal Roy

Jitendra has very good knowledge in selenium Testing. The way he teach is commendable. His approach is completely different from other institute's trainer. If any one attains his training he/she will have very good hands on skills . His training is job oriented and he helps candidates for preparing for jobs/interview/resume building.He helps candidates anytime after completion of training also.His training helps to learn selenium ,testng . He also shares the idea of framework in selenium.


Basavaraj Enagi

We had corporate training from Jitendra. He is very good trainer in terms of the quality of content he delivers and the way he make sure that attendee understands it. I felt even beginners, or people interested from non-technical background in Selenium can also get benefited from the course. Also guys who wants to understand more about Selenium can also learn many things. He sits with each one of them and do it practically so you get hands on for development Webdriver test cases. Note - Since I attended corporate training, I would like to add that views are personal and do not represent my organisation.


Girish Martham

Provided valid information ,tips and live example/code writing. Very good training provided.



Excellent course with practical examples. Key is he make sure that everyone in his class understands whatever he teaches with lots of patience. I strongly recommend Jitendra to anyone who wants to become expert on Selenium.

Nirmal Dhara

He is a very good trainer. He provide real time hands on training.



Strong knowledge with apt teaching for good understanding to a student


P Devendra Naidu

Jitendra is the best trainer in selenium testing, He provided hands on experience in all the concepts without bothering about duration which helped a lot to implement selenium framework from scratch in our organization.His knowledge in Java & Selenium is simply superb and he is dedicated,fully committed in the course & he always flexible in terms of timings . He always think about his students growth I can bet you, you wont get any other trainer like him. I got more offers from the companys thank you very much Jitendra, I never forget you till the life ends. Once again thank you very much.

Sridhar V

Jithendra has got a great skills in java and selenium. He teaches with very good examples so that anybody can understand the concept. Outcome of this course really help automation testers to have great career. He has good experience in automation testing with good frame works.I suggest to join this and will gain lot of it.



Excellent course and best trainer. This course that he gave really helped me a lot to improve my knowledge in java basics and Selenium Webdriver. He taught java basics concepts in depth. The information and knowledge that you get from him , I assure that you wont get from any other trainer. And also he mentally prepares you for all the scenarios. He is a really confident and he imparts that confidence into his students as well. Once again he is the best trainer I have had pleasure of getting training and I recommend everyone who plan to take up a course in Selenium to choose Jitendra as your trainer.



I can say Jitendra you are the best teacher, who will make learning java as easy as drinking coffee. Before joining I was thinking whether I can learn java, Is it possible, but Jithendra your teaching made me to learn and implement. Now I have the confidence that I can able to handle the project Independently. There is no second question on your teaching, It will make easy to understand. As per my opinion you can make any one expert in java and selenium. Such a hard work and dedication you will give on the subject. You are the number one teacher in java, who will make to feel java is not difficult, any one can learn the Subject. I will strongly refer my friend. Hats-off Jithendra for your teaching. The way you will teach, It will make us to feel that we are working on the live environment. Thank you Jitendra to have a teacher like you.



Jitendra has teaching skills and vast knowledge in core java. He will explain java with very good example. Even manual tester can understand the concept easily. He has good experience in Java and Selenium. This is the platform where any automation testers dream can fulfill. I strongly recommend to anybody to join this course.


Abhilash Tc

Well!!! When I have decided that I have to learn Selenium, I was perplexed about where to join. But one thing I was sure about is that I wanted to learn from an expert only. Being in the industry for over 13 years, I know that I can't go to any typical Computer Training Center where we are forced to listen to what the trainer have mugged up for that specific day and he can't answer nor understand the realistic/scenario based questions that we ask. I wanted to learn from a seasoned campaigner who has real time expertise in the subject. When I spoke to Jiten he said he's working with a multinational and told me that I can attend two to four demo sessions to get to know about the quality of the training that he renders. I then attended the demo training which is actually not a demo,but proper training sessions. I required only one class to make up my mind and to join the training. He is very dedicated and passionate to teach and its been consistently evident throughout all the sessions. He will ensure that every one understand the subject well. He is ready to answer your calls round the clock to clear your doubts or roadblocks. Thats a stellar Jiten! I have hardly seen an honest, committed and passionate trainer like him. Good Luck Jiten..


Sowmya Bilagi

Jithendra teaches the class with practical experience.When things are done practically we never tend to forget instead we become expert in short time.


Surendar Anumagala

The following are the interview questions. It'll help all of us while attending any interview. If you can answer them, it'll be very much appreciated. • How would you choose a suitable test for automation? • What automation tools you use/would use? • How would you carry out the automation process? • What should a test script look like? • When would you automate? • Writing test scripts • How would you report the progress to management? • Technologies: C#, Javascript and .Net • Automation Testing tools (PowerShell, Azure) Thanks in advance for the response/answers.



Thankyou Jitendra! You proved it once again. I got the job in my very first F2F interview on Selenium. I attended "Become Expert on Selenium" course by Jitendra in October, 2014. I didn't know any basics of JAVA and Selenium. Jitendra has taught me both core Java and Selenium. It was amazing to see his passion and striving for excellence in teaching. His way of teaching is different and very effective to make the student understand the concept and gain the real time experience rather than just learning theory. His commitment and dedication in student's success is mind blowing. Always going the extra mile and delivering practical knowledge. His course is designed to make the student to think outside the box. I was desperately looking for an expert in Selenium. Luckily, I got Jitendra. His in depth Selenium knowledge and experience helped me understand very easily. I strongly recommend Jitendra for anyone who needs to get a job or become expert on Selenium. He has a great helping nature and always treats the student's success as his success. Once again thank you Jitendra.


Surendar Anumagala

I liked the teachers dedication and passion towards his mission. He has tons of patience which a true teacher should have.


Kaushik Comeon

Hi this is Kaushik, I call jitendra as a personal trainer rather than a teacher becoz everything he teaches is practical...he made me as a better thinker and changed my perspective of seeing things while learning..he made me learn selenium and java the hard way which eventually made everything easy for me regarding the coding..! mr.jitendra had a very good approach of teaching, he analyses the brain of the students well, and he has the ability to synchronize well with the students speed of learning and understanding things. I recommend jitendra for anyone, i mean the starter or the people who already have some knowledge on things what u r going learn from him...! i can say everything in one word " if you want to become an expert then to choose him, he is an excellent trainer ".- kaushik.



As any other teacher, can teach to any kind of students but here is very special with dealing with Jitendra as Teacher, he will make sure the student gets the 110% from his class , in my case i have had this same training from some one else but i was not confident enough on the first training so i have approached Jithendra via UrbanPro to obtain the Training on the same topics and here i am now confident enough to deal with the regular day to day work, i can strongly recommend him as a teacher to teach Testing(Selenium), i would like to congratulate him on this occasion as recently i have heard news as he is the best& No 1 Teacher in Bangalore for Selenium, i dont think he would advertise him self as a teacher in future coz he doesnt need that, i am sure each and every student recommend his name for selenium learning like me, all of his passion and hard work towards teaching and bringing up new students to Automation tester(Selenium) will make him to be the best teacher in planet soon.


Santosh Gaddam

Hi All, Am Santosh from Toronto, Canada. I approached Jiendra by ThinkVidhya, His very prompt, Genuine, and Humble person. He makes you too work hard, that kind teaching skill he has, finally you will learn the subject, after successive classes you get his support in all aspects. He was expert in teaching Java, and Selenium. I will rate him 10 out of 10 in ratting. I will recommend who are interested taking selenium coaching. And I got succeed with my job after finishing my course with him. Santosh


Amrathraj Nayak

Hi, This is Amrathraj. I attended Selenium training from Jitendra. Before joining the course I did not have knowledge on Selenium and Core Java. But he taught me everything from the basics. He interacts with student and gets to know the knowledge level of student before starting any concepts. He builds a strong foundation which is necessary to learn any new technology. For every concept in Core Java and Selenium, he made me to write programs/scripts. This helped me to have good clarity on the concepts.He is very flexible in timings. He helped me in preparing resume and attending interviews. His training helped me to get into Infosys. I strongly recommend him for Core Java and Selenium training.


Naveen T S

Hi, this is Naveen.Earlier I was working in manual testing and I went to Jithendra for learning basics of Automation testing.His interactive way of teaching and his in depth knowledge in both Java and Selenium made me a master in automation today.He is a gem of a person both personally and professionally. He was always ready to make his time depending on my requirement.I can proudly say that,because of him I got the job in one of the best company.Thank you very much Jithendra and I really strongly recommend you as a best tutor in the field of Java and Selenium in Bengaluru.


Raj K

This is Raj from California, USA. Jiten is an awesome teacher, he is committed, on time and strives for success of his students.


Madhu S

I went a crash course training on selenium automation testing. He has very good knowledge of Selenium, Automation Testing and Java. I leaned selenium in very quick time and i am very confident about the selenium now. He knowledge in selenium and java concepts are good. The way of teaching was excellent. I strongly recommend him for selenium training,


Biswajit Pani

Yesterday , I attended one session of Mr.Jitendra for Selenium Framework. It is awesome. He started from scratch and after 2 hours , WE completed the framework. It is not only on pen and paper but we completed this in System. We ran it and it worked fine. I am very much impressed by his teaching style and knowledge on Selenium.


Aswin Babu

His classes were very interactive and all of the concepts were explained with a real time example and a sample program. He cultivated the practice of making us code each and every concept during the class. He is very flexible with the students and makes them understand the topics in a easier manner. I liked his teaching and classes and I would recommend him as one of the best teachers to learn from.


Anuradha Muralidharan

I am Anuradha. I have attended Jitendra's Selenium class. I found the class very interesting. He is the best teacher I have ever encountered in a computer course. His hands hold you and guides you step by step across the entire course and lets you work independently on drafting programs in selenium. He is always around to clarify your doubts when you work on your programs and is very liberal in postponing the class in case you have any emergency. He also takes backup class if you have missed any class. i would definitely recommend him and his class on selenium.


Biswajit Pani

He is one of the best Teacher for selenium in Bangalore. His Way of teaching is excellent and he explains in easy way. He has lots of patience which helps students to understand the topics in correct way. He has very depth knowledge in HTML , Core java and Selenium. Definitely class from him is actual worthy and value for money. I suggest others , to go to his demo class once before going to other institute for Selenium Training.


Dhinesh Hari

Jitendra Sir made learning of Java and Selenium very simple. He is so good in teaching conceptually with very good and real life examples for programming. The confidence level which i have now is peak high when comes in Java programming(on OOPS) and in selenium. Also i need to specify this in this place that Jitendra Sir teaching skill is commendable, that he teaches the basics very strong and he supports/guide us to programm rather he teaches every program. This made us hands on on prograaming and in turn the programming becomes handy for me. I would strongly recommend Jitendra Sir for any candidate who wish to learn Java and/or Selenium who want to excel in that and to become experts and excel on that. Special thanks to Jitendra sir.


Bhargav Kumar

I don't know from where to start and what to start about "JITENDRA SIR",he is a "Unique One" and "Special One" for sure.His teaching skills and technical skills are far and far above than any one and I never met any tutor like him never before in my life and I can say even in my future I wont find anyone like him for damn sure.He will make the subject so easy and simple like a "CAKEWALK".He has in depth knowledge of selenium and his analysis about the subject is at heights. He will sit with us and make practice with us and make ourselves confident, If we come across with any doubts he will finish it and make confident ourselves and then he will end the class for that session .He will maintain the same quality of teaching from the first class to last class.I never felt its a class environment its always fun and interesting.He will make the topic very clear in each and every class of the day. I was from a different background of technology(networking)I dont know even basics in testing, but he made me very comfortable by his teaching skills and I am very confident in selenium now ,and most importantly I gained 2 years of experience by end of the course. Sir I am so thankful for your "PRICELESS" teaching,I am very lucky to have sir like you and I am very happy :)


Yethish Friend

Yethish Y; Till today i had not seen anybody in teaching like jitendra sir, his explanations in subject is to the core and very simple. His teaching is not just to finish the course, firstly understands student’s mindset and then teaches accordingly and boosts confidence in them and also makes sure they perform independently. He is very friendly and supportive.



Jitendra Sir proved "Tutoring is not just teaching", his approaches, relationships, and techniques are different and excellent. Consciously strive to develop a good rapport with the student within that environment. His teaching is more effective and different compared to the formal classroom based training. He has excellent skills to hold the interest of anyone in the subject throughout his sessions. He has an in-depth knowledge on subject. He help students develop self-confidence and improve study skills(Knowledge on subject), provide students with an opportunity to speak up and ask questions. Provides the on-spot practice/workshop and drill in specific course material needed by the student, while giving the valuable review opportunities and the chance to develop and sharpen subject skills. There were lot of workshop sessions than theoretically, it helps to groom students feel comfortable in the subject. Assess the student’s understanding of the subject by asking questions, determine the student’s need for them to succeed in the subject, positive ways of correcting students, positive problem solving, have a very good interaction with Students, a good give-and-take. He understands the Student's strengths and weaknesses and make his Student feel good about himself and students accomplishments. Know when to stop a session, end the session on a positive note. He always end the session with a positive comment, useFULL or Half ! :) but he FULLfill students criteria more than what we expect. I would like to thank you again for all the help you provided me with as a tutor. Had a wonderful experience, I am fortunate to have found such tutor. I did not know any basics of JAVA and Selenium, however Jitendra Sir teach till I understood and was able to do independently. Now its time to say, I wish a very Good Luck for all his future commitments. :)


Prashant Hegde

Jitendra is a very good teacher.He has very good knowledge on selenium & as a person has a great passion for teaching .He encourages the students to learn the practical part of the subject than theory based ,his teaching different compared to the formal classroom based training He explains the same topic n number of times until the person clearly understands.The Quality is never compromised.


Surendar Anumagala

Jitendra is very dedicated tutor. He can teach according to the students needs. It is not like boring classic teaching. He gives assignments and makes sure that the student is confident of the topic to pick a new topic. Jitendra goes that extra mile to make sure that the student understands what he is teaching. He has loads of patience and explains the same topic n number of times if requested. He knows what he is teaching and what outcome he wants from the students. He is very passionate about making the student perfect of the subject that he is teaching. I am fortunate to have found such tutor. I did not know any basics of JAVA and Selenium, however Jitendra has taken every pain to teach me till I understood and was able to do independently. I wish a very Good Luck for all his future commitments.


Sushma Ganesh

Jitendra's teaching is very efficient with more focus on practical examples for every concept. He has in-depth knowledge on Selenium and has a great passion towards ensuring that the students understand the subject thoroughly. He encourages the students to learn the subject from their own perspective which is an added benefit for anyone who is keen to working on Selenium. His teaching is more effective and different compared to the formal classroom based training. He has excellent skills to hold the interest of anyone in the subject throughout his sessions.


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