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29 Reviews

Banaswadi, Bangalore

Course ID: 25420

Banaswadi, Bangalore

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29 Reviews

About the Course

I have been doing Software testing and Implementing Automation Solutions using Selenium for over 9 years for all kinds of companies from start ups to fortune 500 companies. All the topics that are discussed in a class gets practiced in the class itself with my assistance. It's practice/practical oriented, Intensive and personalized training. All the topics are covered with examples and ensures that the student understands each and every topic. This course is designed to make the students expert in selenium. Ensures that the student can work independently on selenium with out any ones help.

Topics Covered

I have been doing Software testing and Implementing Automation Solutions using Selenium for over 9 years for all kinds of companies from startups to fortune 500 companies. All the topics that are discussed in a class get practiced in the class itself with my assistance. Its practice/practical oriented, Intensive and personalized training. All the topics are covered with examples and ensure that the student understands each and every topic. This course is designed to make the students expert in selenium. Ensures that the student can work independently on selenium without any ones help. Core Java ======= - Java History - EnvironmentSetup ------------- (understanding compiler, interpreter, .class, bytecode, jre, jdk, jvm). - Write and execute - KeyWords, literals &identifiers -------------Datatypes, -------------most used keywords, -------------Basic Code Syntax. - For Loop Control, while, do while - If –else conditions - Static Global Variables - methods. ------------- Method signature ------------- Static Method ------------- Passing arguments ------------- Returning type from methods. - Creating object to a class. - NonStatic Global Variables - NonStatic Methods. - Object Oriented Concepts ------------- Encapsulation ------------- Inheritance -------------------- Single Inheritance -------------------- Multi-Level Inheritance ------------- Polymorphism -------------------- Overloading -------------------- Overriding -------------------- Up casting -------------------- Down casting -------------------- Interfaces -------------------- Abstract Classes ------------- Abstraction -------------------- Public -------------------- Private, -------------------- default -------------------- protected. -------------------- final ------------- Arrays ------------- Collection (List, Set) ------------ Exception Handling.(try, Catch, finally, throw, throws, checked and unchecked exception, assert, verify). ------------ Strings ------------ Basics of Wrapper Classes ------------ Narrowing and widening ------------ FilesI/O - reading properties Eclipse ====== - Folder Structures in eclipse. - Java Packages. - Jar Files. POI - API ======== - Reading an Excel - Writing to an Excel HTML ===== - Basics of HTML. - Developing HTML page. Selenium Components ================ Selenium IDE. --------------------- - Record & Playback - Assert & Verify - Export Testcase - Performing sample real time Record & palyback scenario. Selenium WebDriver. ------------------------------ - WebDriver Interface API - Elements - Locating Elements (using id, name, class, tag, linkedText, partialLinkedText, xpath, cssSelector) - Implicit wait - Explicit wait. - Navigate. - Browsers(IE,Chrome,FF) - Handling Frames, - Handling Windows. - Handling Alerts - Keyboard and Mouse events, mouse right click, select multiple keys(ctrl+shift+del). - different addons to find xpath expression. - customised xpath expression - finding xpath from other browsers. AutoIt ===== Handling Windows/Browser/Authentication Popups. TestNG ====== - Features of TestNG - Advantages of TestNG over JUNIT - Annotations Supported by TestNG @BeforeSuite, @AfterSuite, @BeforeClass, @AfterClass, @BeforeTest, @AfterTest, @BeforeMethod, @AfterMethod, , @Test - testng.xml - Parallel Execution - Reporting Frameworks (1 or 2 frameworks) ======================== - Hybrid (Data driven, Keyword Driven and Modular Driven). - Page Object Model Framework. Real Time Project using any one of the above frame Works.

Who should attend

Any one Who has passion to Learn Selenium


Laptop and Interest to Learn Selenium

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About the Trainer

Jitendra Nandanamudi picture

4.94 Avg Rating

125 Reviews

128 Students

2 Courses

Jitendra Nandanamudi

MCA, Expert in Selenium Training

7 Years of Experience

I have been doing Software testing and Implementing Automation Solutions using Selenium for over 9 years for all kinds of companies from small start-ups to fortune 500 companies.

Has in-depth knowledge on Selenium and has a great passion towards ensuring that the students understand the subject thoroughly.

Teaching is more effective and different compared to the formal classroom based training.

Student Feedback


Average Rating





If you want to learn Selenium with java then Keys 2 Java selenium is the best institute where we can gain more knowledge on subject with less fee structure. It is the best institute in the whole city to learn Selenium with java.


Pranshu Dwivedi

I attended the Java selenium classes from Jithendra Sir sometime back and before that i didn't have confidence in Java but the way he teaches is exceptional which i haven't seen anywhere else and i am saying this as i have attended the classes at other places as well before meeting Jithendra Sir. Best part about his teaching is that there is very less room for theory classes and the entire focus is on hands on programming in the class. He gives a lot of importance on Java as that is the pain area of most of the people starting to get in to automation and he makes sure that we make hundreds of programs before even touching Selenium so that we gain enough confidence in Java. He doesn't teach just for the sake of teaching but he is passionate about it and that is very evident in his way of teaching. He just needs a commitment of 3 months and he makes sure that you are committed to it else you won't be able to sit in his next class. Thank you so much Sir for accelerating the future of your students.



Keys2javaseleniu is very good place to learn java selenium. Jitendra sir teaching very good. And he make us practice more that will help us more.


Lalit Kumar

This best thing what happened to me in the year 2018 has I joined k2js Java Selenium. I basically come from the telecommunication background and I hardly did any coding in any programming language after my engineering. But really after joining k2js for Java and selenium, I got a lot of boost and confidence for Java programming language. The beauty of this course is The practical. This course consists of only Practical. By the course got completed 417 programs in total including Java and Selenium. The methodology of teaching is best and unique. I like the most is increasing the level of Programs from basic to advance in each topic of Java and Selenium. This institute is highly recommended for everyone who is looking to do something in Java or Selenium. Must go & attend the demo classes. Rest I don't need any word to explain. Lastly, Thanks a lot Sir for giving us everything. You are the The Best in Java.


Dheeraj Devaiah

This is only institute in Bangalore that makes you feel Java/Selenium is easy and anybody from any background can learn in just 1.5 month.What makes it so easy is the Trainer who has shortcuts for every concept he teaches.What makes this institute stand number 1 is that the Trainer only believes in practical knowledge approach, that is every single line he teaches by making us do it on our laptops which no other institute does. By the time you finish the course you will be confident enough to automate any application, that's the level of training offered in keys2Selenium. I personally recommend everybody to join this institute without a second thought. I guarantee the Trainer will make you feel Java/Selenium/Automation is simple.



Jitendra sir is a excellent trainer. He introduce the java in a new angle to everyone. He starts java with fundamentals. We don't know when we start writing program by sir training, from the day 1 we experience the sir way of teaching. This is best institute and the best trainer i never saw. I am thankful to you sir for making java easy for me.


Aarti Kandpal

Best and Highly recommended institute for learning Java Selenium in Bangalore. Jitendra sir is very passionate towards teaching, his lectures are very interactive and provide lot of hands-on-practice on coding, he pay attention to each and every student of class and help those who are slow in grasping concepts. You cannot find any other teacher like him. If you miss any class due to work they provide flexibility to attend other batches.


G Suresh Babu

Jitendra has a unique way teaching of Java and Selenium. He ensures that everyone in the class understand the concepts. Always he explains the concepts with the real time examples where it is very easy to remember. He is a very dedicated trainer and encourages his trainees by offering benefits who performs well. This shows how much he is passion about training. Though you are a beginner if you follow his classes and completes his exercises, you will get the confidence equals to a experienced person. I would strongly say that if anyone wants to move their career in Java and Selenium they can straight away join this institute without any other view.


Bindu S Gowdar

Getting Trained by Jitendra sir is one of the best things I did in my life. He is the only trainer i have seen, who ensures that everyone in the class understands the concepts and able to follow his words. His way of teaching Java and selenium is very unique and makes the life of both tester and developer simpler. Its very easy for students to follow his words even though they are not from programming background.He not only teaches the way to code but also guides on how to explore the programming languages. Its worth joining this institute and I would strongly recommend everyone to join this institute to explore real java and selenium.



Jitendra Sir is born talented but hidden from world many years and finally he started giving professional life to many people. He is a great teacher having great passion about teaching, he's a mentor, motivator and also a brother who always care about their brother and sisters. His way of teaching and training is very unique and helpful for a zero programming background person also. I never see a person like him in terms of his dedication, I am requesting seriously the people who's going to join his course, Please stick to his course and work day to day and you can see miracles, Just follow the sir instructions and guidance that's it. Sir wishing you all the best for your future and Thanks for the opportunity given to tell these few my views on your teaching. Thanks, Murali



"I had taken Selenium training from Keys two Java Selenium institute by Jitendra Sir. And I can assure that it is the best training institute for learning selenium and java.


Lokesh P

Excellent training. Starting from the basics, all concepts are explained in a clear and concise manner. Jitendra sir clears any doubts asked during the class no matter how simple the questions are. The teaching is done in such a way that even people with 0 programming knowledge end up being skilled in using Java and Selenium. I have been able to secure a job abroad with just a couple of interviews. I would strongly recommend people who are interested in learning Java and Selenium to join this institute. Worth every bit and the training provided is world class. Easily the best place in Bangalore if someone would wish to develop their skills in test automation.



Excellent teaching skill along with his in depth knowledge paved a new beginning for our programming career. He is so dedicated and takes much care on every individuals performance in the class. It is a complete practical class which provides good hands on and exposure. We are very much satisfied and happy with his training as never before. This training not only ensures our thorough knowledge in java and selenium but also ensures the capability to learn and implement new technologies ourselves without much difficulty.



Jitendra gives you a different perspective of learning Java and using this power in Automation. There is no boring theory lesson on pen and paper. From the very first minute of the class you open your laptop and start playing with the installation of Java to writing programs and fail 100's of times while executing and then learn from your failures. Classes are completely hands-on practical. Also, Jitendra sometimes deliberately writes the wrong code/logic on the board and expects students to fail and pick-up the right concepts. You will never learn this failing techniques from books or theory lessons. These failures are every useful especially in interviews, as interviewers ask negative and confusing scenarios to test your knowledge. Hundreds of real-time Interview questions are discussed and solved in the class itself. Selenium training starts after in-depth coverage of Java concepts. Selenium is just like a cool breeze after you have done all the hard work in learning Java. All frameworks and integrations of Selenium with other tools are taught in detail which gives confidence in automating any type of web app. The bottom line is Jitendra’s coaching gives you a confidence that even if you dont know something you still have the courage to explore and learn it independently in future. This gives you the confidence to show a solid background of 2-3 yrs of Automation exp. in your resume and crack interview.


Santhosh Kumar

Jithendra is an excellent teacher/trainer/instructor with Java and Selenium. His staunch promise of Imparting the Java and Selenium at expert level is not just a promise but a commitment. His approach to the learning curve is little different and gives the student a 100% confidence for the Java and Selenium subject. I have undergone training with several others but Jithendra is exceptional and i can vouch for him. He is also up to date with the subject that gives the edge for the learners. In one line he is a 360 degree trainer for Java and Selenium.


Shilpa Kumari

Best institute and best faculty in Bangalore for automation training, best practice is given in the class, and I highly recommend to all fellows who are willing to learn automation from scratch. Can assure selection in interviews.



Jitendra is an expert in Software Test Automation spanning over 12 years of experience. He has very good command over JAVA and SELENIUM. He is an all rounder when it comes to Test Automation, be it Desktop or Web or Mobile, Am sure he is one stop for beginners and intermediates to learn from him and become an expert. His passion towards test automation is phenomenal, he has instrumental in implementing automation strategy from scratch to 100 percent automation in Web and REST Services. Getting guidance from such a person is something that we could leverage on. All the Best, Jitendra, continue to do the good work.


Megha Karnam Rao

It will be a complete practical session throughout the course, his teaching with examples makes us get clarity about the concepts. Teaching is perfectly fine, our practice and determination includes his teaching is what makes us get positive results. Both Java and Selenium coaching is very good and helps us to grow in our career. Thanks for helping me get placed in my first attempt with a good offer.


Bishnu Prasad

Thanks Jitendra for all your training and guidance. I have attended Jitendra's class in Nov-Dec of 2016. Before joining his class i was having around 6 years of experience in Software Automation with tools like RFT, QF-Test. All his classes were very helpful for me. I can say if anyone have automation experience and wants to learn Selenium, then he is the guy. The simplicity of teaching, assignment and rewards on completion of task was highlights of his training. Because of his class today i have 2 offers in my hand. So thank you again Jitendra.


Vigneshwaran M

Learning from jitendra was a great experience by itself. He is very strong & passionate about Java and covered the topics starting from scratch of what is programming to advanced introduction topics, which was awesome. The whole course is based on lot of practicals which really makes the learning experience more efficient and effective. I am sure this would help a person to become more confident day by day and transform a typical tester to fit in to role like 'software developer in test'. This course would also help one to explore multiple career paths going forward. I strongly recommend if one is looking forward for a great career change.



If you want to learn selenium using java please join Jitendra's Class, he can teach how selenium works and runs. Teaching technique is really great. Highly Recommended!!!


Priyam Khanna

Hi, You must be going through the reviews to find more about Jitendra and his classes. Also, you must be seeing a number of reviews written for his classes but you must be confused if they are really real. Hmmm.... Same were my thoughts when I was planning to join Selenium classes and wanted a good guidance. So, I came across Jitendra's classes here on Urbanpro. Had contacted a lot of coachings before I was not feeling somewhat convinced. Then I read reviews about Jitendra's classes and contacted him. Finally... my search was over. After a long time got a teacher who was not running behind money but for knowledge. A teacher who's main concern was my knowledge and learning and not how I will pay my fees. I assure you he is the best teacher in whole Bangalore. Not even Bangalore his students are outside the country as well. And we respect and adore him because he deserves that. He is the person who has changed many lives. Not only he is a teacher but a motivator as well. He pushes the student far apart to make him excellent. He never leaves you in between a problem. He will sit with you and will help you understand the topic. But please when he is giving his 100%, give your 100% as well. Don't go to his classes assuming it like any other coaching class. If you want to get the result, you will also have to do the things on your part. Las but not the least, If still you have any doubts contact me on my email id and get your doubts cleared.



Fantastic Trainer.He makes java concepts very simple and understandable to any lay man from the scratch. He is the best in providing good examples which links Java and Selenium . Very worth it.



Very good knowledge received from Jitendra his workshop will be more practical. I've find him good knowledgeable person in selenium automation. I've learned good knowledge from him It helped to get award in my company am very thankful to him. Please keep rocking and wish you all success!



It's difficult to find tutor's and institutes providing real-time,hands-on and practical expertise on the subject like java and selenium in Bangalore,but here we are with a trainer who teaches you with complete hands-on in each class and makes sure you understand the core of the subject,his approach is different but very effective. Jitendra is a dedicated and passionate individual and puts a lot of efforts for each example/subject he explains. I would recommend him for anyone who wants to learn selenium webdriver and Java with no background of programming also.


Basavaraj Enagi

We had corporate training from Jitendra. He is very good trainer in terms of the quality of content he delivers and the way he make sure that attendee understands it. I felt even beginners, or people interested from non-technical background in Selenium can also get benefited from the course. Also guys who wants to understand more about Selenium can also learn many things. He sits with each one of them and do it practically so you get hands on for development Webdriver test cases. Note - Since I attended corporate training, I would like to add that views are personal and do not represent my organisation.



Excellent course with practical examples. Key is he make sure that everyone in his class understands whatever he teaches with lots of patience. I strongly recommend Jitendra to anyone who wants to become expert on Selenium.



Excellent course and best trainer. This course that he gave really helped me a lot to improve my knowledge in java basics and Selenium Webdriver. He taught java basics concepts in depth. The information and knowledge that you get from him , I assure that you wont get from any other trainer. And also he mentally prepares you for all the scenarios. He is a really confident and he imparts that confidence into his students as well. Once again he is the best trainer I have had pleasure of getting training and I recommend everyone who plan to take up a course in Selenium to choose Jitendra as your trainer.


Sowmya Bilagi

Jithendra teaches the class with practical experience.When things are done practically we never tend to forget instead we become expert in short time.


Students Interested 1 (Seats Left 0)

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